Energetic Activation ~ Assimilating the Illuminated Galactic Human


Assimilating the Illuminated Galactic Human

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Energy! It is everything, and I want to take this into a whole new level of understanding.
As my most recent newsletter stated, we are entering an accelerated time of this 5th dimensional embodiment and with it, will come a whole new way of EVERYTHING!
Energy, as we know it, exists within everything and everything with it. As we raise our vibration, through the processes and inner self reflection work that we have been immersed in for years now, we allow the energetic vessel that we are, to expand and link in with and entangle with, those aspects of ourselves that communicate on much different levels.

I have awoken into the understanding that there is far greater orchestration, systematic and intricate weaving of our potential than I previously knew. This information, is still seeping within my being-ness so that I may fully understand. When I asked my guides yesterday what this weekend had allowed me to expand within and what resonated was ‘integration.’ As I mentioned in my last article and that I am becoming more in tune with, is the ascension cycle for energy to travel from the cosmos, within the whole, to our planet and how we tap into and then integrate, and assimilate, and then cycle back out as a newly refurbished vibration in our own unique expression, thus adding to the sheen that creates the glow of new earth. These energetic cycles, from the cosmos, highest forms, through to the angelic, to councils, life creators, energetic gatekeepers, and federations, to those on an planet that is primed for evolutionary upgrades. It truly is a profound system and all in benevolent form to allow us the very best potential to rise above any and all limitation and breathe in the spark of life that is Source, swimming within us right now.

The past few weeks and days has been pretty intense and I have often caught myself gritting my teeth, or clinching my jaw, or continual throat clearing, and tension in my upper body and not really understanding why. As I was standing cutting up some vegetables for dinner, my guides again offered, ‘processing the increase’ ~
I then took a deep breath and exhaled with purpose, to allow for the easier movement of energy through my body. As we attend our day-to-day tasks, we sometimes forget that our bodies are moving through tremendous transitions in all aspects. Not only are we having to surface and heal and release all lifetime trauma’s, but we are physically processing profound energy streams and can surface to symptoms in many ways. Clinching, anxiousness, tension in various body parts, depending on where you are focussing your life purpose and most challenging lessons. I have also noticed that my sleep patterns are now more erratic. I can fall into a profoundly deep sleep and awake only an hour later. I awake to my chakra’s and cells vibrating and spinning so intensely that I focus my breath and link with Source to sooth and balance.

My lessons and themes are all in the upper body for the roles I have agreed to play, and therefore, this is where the energy seems to become more active and noticeable if it is not being tended to.
These symptoms are not to be attached with in a negative way, but know your body is on board and doing its best to assist you, so pay attention and allow for some self-nurturing time to honour and expand with these vibrations, for it will only intensify and increase over the next 18mths.
The other application of energy that I would like to attend to is that not only are there systems, agendas, and plans to serve Creation and Source in its desire for benevolent evolution, but there are a myriad of beings, councils, and brotherhoods that offer their skills, expertise, and knowledge to this process. There are those that ‘anchor’ the energy and can be done in their crafts, and the configuration of the many, many, ships that I see in my neighbourhood are conclusive of this.

There are many triangle configurations, and then brighter craft that are distinctively positioned for the work that the Pleiadians and Arcturans are doing with me. Last night as I fell asleep, only to wake up an hour later, my body was vibrating seemingly everywhere, not just in my chakra points, and as I cleared my eyes to see, I saw a lightship glistening and sparkling in the sky above and wondered about the work I was doing prior to awakening. There are days, in which I wake up and carry the resonance of what occurred all night in other realms, council meetings, and gatherings in which I am all adding to, feeding to, and integrating within, the greater over-soul embodiment that I carry in this reality focus to assist me as I integrate and awaken to activate the energy, wisdom, and skill necessary for each incremental adjustment. These teachings and energetic shifts, encodings, and adjustments go far deeper than most humans can understand and why there may appear to be waves, and profound numbers of people, suddenly awakening at certain times. There are no coincidences in this way. All is Divinely timed and orchestrated at many, many levels.
Communication from such energy work, and what will further the awakening of the master is not only
the entanglement with all that we experience here on earth, but our spirit and celestial team, but to further our engagement to meet that of our growing awareness and enmeshment with the cosmos. I will be starting an ‘Expanding Potential’ meditation to the class schedule, so stay tuned for that and this will imbue the tips and practices to further the energy work of mastery within this realm as we ascend in accelerated streams of offerings. In your day to day work, in your movement about this reality, take note upon what intrigues you, and how you receive what you receive. Our activations for higher thought, deeper meaning and entanglement can come in the form of anything; symbols, shapes, colour, pictographs, tones, and ancient triggers that pull you in a certain direction. All of these are powerful aids to give you profound depth into your own story, your own entanglement into other realms and all you need do, is ask for a pictograph, or symbol, and allow your excitement, your imagination to flow forth into new heightened perspectives. We are expanding our communication skills to encompass not only that of the 5th dimensional realm, but that of the the cosmos, thus allowing for further resonance with the illuminated galactic human that we are transmuting into. How utterly exciting! Do not worry or stress about what these images may mean to begin with, for you will always get what you need when you need it, just practice allowing and expanding these types of heightened communications and know you have a team of experts, highly skilled beings that know how to filter what is needed for you to begin to play at the mastery level!

In my deepest light and gratitude for your loyalty in this incredible journey and my heart, my love, and my excitement for this amazing journey we are all co-creating.

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Joanna L. RossPerez
Universal Unity
Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth, Author


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