The Multi-Dimensional You!

I am feeling so inspired today and feel so much energy within, that I am moved into a sense of sharing in this abundance of energy. Thus, I write.  I am inspired with words of what I know to be true and feel with all my heart and sometimes even my mind must take a back seat so the words inspired by my higher self and excited soul that appear to pour onto this page faster than my fingers can type.  This is my validation about a certain level of ‘KNOWINGNESS’ spews forth like a burst of awakening that has been dormant for decades.  A spark of inspiration from the higher realms and my higher self, which I have come to know more intimately over the past few weeks is truly the at the center of all major revelations and ideas.  For those of you who follow our FB page and our posts on Twitter, know that this has been a time of great growth for me.  Since our very synchronistic move and transfer to Calgary, Alberta, all that has opened up has been ever so subtle in its delivery but so profound in the unravelling of all else.  How could one move be connected with so much growth and this is really only the beginning?  How utterly profound and I feel the expansion in this move alone and what opportunities have opened is showing me that if you listen to the inner voice, the whisper that beckons, then you will be supported, loved and shown the way to higher realms beyond any dream you have ever imagined.

You must allow this flow of energy to move you. One cannot over analyze what you are getting, or slip into the realm of doubt and fear, as these are all the most darkest of beliefs and behaviours that are not a part of higher realms.  There is a sense that one must trust without a shred of doubt and have the utter faith that what your heart and soul are feeling are of the greatest and most perfect place where all exists for you to experience.  All is within and when you open to this fact, you can create something from nothing, you can create greatness in all you are propelled in creating.  For when you are in this presence of the infinite, you are then absorbed into its ability to transform all that it touches.  It starts with what you believe to be true and how you can alter your beliefs to experience more of All That Is and how there is infinite possibilities when you expand in this manner of thinking and being.  This will take you out of your ‘physical-ness’ and third dimensional world and place you lovingly and gently into a realm where light flows seamlessly into one another and you reach out to connect with more of you, the One, and a Universe that is infinite!

This is the multi-dimensional aspect of what we are all awakening to.  Those who find this blog are those that are awakening.  There are no accidents in this respect.  There are those whispers, the inclinations and hints to ‘google,’ or search for something that will validate your emotions, your situations and experiences.  This eagerness to have validation is at its core, the sense of belonging that we all seek when we awaken.  We know, within our deepest parts of our inner selves, there must be more.  You would not be experiencing what you do if there was not more.  You can analyze and think it to a point where you feel frustration and pain. My offer to you in this, allow and surrender into all that you are and all that you feel for it is your wake up call and it is not for us to know every step of the path but to have utter trust and faith in how it unfolds to answer your highest and best excitement as you go forth in love and light.

This my friends may be the most challenging of any awakening.  To surrender into the faith and light and give up the need to control and manage every aspect of your life.  It is not what the higher realms exist within. It is about spirit, the flow and fluidity of energy and light and to absorb and take in all that it offers in all aspects of the learning and expansion.  This is what the soul craves and needs for you to offer it in this physical experience.  This is what you agreed to in your life contract, and in your promise to your higher self and over soul.  This is the unseen aspect of creation that allows you to really stretch who you feel or think you are and become all that you knew, at the soul level, that you know you are designed to become.  You are multidimensional. You are a multi-facetted person and spirit having a physical experience and it is your role to ‘feel’ your way through this amazing gift.  For there is nothing that is around you right now that is ‘real.’  This experience is all that is real. The experience right now, in this moment, is all there is.  There is not the fancy car, there is no lump sum of money awaiting you that is ‘real’ and there is not a pot of gold that will indicate how ‘good’ of a person you are.  None of these physical ‘things’ will ever define you in the way that your higher self and soul are tugging at you to connect with.  There is a much more beautiful aspect of you and this global awakening is an opportunity to ride the wave of ascension and ‘feel’ at the level of spirit.  Your soul is whispering…..’are you there?’

