New Beginnings ~ A thing of Magnificence!

New beginnings! Well before I begin, I wanted to start with a pull of intrigue….Image

Beginnings are truly a magnificent aspect of the ALL THAT IS, and its reflection of experience in each and every one of us.  New beginnings are an integral part of the cycle of life. Life provides us with many experiences and with the natural ebb and flow of a physical life, so must there be new beginnings, along with transitions, endings, and ultimately they all provide us with immeasurable opportunities for growth and change.  We rarely know where new beginnings or the path will lead us but know that change is necessary. The path may be long and winding or it may be short and straight, either way, it is your path and it can only be taken by you.  Created by you and ultimately you can take or not take the lessons in each new beginning.  It is all up to you.

If you look back on your life and pull out those moments of growth, they will usually followed by a great leap of faith, or challenge.  Great moments of growth and new beginnings can be; a new job, a new home, a new partner, a new business venture, a new concept and idea, a new way of thinking and so on.  The list is infinite and can be anything.

We are such automatic creators, and such powerful manifestos that we rarely stop to take notice and appreciate, validate, nurture, or absorb ourselves into the moment of that new beginning.  We quickly then move on to the daily grind and tasks of our busy lives and forget to embrace what we just created.

How do I know all the immense return on absorbtion of a new beginning?  I am huge proponent of change.  It is what I talk about daily, it is a part of me, it is who I am and it is glorious if you embrace it ALL in the moment.  How often have you changed dramatically in creating something, and then stop to take the time just simply ‘be’ in the moment of it as it is happening? Can you stop long enough to explore all aspects of that change? Explore what it means to you and who you are designing yourself to become? How does this really feel for me? How did I create this?  Go back and piece together all the aspects that had to fall into place for this change and new beginning to occur.  How does this feel within my heart for this to take place? Ask yourself as many questions as your soul guides you to.  This is the process of integration which is vitally key to any ascension process.

Asking yourself questions, expanding in the moment of change you can then allow yourself the invaluable experience of;

1.) Owning and embracing the fact that you are a powerful creator

2.) Appreciating and validating the magnificence of the grand and infinite Universe to allow you the opportunity for such growth

3.) Absorb the change in your essence, your energy as you float through this reflection, take it all in and notice your shift of consciousness

I will give you an example of just how profound this amazing Universe is.  For example; say you or your spouse gets a promotion out of province or out of state.  Someone had to leave or move or have the appropriate parties create the position for it to be offered.  Then there is the mass advertising and marketing that the company had to do for the posting.  There are then the interviews of the qualified applicants after the resumes have been filtered and screened through at least one person possibly more.  Then there may be anywhere from 5-10 qualified applicants that you or your spouse is in pool with to be interviewed. Not only are there interviews, but then there are 2nd and sometimes 3rd and 4th interviews.  Not only are there interviews, but I cannot tell you how many times I have been called for positions and for some reason or another, I was unable to work out the interviewing time and had to allow the role to move on.  I am in complete comfort knowing that the Universe had other plans for me and I am fine with whatever the outcome may be in that respect.  This goes to show you that this is only a mini-list of the steps and levels of orchestration that had to occur for this to fall into place.  Then there is the finding a home, doctors, moving and packing, shipping vehicles, and new drivers licenses and so on and so on.

At any point in this one example, if one person had not picked up the phone, or dialed the preverbal ‘wrong’ number, then the entire outcome of the situation could have been altered.  The number of things that really had to ‘line-up’ for this to take place is mind blowing and quite staggering. It is not coincidental and by no means an accident.  You have created it all!  We have just moved out of province so this experience is still ‘new’ for us and we are soaking in and enjoying every aspect of it regardless of how much is still needing to be done, we are soaking it all in and feeling the gratitude of how many entities were involved to pull this off.  We are honoured, humbled and blessed.

During the summer when we decided to move forward with putting our names and resumes out to the Universe, I envisioned a home that was not only large enough for our family of five to grow into but that it had an extra space for me to expand on my passions of spiritual learning and ascension.  I envisioned an upper floor room, high up, attic type of a room that I could transform into my space in the sky for private sessions and coaching and one-on-one meditations.  The day after we arrived in Calgary we saw a number of homes and the last home we were booked to see, ticked all the boxes on our imaginary list of requirements.  As we toured the last room in the house, it was the upper floor, ‘bonus room’ that had one complete side of windows, bright, spacious, and gets the sun all day long.  Not only did it have the space everyone needed, but the address was numerically accumulating to a #1, which is all about ‘NEW BEGINNINGS.”  We signed the papers the next day!

This is how spirit works.  This is how energy works if you use it with integrity and honour to live each moment in gratitude for all the Universal energies working with you and through you.  Flowing with you, flowing through you to allow all of this magnificence to occur.  Your guides, your angelic helpers and the synchronicity they create to assist you, to allow you to open up to your greater self and your higher self.  The gifts float in like magical little presents you are totally unaware of and are blown away every time it happens.

So in those moments when you take on a new challenge or you do something, go somewhere and try something new and then you look back on that decision and see all the steps that that one decision has led to now?  “Agghhh, that’s why I took that step, it allowed me to meet this person, who introduced me to that person, who took me here and I experienced that.”  So take a deep breathe and relax in the knowingness that there will always be new beginnings, transitions and endings.  When you take that leap of faith and know that all is well and your are acting in your highest and best and know that this experience will serve you in more ways than you can see or understand right now.  Go about life and new beginnings with excitement and enthusiasm for what may be but remember that in that moment, you hold all you need to know. So feel yourself through the change, the new beginning and honour all of it.

With all great change comes a renewed sense of energy and inspiration.  We have all heard of those that create ‘writers block’ for themselves, and then have to create a situation to break them of that supposed block.  They then take action on anything that will allow them a changed point of perspective.  A new environment, a new purchase of art, or they take on the actual character that they are writing about.  They purposely change. Create a new beginning so that the old energy can leave, and new inspiring energy can ignite their soul again.

Change and new beginnings is a vital aspect of creation and one of the primary laws of the Universe.  All things must change and change is the only constant.  So embrace, celebrate, reflect, absorb, enjoy, take pride and honour in the countless beings that are involved in this experience to roll this out to you for you expand within.  Honour who you are as a creator and as someone that can blossom with any change because you know at some level you chose this.  Your soul knew that your spirit required this and the theme you chose to experience is requiring this to occur.  Create a ritual to lock in the ascension energy from this new beginning and honour your life in this way if you choose, just do something to allow the Universe to always remain open to gifting you in these times of great change.

Remember to flow with change. Let new beginnings show you what you are made of and you are connected to the greater aspect of ALL THAT IS and you are a part of existence itself.  You are a profound creator for manifesting this for yourself to experience all that you can and know that you are expanding in this great time of change.  Embrace all that it means to you and how you will in the moment absorb all that you can from it. So in closing dear friends, ‘Honour Thyself’ as you are as powerful as it gets.  Allow your brilliance to shine forth and create new paths of new beginnings all over again.

Thank you for connecting with me and allow me to shine forth in this massive change and new beginning that we are setting forth upon together.


Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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