Our Innate Link Within Creation

Our Innate Link Within Creation
This is something that was said to me by a mentor or mine, and someone who has been assisting me in deciphering my downloads and meditative experiences with multi-dimensional energies.

Expanding into higher resonating beings, means that we allow ourselves to observe life from a whole new level. We are given opportunity to let the brain relax and allow the higher self to kick in with our innate sensibilities.
Flight of Butterfly Girl
There is the potential to expand in many ways as we let in the subtleties of Universal energy and ‘trust what you get,’ to stretch our abilities in reading higher vibrating symbols and concepts.

Energy is everywhere and energy is everything, therefore it is able to co-mingle with you in purposeful ways, for there is nothing that we do not manifest that does not have reason or meaning in some way.

Trust how you feel when the symbols come to you, or what is sensed, the moment an experience occurs. These are usually the immediate response from your Higher Self, for the Higher Self does not require ‘time,’ to discern what is occurring, it knows. The Higher Self will send you energetic clues for you to expand upon at the level that you have allowed yourself to expand to. It is a process that will always work in tandem with you as you expand and the clues will change, alter, shift as you become better at ‘trusting what you get.’

This level of ‘TRUST,’ can offer you the greatest door immediately knowing anything whenever you choose. It is when we lack in trust, guess, double guess, and require validation after validation before we act on what has been sent. The state of being that ascension allows us to experience is one that enjoys the cyclical manner of energy that is natural and always constantly flowing through us. We can attune ourselves to be better, more higher and refined receivers of accelerated vibrations and frequencies.

Just as I wrote about last Feb., – April, when Spring Equinox had really ramped up my frequency, I was adjusted by my Pleiadian family in a meditative venture aboard their lightship. It was an amazing experience and one that opened me up to seeing what was not available to level my body was resonating at. I was unable to perceive what was always there, until they adjusted me.

In this adjustment, I was given a ‘visor,’ for my eyes, as I stood at a marble, or crystal circular table or podium type feature in the area of the ship where I was being treated. I truly felt like a ‘kid in the candy store’ because my Higher Self knew that I was stepping up to a new level of deciphering energy.

Since that ‘treatment,’ I have seen ‘waves’ in the air, especially when I look at nature. They use to look like lines, or squiggles, with sparks, and not it looks more form-like as they move about around us. The only way I can describe it would be ‘waves’ in the air. I am constantly catching things out of the peripheral vision as if something is there, when others clearly see there isn’t.
We then move into the audible aspects of the changing vibes. We are moving into what we can only explain as the ability to feel as if we are more and more living within a dream. Where we can adjust, manipulate the energy, from within, and manifest a different outcome. Daily life seems less real and more malleable. Quite paradoxically, as these alterations occur, it allows us to have extreme appreciation for it all around us in a myriad of ways.

This understanding that we are here in the energetic agreement to co-mingle in this soup of quantum energy, the repelling, the magnetizing, and the manifestation of what we understand to be true on our reality. This is why it is paramount that we expand what we believe to be true and how infinite we are. The potential is really infinite ~
There is another energetic aspect that will expand and that is one of our sentiency. The expansion of what we know we are alive and well with in our reality. The awareness of our totality and sensing of other energies sensing us. It is a looking glass within a looking glass feeling and it is really very cool. The other day I felt this exact experience, as I was coming out of doing something, I paused for a moment as I felt beings all around me ‘working with’ my energy.

I was telepathically told that I was preparing for the eventuality of open contact and needed to refine my resonance before this could happen. These downloads happen within a split second, and these are the ones that come from seemingly nowhere, but carry the most profound amount and level of information all at once.

All of these innate aspects are alive and well and moving at a pace that humans have never before been introduced to. There are quantities, qualities, of energetic information that is being fed to the planetary grid lei lines. These lei lines are key for an ascending planet because it allows for the aspect of ‘free will,’ to continue for those who may not be ready or able to tap into the frequencies resonating within the grid. Those who are key to tap into this portal can do so by following their highest and best and remain open to the innate aspect of all that we are.

WHY? Well, as I have written about in other articles, the energies fed into the grid lei lines from all aspects within Creation, our sun, the many beings and councils whose role it is to assist in regulating and maintaining, and aligning with these grids, vortices, for our nourishment. The grid lei lines is directly linked to our DNA, the innate aspect within our DNA, which is the Source element, and is also linked to Source and all else within Creation. There is always, always, ALWAYS, an entanglement within the quantum spectrum of this glorious energetic Universe.
The energetic Universe streams energy to the grid lei lines, which in turn is linked to our DNA, which is linked to Source, which is linked to ALL THINGS! There is always a benevolent plan and we are swimming within it. How utterly profound!

Not only are we connected at the most intimate of ways, we are all moving our way in and around the benevolent source that flow through us. We are all spirit beings, energetic spirit beings that carries the potential that yet is untested, and untapped into.
We are remembering dear lighted ones, blessed be us all to feel the potential that resides within.

May you always know and always TRUST WHAT YOU GET, for it is only meant for you and will allow you to take the next step in your path to full awakening.

Blessings and light,

Joanna L. RossPerez
Esoteric Teacher, Public Speaker, Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for New Earth
Universal Unity


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