Celestial Reverence ~ Energetic Alignment


Good morning dear lighted ones,
What an amazing week and awakenings occurring left and right. These truly are spectacular times and I am always reminded that my celestial friends and family are always near and waiting in the wings celebrating every breakthrough we have.

There are few topics I wanted to move deeper into and review for those just tapping into this celestial and ET energy, First Contact, and the 5th dimensional frequency new earth. Last night I slipped into a channelling with my team, and as beings were moving in and out of the channel, I was inspired to bring some elements of contact to forefront for clarification.

A few years ago, I came across the ‘Nebra Sky Disc,’ and over the course of about a month, this disc came across my desk, my computer time, or in my daily life as a flash and impression. There has been great discussion and speculation about this disc and what is was used for and why so many of our ancient tablets, scriptures, and archeological finds, colour for us the true connection and link that humanity has to the stars. There have been satchels found, objects, and tools, and the most obvious diagnosis is usually given to these pieces, as the tendency is to go with what you have always known, and if there are few that step outside the text books and box, then all we will ever know is what we have always known. The traditional scientific community has not seemed to stretch the beliefs and possibilities of tapping into the reverence and energetic entanglement that humanity has had with our planet and other star systems. As I have written in my book, this entanglement has been the ‘missing link,’ for humanity’s ability to move beyond limitation and remain in a state of devolution in many ways. Many ancient tribes and cultures created their worlds around the respect and atonement that was necessary to feel what we feel when we align with Source and higher vibrating star systems. Alignment is profound and when you link in with it, there is nothing that holds us back.

The ancient visitations with those from the stars must have been an incredible sight. Their lightships, their glowing presence, their ability to manifest from thought, or work their way around physics with ease and grace. The world of the ‘unseen’ rarely makes into educational theories. The Nebra Sky Disc, as I have come to understand and align with, was used in rituals, by communities that sought the vibration and alignment with those from the stars. The star systems that resonate with me and this sky disc is the Pleiades and Arcturus, and the beings that at one time, travelled to and from earth teaching and transferring information, data, mathematics, astronomy, and human evolution.

In ancient times, the elders, the leaders of certain communities were visited on a regular basis, and in these visits, energetic teachings about the cosmos, human potential, and Source were had. The elders would then teach their people and as life continued here upon earth, these experiences became more and more difficult because of the growing fears, beliefs, and limitations that were placed within societies. Many of the ancient teachings and rituals died as the elders did and many traditions and understandings of human’s link with spirit, the Divine, and our cosmic family became like fairy tales and stories that seemed a little ‘too unreal.’ The Nebra Sky Disc, and I have no doctorate or certificate to validate what I am going to say and frankly credentials have little to do with energy, or intuiting what you feel is or isn’t. When it comes to energy, you just know. This disc was used in such communities, just as the megalithic stones found at various sites around the world, were tangible links, the reverence the communities had for the elders, who were usually the ones in contact with celestial beings, and were taught how to align and induce the human vibration to a level where contact, reconnection, astral travel, and even dematerialization could occur.
These objects, tools, and satchels, were sometimes used by the tribes shaman leaders, elders as their everyday and ritualistic honing devices, or medicinal healing components that allowed them their connection, their entanglement and engagement with the stars. As the rituals would be used, the person desiring, or at the stage of initiation into the next phase of their learning, would prepare themselves for contact, these items were used to ‘amp up,’ or align the person with the energy of that star system. The connection and link would then be made as the person was in the appropriate vibration and frequency for the interaction to occur. Sometimes these visitations were made to bring back information about crops, or herbal medicines, or how to connect more deeply with Source. These links and connections with the tools they had, and laboured over, was done in beautiful reverence, and in service to the Universal thread that lies within us all to reconnect and serve the light.

Reverence is so key to celestial contact, and the alignment must be made. Humanity has shown itself over and over again, to use gifted information in ways that are self-serving and even detrimental to others, and have not been used to serve the greater good, so there is a requirement, a level of understanding, respect, and reverence that must be attained, and felt within the very cells that swim within our veins, for if it is of this level of your being, then the vibrations for connection and linking will be made. I believe this is why those that will be experiencing conscious first contact, will be done in small enclaves and in small respected gatherings, where the understanding and reverence has been established long before contact is ever made.
As I have written and talked about on many platforms, there is an energetic implication of varying degree’s that beings resonate at and it is very real. Being a psychic empath, I am keenly aware of being in the presence of those that have not refined their frequency, or have negative beliefs that weigh them down, for it is felt by those around them. Sometimes these subtleties are felt and sensed at various levels and always changing, as the expansiveness of what I initiate and tap into and the vibration of those around me. We are encircled with an auric field, the energetic field, or bubble that we are encased within is like a radio station, and can be felt, heard, and sensed by those sensitive to it. This is why we affect our environment, we affect the health, the weather, and all things within our reality, for we are a constant pulsating energetic orb swimming in an infinite ocean of orbs. This would be the same for 6th dimensional Pleiadian’s, or Alpha Centauran’s that would land and be faced by a circle of beings that resonate at a lower 4th or 3rd dimensional frequency.

