Change only occ…

Change only occurs when the intention and action collide!

Last year I quit my full time management job and gave up a good income, good benefits and a title that I thought would fulfill me in where I thought I would be in my life.  I have 3 amazingly gifted children, that truly teach me daily in lessons that can only be learned as a parent.  I feel I am very blessed – I have a incredibly supportive husband who has given his all to support my visions and ideas, though some were pretty ‘out there.’

I am a creative person at heart and all the years in banking and various leadership / management roles, I have never really felt the immense satisfaction of my role in society and what my purpose as I have this past year.  I created a meetup a few years ago in hopes that I would meet a few people to connect with about the amazing energetic experiences that were unfolding in my life.  It is now over 40 successful events later, meditation retreat and the most fun way of learning from a handful of the most talented wisdom teachers in their field, it is time to take it a step further.   I recently launched my own website to assist and further offer ascension learning and spiritual growth online and private coaching and counselling classes.

I look back now and it seems as though everything has been aligned so perfectly and yet at the time I remember feeling frustrated why things were not occurring as quickly as I was creating the ideas.  I look back now and am purely blessed in the unfoldment of it all and I am now am in the position where I can take each moment and feel blessed within it and know, in all the conviction I have swirling within me with utter faith that there is a greater plan.  I believe there is a grand Divine Plan that we all sign up to play a specific part in, and I cannot hurry and push this to occur any quicker than it is.  It is all about PERFECT TIMING! I trust this mantra as I have experienced the chaos when I try, to hard or push to fast.  I now live this mantra daily and relax into life knowing that each moment and even the most difficult challenges, offer me the biggest lessons.  Life now is about allowance, breathing in life, and allowing it to flow through me for my ultimate expansion and growth is will be the result and this is really why I am here and how I can offer what I learn to others in my ultimate passion to do so.

Though there have been many moments of ‘throwing in the towel’ and weighing the work and effort I put out, and balancing it with the return but I know in my heart of hearts that I have faith that I am assisting the greater plan and that global ascension is my passion and path and that I, on a soul level predetermined this.  I knew I was strong enough to face all those who ‘don’t get it,’ or slam me for being a ‘religious freak,’ for I know in my soul that the energy being put out is helping in some way.  The word ‘spirituality’ and ‘love’ still mean different things to each person and taking on information that challenges their beliefs is too difficult to take in, and that is ok.  Everyone has a path and will awaken in their own perfect timing.  This is the trust and faith that I now have in the Universal energies at work and the bigger picture of it all that we play within.  The magnificent workings of Universal energy is not easily understood but when someone has that moment of ‘realization’ that they are a part of something bigger, a part of a multi-dimensional Universe, part of this energetic game of life, it is profound and life-changing.  They are no longer the same person and going back to old out dated, dark and negative beliefs is not an option.  There is an opening of light and love and spirit is now alive again and ready to expand.  So,  when the gifts from the Universe and your guides delight your day and you are able to play with it in appreciation and gratitude, know that all the worry you had, all the doubt you had, will wash away and disappear and you will laugh at how much time you spent in these heavy states of spirit.

For the first time I can honestly say that I am fulfilled.  This is who I am and this is what I am here to offer.  I am grateful for those mentors and teachers that have guided me, I am grateful for my guides and all the Universal energies assisting us in this time of awakening.  My passion, my purpose has been the question that pulled at my soul and spirit for years.  It was the catalyst that pushed me to move from job to job, never feeling that ‘this is it!’ My soul’s purpose is what has kept me reading book after book, seeking teachers, seeking information, seeking those that spoke  of higher and greater ideas, and the call of the soul was never heard until I quit my ‘job’ and started my career, my calling!

Where ever this path may lead me to is unknown, and I know well enough that even being highly intuitive, I will never get all my answers.  It is a process of life that is living through me.  No one ever knows all the answers and if someone claims they have all the answers, you may want to keep seeking someone who is upfront about always being in a state of growth.  In each moment we are expanding, learning, growing and each interaction we create with one another, changes who we are in each moment.  This is how profound life really is and we planned for these reflections and interactions to come into our lives for these lessons that our souls seek.  The path is never really outlined step by step, or shown in all the details of the outcome and end state.  This is the ‘magical’ experience of life.  The best psychic will never know it all  –  they too must experience life in all of its triumphs and challenges.  For this I know~I am where I am supposed to be and I no longer question; ‘what next?’ ‘is this really what life is all about?’ ‘is this really my soul’s purpose?’

I know who I am in this moment and in the next I will change.  As an energetic being it is a guarantee.  I am confident and walk with pride and conviction and speak with intent and purpose in all that I know because I know!  Knowingness is a powerful thing.  It is more powerful than belief.  I know this path is mine. I speak it, I walk it and it is what I am here to fulfill.  I can relax in knowing that I have found my purpose and however it looks years down the road and whatever this path has in store for me, I feel like I am finally on the right road.  I no longer worry about the signs, about the directions that I use to stumble over and turn-offs that I took thinking it would get me where I thought I wanted to be.  In the end, the path will lead you to where you need to be.  Have faith. Have knowingness that you will awaken in the perfect timing as you agreed for it to occur.  It is blissful when you start to play with the Universal energies and you are gifted in every day with delights of energy that come out of no-where.  This is bliss when you make that immense connection with your guides and you are shown the way to greater experiences and realms.  Glimpses that taunt you to continue and walk on!  This is bliss!

I am so blessed and happy to now offer my learnings and teachings to you in partnership with the amazing teachers that I have in store and many that have worked with us in the past two years.  These amazing wisdom leaders are authors, intuitive’s, mediums, auricles, channels, and Omega Institute teachers and spiritual mentors.  They truly are the leaders in the awakening arena.

I took a leap of faith and quit all that I knew to start something that I was guided to and I blessed to offer it to you and know that in the darkness that I have faced, experienced and worked my way through, know that I understand the path ahead of you.  I have stepped every stepped and I have seen days that have taken me to dark places – I have seen days where I have felt as if I am angel on clouds.  I have utter respect and appreciation for the path in front of us all and know that there are glorious times ahead.  For this I know!  Your Ascension Starts NOW!

I am taking and opening up for private coaching sessions and spiritual alignment.  Please feel free to connect with me for your appt today!  Your path awaits!

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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