When it push comes to shove…

When it really comes down to it, and push comes to shove, we all stand as one.

We see this in the most horrific of tragedies and struggles that occur to allow us the opportunity to remember that we are all one.  We are one and we sleep and live under the same sky’s.  So why does this escape us? Why is that religions have divided us, and power has divided us?  Why is that one must be superior for if we judge and degrade, it is only a mirror for all that we are.  We then place this hatred upon ourselves and separate all that we are and become stuck in the cycle of hate and segregation.

I have seen many and experienced many times of segregation and it is demeaning and hateful.  I believe we all experience these situations so that we can move through it and know that there is choice, and there is another way to live.  How you ultimately feel within, will determine how you experience all without and around you.  This has been proven and is now what is called the ‘Law Of Attraction.’ As within, so without.  An ancient mystery school proverb and one that to this day still stands and is a powerful affirmation that can change any form of reality you experience.

We were born with free will to chose how will walk this planet.  Will we walk this planet in judgement and disregard for any one person or living thing we feel differently about?  Will we fall victim to the stories we are told and believe all that is fed to us and will we choose to be the first to stand and find a path for love and peace when all others fall in line?

Life is a daily process of choice and free will.  How beautiful is this?  We have 100% capability to create anything in our lives.  We have the ability to create love, to create peace, to create the foundation for others to stand tall and shed the layers of darkness to experience light in all that we are supposed to.  This is what I believe to be true.

You see for most of my life, I lived in a state of floundering, seeking, searching, and when I felt as if nothing was really real, or felt that the answers were not true to what I knew in my heart, or felt, then I escaped to my drug of choice ~ alcohol.  I would party and pretend that the more true, sensitive and powerful me would somehow let go and I would fall deeper into submission and forgetfulness.  I knew my whole life that most of what I was told was not the really what was going on.  I knew that there was more.  I knew that there was something that I was missing, or something that was just out of reach.

This aching to feel firm within who I was had alluded me for many years.  Many, many years I was living in such darkness until I hit the bottom.  It happened so synchronistically.  After experiencing my 3rd miscarriage, I found myself inconsolable with profound loss and dis-ease.  Although I had two young kids, and a wonderful husband, I was deep in the darkness of loss and felt that there was no way out. This loss had taken over who I was.  Everything that I was hiding from, everything that I thought I was, everything that the world had shown me, had come to the surface to be dealt with.  What really did I believe in? Who really did I think I was?  What and who did I want to become for the amazing kids sleeping upstairs so silently?

There were more questions that answers and I finally hit the place that made me say ‘enough is enough!’  I no longer accept what I am being told.  I will ask my own questions, I will find my own answers and I will find my way out of this hole and feel whole again.  From that moment on, I was on a path of awakening. No longer would I cry for the meaninglessness that seemed to overwhelm my aching soul.  No longer would I seek the bottle to answer questions that can only be answered by going within.  No longer would my kids see me weak in the face of fear and when push comes to shove, there is always an answer and it is always found within.

We sometimes seek the answers out there, or within something outside of ourselves which is really an act of giving our power to something else.  We have all the power to reconstruct a life of magic, light, love and empowerment and it really starts with us, with me, with you.  From within, so without.  As I go within, I find peace, solace, beauty, comfort, strength, and the will to experience this life as my spirit and soul knew I would desire to.  This life was laid out in a matter of speaking with themes that I knew I could experience and resolve.  For my soul’s growth, for my higher purpose in expansion.  For the benefit of my soul’s need to expand in the pure knowingness that I am a powerful creator and I am creating a life worthy of celebration in each moment and each challenge, I embrace with that knowingness that I have the power to understand and integrate the higher meaning and lessons.

For this I am grateful and for all of what I have experienced, I am grateful and blessed for I am a better mother, a better human, and a better woman for it.  I can have the compassion that allows me to feel the pains of those that I have seen in the mirror in years past.  I have the strength and will to stand tall and be proud to openly accept who I am psychically and offer my gifts of hard-earned wisdom to those who so desire honest compassion in the path that is available to all should we so desire it.

I am here to serve the Divine plan for I have experienced the extreme of the Universal laws and I am here to tell you that you can live a life in darkness, or you can choose to live a life of light.  There is a choice in everything you do ~ this is how much power you have to create an amazing life.  You hold the key!  This is what most schools forget to teach.  This is basic universal knowledge and why those souls who experienced the Mystery Schools from ancient times were so powerful when living in the magic of what was taught.  It is no secret and the mystery was held from those in control at the time ~ the mystery was not withheld from anyone who showed and acted upon the desire to know more, to be more.

For those who seek, they all shall find.  For those who desire to know more, to understand and feel that sense of completeness ~ it is there for you to take a hold of and bring within your life to experience.  It is here for you to know!  So when push comes to shove, take a hold of your destiny and walk with conviction for who you are.  Carve a path that is solely your own and create the life that you deserve.  This is your birthright.  When you come to the point where you know you are worthy ~ this is when your life changes and you are no longer the same as you were a moment ago.  This is when awakening hits you square in the face and there is no going back.  You will not stop asking questions and you will finally feel as if you are YOU!  The you that you were meant to become.

So…when push comes to shove, know that you are worthy of this and so much more.  For this I know!


Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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