Gaia’s ascension has been in motion for many, many years, and it has been this way, so that those who can tune in, those that have written in their soul blueprint to ‘tune into’ ascension, can do so in a safe and timely manner. If we were to know all that there is to know, about the grand scheme, the Universal orchestration that really is threaded with all that we experience, most would walk away in disbelief and energetic shock, because it is too much all at once to swallow. We are embedded within layers upon layers of systems, of energetic potentials, and possibilities that as I am finding out, are even beyond my scope of understanding just yet. And I live this energy about 90% of my waking life. I incorporate the grander scheme, the Universal potentials for humanity, and Gaia, and I am constantly aware and tuned into to what is going on around me, so I can imagine how some of these articles and informations will only resonate with those that at the level to seem possible. Energy is very real, and one must be tuned in to create the stream, the portal, that links with higher frequency peoples and systems.
These are not statements done in an arrogant way, or that ‘they are better than’ context. These statements allow those to truly understand that energy is very real, and just as we can be in a room and sense that we flow with or not flow with certain energies, it is the same in this way for celestial contact. There is much work to be done in raising the awareness about energy and how this Universal key will give some the path they need to align with the vibrations they desire. I had been working on my personal resonance for seven years before I saw, and remembered my first celestial lightship. Each person has their own unique path and design, and based on your ability to be open, loving, and aware, it may take others only a few months or years. It is unique to each person and whatever has been designed in the soul’s blueprint. Just know that timing will be perfect in every case, for your teams know exactly what they are doing and as long as you are allowing yourself quiet time every day, for self-reflection, and self-integration, then you will get the messages and cues that are being sent to you.

There is no room for ego, or arrogance in enlightenment. Those that walk as masters, do not call themselves masters for they are usually too busy doing their life’s work. The role that one offer’s can have the potential to create whatever it is the seeker may desire, but the seeker needs to match and allow for any healing to take place. It is all about energetic potential, and if what we offer amp’s your personal frequency in alignment with your desires, then that is the role a master plays. We only offer what we know, what we can align with and the healing, the alignment, and the action and intent must be on the behalf of the one that is seeking. No healer can heal unless the one that wants to be healed, truly wants and intends to be healed. It is all an elegant dance of energy and there is much to know and much to align with before we are ready ‘on mass,’ for open contact.

For some, lightship, or UFO contact is still a fad or intrigue, which is fine, there is no judgement. There is however a disconnect between why and what purpose ascension has to the whole story about our contact with our celestial family and why we see lightships at all. The more we awaken as a global community, the pieces to this puzzle that is ‘Gaia’s plan for a 5th dimensional new home,’ the more we can understand the grander picture of what we are moving through. We have all tapped into this energy for a reason and for whatever has inspired someone to seek, look within, and go a little deeper is why many of us are here offering what we have experienced to be an opportunity to align and rise up with the waves that will be a constant play upon Gaia in the coming two years.


At the core of everything we do, there is the reverence, the respect, the utter blessing to All That Is, to Source, and all the teams that support us, in all that is done, and in all that placed before us and it is our role to tap into it. Ascension is so beautiful, because to really flourish from what it offers, all the pieces of the puzzle slip into place, and like a lightbulb that flashes after years of being disconnected, it all makes sense. You feel ‘turned on,’ you feel like you finally ‘click,’ and that you ‘fit’ within this grand experience and what use to be so far out of reach within your level of understanding, now feels plausible and within reach. This is the experience that I have recently moved through and in my studies, I have been sharing my time with preparing the symposium content, and immersing myself in a book that when I first bought it, seemed a little beyond my scope of understanding. I was attracted and inspired to read this book for about a year now, it is a very high vibrational book and one that is the ‘pièce de résistance,’ of any book I have read.

There are certain books that alter your path, and when you are vibrationally ready for it, it will show itself to you and somehow, someway, it will make it’s way into your life. For it is encoded and will take you in a whole new direction. My team has been guiding me to this book for about eight months now and my vibration is at the level where I can now integrate and sense that most of the information is within me. Somehow, the Akashic memory, the lifetime activations are being triggered within me and I will pick up where I left off from many lifetimes upon this planet. This is how utterly mind-boggling energy is. I am in love with this Universe and I am in love with all that we are moving through and what the potential is that we have to tap into Source brilliance.

We are on the verge of so many ‘triggers’ that have been waiting just beneath the surface of our human experience and has awaited for us to reach the right vibrational state where these mysteries, ancient secrets, and discoveries can be used to unleash the spirit within. For we are all meant to be engaged in highly spiritual ways, we are all meant to create our own sense of ritual that aligns with Source, with the beauty of Gaia and all that she offers, and we are all meant to create the vibration that allows us to feel alive and linked in with Creation. These are aspects we are all meant to experience for it is our entanglement that is very real and very alive within each of us. There is no accident that a thought just ‘pops’ into your head, or a feeling or sensation swims within you. Trust what you feel, trust what you are sensing, and know that there are subtle alignments that your team is working with you in every step that you take. Our role, is to tune in and act, for we will always be given help, support, and light, but we must first desire and intend for change to be brought forth.
We are all entangled within this cosmic dance, and we are no farther removed than the love that beats within our own hearts. For energy knows no boundaries, and energy knows no distance. With a thought, you are connected, and with the light in your heart, you are One. Move about your life with reverence, with love, and utter respect for yourself in all that you have done to align with the light in every day, and it will be shown to you in kind. For this Universe is above all, benevolent and reciprocal. It is Universal law and your reality will show you exactly what your frequency is. Allow your true natural self to be the path you walk and your light to be the scriptures you align with. For as a master walks in balance with the All, and in quiet contemplation for the beauty that unfolds moment for moment. Have discernment in all that you step forward on and know that you will always be guided and the loving connection within your heart will be your guide. For the level of respect and reverence you hold for all that you do, will filter into the vibration you align with quite naturally. You carry with you the answers to anything you desire and it is in our ability to align with it that will show us the next piece of this glorious energetic puzzle. And so the journey continues…

Blessings and light dear lighted ones,

Joanna L. RossPerez
Universal Unity
Esoteric Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth, Intuitive Visionary

JUNE 6th * First Contact Symposium ~ University of Calgary *

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