What really does this multidimensional aspect of you really mean? How can you take advantage of this time of great energetic gifts from the cosmos and change, evolve, expand?  What really resonates with me in this is that our global community is moving from a third dimensional reality to a higher one. Whether that be a fourth or fifth dimension will all depend on where you are aligning yourself with.  What vibration you choose and maintain your beliefs and essence will determine where your soul resides.  There are many experiences that occur that most people can say they have experienced yet cannot ‘prove.’ We have all experienced the feeling of ‘dejavu’ or even sensed the heaviness or happiness when walking into a room.  You cannot ‘prove’ any of this, but you have experienced the feeling of ‘already doing it’ or ‘feeling the tension or excitement’ yet you cannot put on paper and show or prove to anyone.  So the question is that, why separate situations and experiences to ones that can be explained away or proved and merely flow into what is?  There are infinite things we experience that cannot be explained~SO WHAT!  Who says that everything has to be explained for us to live a happier more fulfilling life?  I know this, I have not physically met or shook hands with my guides, but I know with all my heart that I have them.  I have three of the most amazing wonderful guides that are constantly gifting me with the magical gifts of circumstances and synchronistic situations that allow me to experience and feel that there is an unseen world of energy that is infinite and immense in what it can provide and teach.  I cannot prove this, and I do not wish to prove it for it is for me and it is my inner world that only we share within one another.  I am honoured and humbled in all that they have shown me and taught me and now it is time for the expansion to learned in all levels of existence as this is GAIA’s turn to return to her splendour as she once was.  It is her turn to return to her beauty and natural life with grace and protection from us.

As the GAIA ascends, she is being sent a multitude of streams of energy from many aspects of creation assisting in this global task of proportions.  We are, as energy beings, sensing a change in what we are feeling at a deeper level and we sense that things are changing.  There are time anomalies, there are experiences in what we see and experience and situations that would seem to the average person, to be impossible are occurring because our energetic bandwidth is changing.  This is what the awakening to a more multi-dimensional way of living is creating.  The possibility and awareness of there is more.  That is not only probable but possible that memories from the DNA and cellular level are allowing you to remember glimpses of concurrent lifetimes on other planets and other timelines.  There is coding that is coming to the surface because our energetic change is allowing all of this to unfold and give us opportunities to experience what our spirit and soul feels and experiences at every moment.

The soul has the ability to split itself off into an infinite aspects.  You can experience the sensation of other lifetimes, right in the NOW as that is really the only sense of ‘time’ that really exists.  We are all pretty comfortable with discussions about incarnation and there is nothing ‘re’ about it.  As all is happening and occurring right NOW so that all lifetimes you have ever experienced, is happening right NOW. The aspect of being multidimensional is that you know this. You can feel memories of other lifetimes, situations and sensations that can allow you a glimpse of what is going on within another reality right now that the other aspect of you is experiencing. There is the focal point that your soul is having right now as that is what and where you have aligned your energetic body to be immersed within.  Whatever energetic vibration, or where ever you are resonating to right now is the reality that you will experience and in knowing this, you have the opportunity to tune into higher realms that you are living right NOW.  How exciting is this?  You have total control to align yourself in whatever reality you choose.  They are all happening right now – where you are aligned with right now will tell you what reality you experience.

If for example you have a concurrent life on another planet experiencing the reality of being a teacher of nature elementals.  Then on another vibrating reality you are a student of forestry, and on another planet and dimension you are a soldier sent out to battle for land control.  All of these simultaneous realities are occurring right NOW, but you are resonating at the one that is perfectly with what you have signed on for in this reality, in this dimension.  What you are connecting with will ultimately pool into the over soul and greater aspects of all that you are for overall galactic and Universal expansion and growth.  This is so divine and utterly amazing.  There is infinite ways for us to experience life and when we open up to our multidimensional aspects, we can literally experience ALL that we were meant to be.  These are all aspects of you in the NOW occurring in other realms and energy patterns of existence.

