For the love of kids!

One of my passions in life is my babies.  It is my greatest passion and my greatest role that I play in this life and I am so proud to be in their life and what they have to offer and gift this world with will be my highest achievement in love.  When I decided with my husband to have kids, it was very early on in our marriage and partnership – the day we got married actually.  We have been blessed with three lovely and uniquely gifted kids.  Two boys and a lovely, pretty, artistic little girl.  Our joy and our pride and every decision we make in life is based around and encompasses our kids.  As they grow and change, I see them blossom in so many ways and it has inspired me to design specific fun activities and classes to assist them in their awakening as well.

I heard from a wise seer years ago that kids nowadays are born with more spiritual awareness and remembrance than those born in my day and age.  They are innately intuitive and can sense and feel without words spoken and any parent will tell you this is so.  Not only are they more intuitively inclined, but they are naturally intelligent on any technical instrument and every parent can also atest to their kids take over on the computer and run circles around us.  So with this in mind, and probably there is more aspects to ‘today’s kids’ that we have time and space to go into, but know that they are an entirely different species and beyond what we most of the times give them credit for.

It is so perfect that we are in this expansive time and kids are so prepared for it and they can assist us in raising our vibration to meet what is to come.  We are being sent incredible amounts of energy from so many sources including our sun and it takes special beings to be able to process this and then bring it out in creative ways to reclaim earth and the Gaia energy as the most incredible planet and healing space for all.   It is  a time when we are all seeing the change happening before our eyes and yet we really donot attribute it to anything.  Time seemingly speeding up, political tensions, planetary weather concerns, acceleration in development, ascension physical symptoms, and so on and so on.

This awakening is real. This awakening is happening and it is so very exciting and cannot help but feel the culminating energy that pulls new things in to shake things up as one thing that is another Universal law, “all things must change.”  The more flexible you are with change and the more you ride with the flow of life and ensure that you are giving back then energy will always be returned.  In all this change we sometimes forget that the children are key teachers for us all to assist us in remembering to play and take all things in stride with joy and ease.  If we all played like kids again, and did all things with the joy of just doing them, then we would be healthier, happier people.  Our children teach us so much every day. They teach us how to be brave, how to take it all in and never complain.  They teach us how to be happy with what they have and make even the most challenging situation, fun.  Ode to the child!

So in this post my heart and my unconditional love is being poured through my fingers onto this keyboard so that it is sent into the Universe for all children who hold our families together and to those kids who have very little but show us the most joy.  For all those kids who teach us in each day that life is precious and we are gifted in each moment to be alive so take it with pride and walk with light feet to see it all and experience it with love.  This is the power of a child that really can change the world and this is why they are all here – to bring us to a higher level of being.  Remember that they are more your teachers than you are of them.  We really can learn a thing or two by watching and loving them just a little more.

Ode to the child in us all and may we stand strong and lovingly to our new future as it shines upon us all for we are all one and none of us is any higher or better than the other.  We are all equal and we are all one!  Under the same sky, we live as one.

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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