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When I first started up this path to evolution and expansion, I took all things out of my daily life that had any negative effect on me.  I stopped my newspaper subscription, I stopped watching the shows that just no longer matched with the vibration of that person I desired and saw myself as.  I let go of people that no longer served that vibration for my highest and best – and also stopped eating and drinking alot of the toxic foods and drinks that are not as pure.  There is alot one can do to change, and when I set my mind to something, I am full on.  Like a bull in a ring – I am on it! This was a massive commitment for me and I never looked back – I signed up for all sites and blogs that inspired me, that spoke to me and listened to my intuition on books and shows that fed my inner spirit for growth and enlightenment.  There is many things one can choose to act on but one must act. For all the affirmations in the world will not work unless you act.  You must choose different choices if you want different results – (business 101) and I used this many times in my financial and professional career – now I am in the metaphysical field and I am passionately inspired by the same train of thought – surround yourself in all that is good, healthy, inspiring, and powerful and so you shall follow!

We are here to inspire, encourage, and coach.  It is my passion and it is my purpose to serve the Higher Plan of the Divine.  We have weekly radio shows, Facebook postings on a daily basis, and monthly classes and workshops.  You can also choose one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions all for you to feed your soul and build your confidence to walk your walk.

We are looking forward to connecting with you and we are so inspired by the outpouring of love and encouragement for our plans for the StarSeed Academy for kids coming in January. We will have online library, Youtube video’s and many, many more extra’s.

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