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Celestial Insights

Good morning dear lighted ones,
We are counting down the days; 25 days to go!

This will be the event of the year~small gathering of those that are inspired by the intentions, glow, and readiness for 5th dimensional new earth and all the ascension path work and attunement that we have done, will be grounded at this event. It is key that anyone on the path of enlightenment allow the opportunity to see what is truly going on with our planet and our physical bodies, the ‘bigger picture’ view from the Universal and galactic level. To understand the celestial part and their role in our ascension, and why we are exposed to greater lightship sightings, and visitations. There is purpose and reason to everything, and as I have written many, many times, there is grand orchestration in everything, and as you open to this potential and possibility of how you align with and move up to new vibrations, you will experience greater magical synchronicity, greater intimacy in your life with all aspects of our reality, as well as those around you. Ascension and awakening can provide this shift for you. Ascension does require action though, and it is in these and other events that entangle the myriad of ascension aspects to the key attributes that we are all swimming in and moving through.
There is profound change that will shift us all and even those sitting on the fence will know there is a profound alteration in what use to be and allow the ‘what if,’ to be possible to attain. The discovery, the creation, the co-creation of new earth is created in every moment that you expand your awareness, so let’s do this and have some fun!

FIRST CONTACT SYMPOSIUM * North America * University of Calgary * ( 9:30am-3:30pm MTN )
Intimate gathering at the University of Calgary, Legacy Room, June 6th * We marry UFO/Lightship sightings, ET Visitation, Human evolution, Ascension, planetary ascension, sacred geometry, and meditative alignments to bring it all together in one event!
* Food, Door Prizes, enlightenment, inspiration;
* We will also be sharing a ‘Celestial Ceremony that evening and I have 1 more spot available
* I am also offering 50% off of a Private Intuitive Reading and Alignment, and just about everyone registered has taken this offer and already booked their appointment. It is a great deal as I pour myself and soul into these appointments to allow you the best opportunity for alignment to your highest potential.
* I am also offering those that gather in groups of 10+ a discount of $9.00 off the base price p/ticket. That is $80.00 p/p * All day ascension learning, amazing food, like-minded others, and a 5th D vibration.
* Email me; Joanna@UniversalUnity.ca for registration details on the group booking.
* Be the first to take in the ascension teaching of the moment, ascension energies of the moment, and my first book content before anyone * It will be released on Amazon by September and you get it first!
Vast as the Universepossibilities
See the links below for info. There is limited space at the hotel and seating, so be sure you book and take in the 5th dimensional vibe.

Thank you to all those already signed up and travelling from the US, your energy is deeply required and my gratitude to you all.


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* http://universalunity.ca/first-contact-symposium-northamericajune/

ACCOMMODATIONS ~ Hotel Alma, University of Calgary

* http://www.reservations.com/hotel/hotel-alma-calgary-ab?gclid=CjwKEAjwycaqBRCSorjE7ZewsmUSJABWzM54WWig9TLK_TjuVUDu9gkBXY_uBX3b5QT8plxS2wH8yBoCK7nw_wcB

Stay tuned this week for some exciting news and I will release it in a special edition newsletter ~ be sure to sign up and get the first light on new events, new meditations, and alignments, special offers! We have been working on this one for months, and it is ready to be released. Stay tuned!

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. RossPerez
Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth, Public Speaker, Author

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