Reflection upon the past year….

This has been a really profound year and as we wrap up this year with only 3mths left it reminds me that
the coming year has many wonderful gifts and surprises for us.  As we commit for higher learning and growth we offer our souls the voice, our spirit the freedom to move about in delight with connection to other higher energies and vibrations and send us back guidance and information to assist us in this physical life.  This is how spiritual alignment works.  The more you commit to your true path, the more you provide yourself the time and energy to grow as a soul, and give yourself that voice, you will expand in many ways and you will experience the power that you have always has as a creator but you accept and move forth on YOUR path that you have carved.  This is called ‘stepping into your power’ ~ when you realize that you are not only a physical being and have only this one life and never to be seen again.  You are infinite and powerful and this is only the beginning. You will see your expansiveness in how you behave, how you treat others, how you feel your sense of knowingness just be there without frustration or ‘work’ or ‘trying’ ~ you slip into being your Higher Self. One with the knowledge and wisdom to act, to glide through life and be of service to all.
This is my passion and how I feel so very excited about our website, my gift to the global community; where people can connect online, in groups, and with one another and feel and absorb the energy of higher thought and ascension.  When you gather, when you surround yourself with others of energy that you desire to feel, you will find yourself slipping into that realm, as like attracts like, you will become all that you surround yourself with.
There is no sense of time in the spirit realm.  We experience it here on this physical earth as this is what we have agreed to; when you remember that you have chosen all of these experiences you can let go of blame and begin to take back what you have always had within you~your inner power to create!  From our very first class to our workshops now online, we have remained steadfast in this concept; “You are all powerful CREATORS” and the more often we can connect with our energetic selves, our spiritual selves, our soulful selves, we then connect with our Higher Self that guides us unerringly with unconditional love.  Most of us need to hear this – for this is how the higher realms exist – there is no competition, there is no doubt, fear and worry.  There is only light and love and exploration for expansion.
My blessings and gratitude for all of your connections over the past two years and I have been blessed to know all of you who have taken the commitment to their growth and visit with us on our workshops and classes.  I have enjoyed learning with you, teaching with you and expanding with you. This is my passion and I offer to you our classes and workshops to connect ~ online or in person – the energy is what it is!  Energy and spirit know not of time and space – it is always there, it is always within and around us – swirling and inviting….and so we create!
Connect with us on our online classes and workshops to assist you in your alignment to higher vibrations.

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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