For the example of a memory or intense connection or interest in the ancient Egyptian times, or cultures, or possibly Atlantis or Lemurian times that have really been a bold thought that takes on a sense of urgency until you start looking into the paths of these words that pull you in to feel your other aspects.  These are all signs, symbols, and spiritual tugs to pull you inward, to allow you to hop on and ride the magnificent wave of enlightenment.  This is what you agreed to fulfill when you signed on to incarnate into a physical reality here on Gaia at this time.  The grand, the bigger picture of this story is that there is an intricate webbing of reality on every level and as the Gaia is shifting and changing and raising her vibration, so are we.  There will be those that are not ready or even care to consider that there is more than what they can see in front of them, but that is ok.  There is divine and perfect timing for everyone and every soul.  There is always another chance, another lifetime to open and ascend. There is never only one chance to ascend. There is always and infinite opportunity to rise your vibration.  As creation is infinite then as we are a part of this, then so are we.  We are infinite aspects of creation and we will always have an opportunity to wake up.

With this multidimensional aspect of you, there is always the opportunity for you connect and communicate with it.  With any aspect of your souls lives and experiences.  You can align with the highest aspect of yourself and clear the negative beliefs and definitions from our third dimensional world, and clear and let go of all that does not serve you and you will allow a path for love to filter into your lighter soul and spirit.  This is the energy work of what is required to ascend.  Letting go of judgement, letting go of doubt, fear and control.  There is great levels of darkness and weight that will linger until we have all dealt with the residue of what we have created.  There is a balancing and cleansing of the toxins and beliefs that have not only destroyed the Gaia in so many ways, that it has bled into our souls as a collective.  Everything without is only a reflection of what is going on within.  When we clean and let go of all that is holding back as spirit beings, then we will simultaneously send loving light to Gaia and she can rebalance and ascend with little effort.  It is the awakening and alignment of the most highest vibration that can heal the wounds of centuries of ill guided controllers.  We are in the awakening and you have found this article in stride of what your greater plan and purpose is.  It is all an orchestration and it is exactly what you needed to hear to lay the steps into your evolution and action for a better experience.  The experience to fully be exactly who you signed on to become.

Ensure that in each moment, in each NOW moment, take advantage of the immense energy flowing into the Gaia by following your bliss.  Following your joy and excitement creates the feeling of love and blessings to your soul.  Allow yourself to drink plenty of water and rest the physical body so that the extensive waves of energy can move through you with fluid effects and opening.  In times of great change, there will be experiences of chaos and challenge.  As challenge and chaos is perfectly timed to force us to look at levels of our lives that we have been pushing and burying to the soils of ignorance.  If we do not deal with it, then it will surely go away.  Right? Well, not really.  At some point, in some way, all that you ignore will surface in some way to allow you the opportunity to deal with and expand from.  You have perfectly planned these challenges and situations so that you can test your new found power of conviction and soul commitment to be exactly who you desire to be.  However difficult these challenges are, you have designed it this way and never shrink from whatever it is you place on your path.  For you have placed it because you are strong enough to move through it.  You knew that for whatever is facing you, is in your highest and best to serve your ultimate lessons and growth and take you into the higher realms of your souls home.

So my dear lightworkers, starseeds, and awakening souls, you are grand. You are multidimensional in the most infinite of ways.  Allow yourself to fall into who you are becoming.  Release all that you were and surrender into the belly of love and light.  It is filled with unconditional love and light for your path before you and know that you are guided and loved every step of the way. Not only guided by your ever present guides, but by your infinitely wise and expansive higher self.  You are all you have ever needed! Know that you really are that powerful to create all of this to surround you and allow you to walk your walk and live by all that fills your soul with light and love.  This is the expressive nature of who you are meant to be. There is no further hiding from who you are. There is only the light that shines before you allowing you to step forth and surrender into who you ARE!  Your gorgeous MULTIDIMENSIONAL YOU!  This is how profound you are and how required you are in this greater plan of ascension.  There is always more, there is always learning and growth and this is ultimately the one law that allows us to never stop or die~we will always exist and always evolve.  That is a promise!  Allow yourself to start now, start answering the call of the soul and your higher self.  Allow the richness of this experience and Gaia to flow love and light to you on your journey.  Allow yourself to flow out what you must express and give back.  For energy always requires a cyclical path.  It must always move and evolve, and so must we.

Embrace all that you are in all your glorious wisdom and expansiveness.  This is who you are meant to become!  Profound, immense, and expansive.  For this I know!

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
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