The voice within ~ it calls out. endlessly….

Isn’t it funny how easily we write off magical moments of synchronicity as ‘weird’ or ‘happenstance’ or ‘coincidence?’  When I first embarked on my spiritual path I was obsessed with the word ‘synchronicity.’  I remember buying every book with this word in it, and would research online every caption I could absorb that tried to explain the word so that I could understand what and align it with what was happening to me as if a book would know more about my path than I did. Goes to show you how little faith we have in ourselves when we first start walking the walk….too funny!

I can look back now and know this without a doubt that those years of voracious reading and learning served me well and I was able to set the table, so to speak, for the unfolding of the main course.  My path was being prepared with precision and timeliness that only synchronicity could serve.  I had a great foundation for many great sears beliefs and theories and now it was time to align to who I was, to first of all, determine who I was.  For the first time in my life, I was actually outlining who I was and desired to be and what path I wanted to walk.  I did not task or micromanage every inspiration, I allowed the Universe to also gift me in whatever form it so chose based on what my highest and best assigned for me.  The discernment of self is crucial as it is the first step to walking your walk.  It is the line that is drawn when boundaries are in question, and it is your compass that steers you in the direction that your soul calls out for.

When you are awake enough to hear the whispers, to stop and pick up that book that shifted as you walked by it, or called that person that you ‘bumped’ into, and you bless and appreciate all that is gifted – that is when the magic unfolds.  The whispers and callings are always being rung.  Sometimes even so, when the whispers go for years unheard, our souls will shake us awake with the ever so stirring act of ‘accidents.’  These life altering events can really shake us to our core but are sometimes necessary for us to hear what we have been ignoring for years.  How many movies have been made with this in their plot?  A so called perfect material life, and then a life altering accident shakes them to change who they were.  How they saw life and who they now choose to be?  The key to these Hollywood scripts is that you don’t have to live the theme of tragedy to live in the magical moments of grace, gratitude and appreciation.

It is when we allow our voice from within guide us, to allow it the space and time in each for its honour and right to be heard for it is why you are here.  The agreement you made when you decided to incarnate is at the soul level and it is your contract to fulfill.  It is something that I cannot explain, but since I was a kid, I knew, somehow I knew I would be grander than I could ever dream of becoming.  And this was not a dream of fame as most kids dream of.  It was a dream of expansiveness, all knowingness within myself, and the feeling of utter connection with the Universe.  This type of grandiose feeling kept calling me in many ways and in many forms.  I would strive and push from job to job always pushing for the next best role and never being fulfilled in any of them. I knew I wanted to help people.  So I started down a path to nursing which was quickly halted when the older man I was working out beside at the community gym, passed out and knocked his head on the weight stands beside us.  I had taken the emergency first aid class and was stunned into inaction.  I withdrew my application the week after I was accepted into the program.  I then started a palliative care program and after taking the first set of courses, I dropped after I felt disheartened by the youth I would have to nurture at some point.  I was not cut out for the one-on-one contact of the ill and diseased. I knew at my core I would drive myself into an early grave if I had to work that closely with so much death and sadness.  I was ‘too’ sensitive and who was I fooling anyhow.

When I look back now, they were all taken on with the intent to help and heal.  I just didn’t understand that all those steps of self discovery were needed and required to further my path on a spiritual route.  I have always known I had much to share, much to give and much to learn.  I have always known I am a leader, a person who will fight for the underdog every time and stand for those who cannot.  I will and have never stopped or stepped down in the eye of criticism for it only fuelled my drive to be heard and expressed in the name of ‘goodness.’

I believe and have always believed that this is a good planet, with good people, and with a future that if we only knew how magical and perfect it will be – we would not waste one more breath on war and battling.  For I believe that one day we will be free to be all we can and desire to be with unconditional love and acceptance for the most important people at the helm; US!  To be self-led and self-loved for it is all we have been created for.  To be responsible to ourselves in the light that we know at our core it is our only truth.  Our souls have agreed to be here with this physical body to experience the lessons of the ages and what lessons will you take with you and what will you expand with when it comes time to review your contributions to living fully?  Grand questions that I have always known and have stirred within me until I found myself exactly where I am NOW!  So freaken’ cool when it makes sense.

There is infinite learning and the school of life is endless and will always be in session.  I am so grateful that when the voice within stirs, when it ruptures and calls until I can stand it no longer – I stop.  I sit in silence and I allow it to be heard.  For I honour and heed its call for expression as it is my oath.  If there is only one thing I can give you now, it is that profound nudge you have within, the tickle in your throat and the butterfly’s that stop you when you connect with excitement and joy – this is the call of spirit.  The call of your path and it won’t stop until you hear it.  Really hear it!

The voice within~when it calls out, listen.  It is you!  Your highest and your best you!

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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