Celestial Gratitude


Celestial Gratitude
Good morning dear lighted ones,
I wanted to send a heart felt gratitude offering to the myriad of beings, teams, and celestial life that support us in this journey. As I have touched on in my book, my life would not be what it is today, had the many beings not had me in their hearts.

When I could not see, understand, or sense the worthiness of my own life, my own Divine spark, they always tapped in to show me the way ~ In any questionable moment, or darkened or misguided step, they have been with me and my deepest love and honour to them for their guidance and adjustments they have done over the past forty-six years of my life.

My spirit guides, my Higher Self, Pleiadians, all the diverse beings from Sirius, Cassiopeia, the Tecarians, the grand and immense beings from Arcturus for their poetic energetic assimilations and adjustments, Alpha Centaurans, and many more. My deepest gratitude and reverence ~
Each morning and every night, I see their presence in the sky above, I sense their presence as they work on me from afar and I am forever indebted to their brilliance, their commitment, their benevolence for humanity.

My life would not be unfolding as it is now if it were not for their constant care, love, attention, and help with my energetic work, healing thousands of lifetimes of pain and trauma, and their glistening brilliance in the sky to create such light, that drives me to move on every day ~
So entangled and so benevolent ~ in honour of Creation and the myriad of beings above in the sky right now ~


Joanna L. RossPerez
Universal Unity
Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth

These pictures are taken from last night; you will see #3, looks like a footprint, or butterfly, but did not notice this until I uploaded it – very cool.

#1 – back of my house, #2 – front of my house, #3-back
See Facebook for my personal pictures of my ‘preparing for Contact’ play-by-play and blog for more articles as it unfolds.
Number #2
Number #3

Be sure to connect with us on June 6th as we talk about lightship experiences, visitation, and ascension all in one event, one amazing day of enlightenment for self-discovery, and planetary evolution.

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