Surrender & Infinite Portal to the Divine


Infinite Portal to the Divine
Good morning dear lighted ones,
I wanted to express the overwhelming love and gratitude for this ascension process, this earthly life, and every moment that we acknowledge the Source essence within as move about our awakening journey. Every morning I wake up very early and commune at my bay window with the nature elements, Gaia, and my cosmic family. This morning as I sat and stared out into the darkened and silent sky, I noticed a glorious golden circular lightship that twinkled and sparkled as it hovered a few miles away. Sometimes I notice these lightships as they flash or sparkle to get my attention, and out of the corner of my eye, I am drawn to their presence. I am constantly amazed with their ability to present themselves whenever I ask, or dart across the sky in playful excitement as we link in with each others energy.

As my earthy life swirls in profound change and new ground, that one moment of celestial connection sent me into overwhelming joy and gratitude for this very expansion experience that can offer in multi-dimensional family members. This process of ascending brings about more experiences than one can imagine and I am in constant ‘awe,’ at the co-creative magic that rings with such deeper and higher meaning. One of my personal life theme’s that I chose to explore in this earthly incarnation, is that of creating a path of energy teacher at a global level, and to move about this path with utter confidence and knowingness that I am safe to do so. In a myriad of other lifetimes, speaking in such open and esoteric ways led to tragic endings and oftentimes, are the bruises that I have now learned to release and heal this time around. My desire to be teacher, speaker, and an illuminator that I have done so in many other lifetimes, and now move forward with aligning global and galactic energies to inspire, speak freely, and safely.

As I soaked in the energy of my lightship, I instantly was gifted with many aspects of my life as it played before me in an energetic film for me to take stock of and note the many aspects of what my will and intent has allowed me to create and manifest. Silent moments of ‘gratitude and appreciation’ was the download energy I was being gifted, and as we take just moments a day to sit in the presence of ‘being,’ grateful, we imbue all that is Divine and lovely about who we are and the world and Universe we live within.

How often do we allow ourselves to get stuck in the swirling and ‘busy-ness’ of our everyday lives and miss opportunities to align with Source, or with Gaia, or with those within our own homes? I know I have been guilty of getting caught up in the noise and miss the expansion that I ever-so-carefully intended to create. For what is the point of creating a spiritually awakened life if we are not fully present to ‘be’ in the essence of why it has been gifted and created? Gratitude allows us the Divine essence to engage at a much more profound level within all aspects of this accelerating reality than we ever thought possible, and it is the energy that allows us to rise up to our highest spiritual self, and it is the pre-cursor to our surrendering to the Creator.

The experience of ‘being’ in a state of gratitude means that we are trusting in the path that we walk. For in every choice, our path unfolds. In every choice, we can allow ourselves deeper insight and connection with all of existence as we consciously wake up to it’s link with us, as we choose our next thought, word, or deed. This really is what entanglement is all about, and it is through entanglement that we sense the greater presence we have within every moment to bring gratitude in on all that we create. Gratitude is the portal to divine living. Gratitude is the essence that will open the portal to greater potential and energetic magic to be gifted to you. For it is in fully trusting in the actions you take, the thoughts you manifest, and the grander path that you walk that inspires us to follow the thread of synchronicity gifted in this unfolding.
When we are truly engaged with life, the moment-for-moment aspects of what we say, do, emit, we know at the core of our being, we are being Divine. It is in the awareness, the moment-for-moment atonement that offers in expansion, for we become reengaged with all of life in a new way. The infinite aspects that Source has to experience life, from the infinite number of perspectives, is why there is infinite creation. As we expand, we imbue more and more of what being an illuminated galactic human is and we take in, absorb, imbue, and emit more of who were always meant to be. Ever changing, evolving, and tapped into life at an intimate level and one that is gracious in how we flow through life with life. This is the essence of ‘being,’ Godly and we all have the innate ability to live intimately with all so that we sew the thread of potential and unite across the cosmos because these attributes of ascension are consistent across many realms of experience. We are literally awakening within each moment to see our world, our life, and how each choice allows us to manifest and shift the reality we experience, and this dear lighted ones is what being a conscious creator is all about. A conscious creator, one that is tuned in, aligned, and entangled with all aspects of life and feeling our way through it as we expand into heightened awareness as we do so.

This is ascension and how ascension works in a moment-for-moment way and how it can make seen what was unseen just moments ago. This process of awakening in this lifetime has allowed me to unveil my greater sense of soul purpose, and to walk this path of spiritual ambassador as we co-create a glowing new earth and finally ‘feel,’ the depth and profundity that my core spirit essence has always known existed. As the veils of illusion, doubt, and fear are released forever, we climb up into the essence where we feel our current reality experience merge with the Higher Self and Godly aspect of who we were created to be. This is how gratitude and entanglement can affect the flow and overall experience of your life path and journey. Every moment is your gift from Source to create and manifest the ultimate you that you promise, your contracted to unveil in this profound lifetime. We have never seen the reality energy that we do now that can support and honor these profound life blueprints for Creation and humanity and it is in the presence we acknowledge and ‘be’ our most Godly self in every moment.

As illuminated galactic humans, we are expanding to be able to sense the love, the pain, and even the struggles that others may have, and how we can offer what we are uniquely gifted with to possibly lighten their day, and in doing so, we become ever more enmeshed and entangled with the Divine in every way. Every day I am seeing how the gift of entanglement can bring forth new heightened experiences and depth to who I am becoming. This essence of inner and spiritual depth ‘is’ the Source re-awakening within us and it is utterly breathtaking. When we can feel the depth of our own profundity, and see our reality experience as the gift that it was intended to be, then we have begun to tap into the potential of why we are exactly where we are. For there are no accidents, coincidences, or happenstance to anything that crosses your path. There is higher meaning and profundity to it all. There are times when I am shown a new level to love that I have simply never experienced before in this earthly reality and it reminds me, triggers the other parallel aspects that all have a thread sewn within this experience, and as we all co-creator together, the grander family within this cosmos, the Creation family, becomes unified and strengthened. We are all entangled dear lighted ones, and the more gratitude you imbue, honor, and tap into, the more you will allow your life to unfold in purely magical ways.

You are this profoundly enmeshed and every parallel life is sewn and assisting in the over soul’s journey and it all funnels and finds it way to you in some way, and so does all that you create here, has profound impact on the story of the All That Is. It is in these simple daily awakenings, the taking in of what is being gifted, and how we may integrate within our being, for an improved and expansive way to engage with all aspects of this life experience and Source once again. The portal to higher realms, other parallel lives, or the expanded soul aspects, or a more intimate relationship with Source is held within your ability to be gracious, feel grateful, and trust all that unfolds as if it were Divinely gifted in every way, because it is.

There has been many occasions that I have wanted something so bad that I could taste it. The desire, the need, the craving for an intimate life experience, and this profound desire was labeled many times as ‘overly intense.’ Others find it a challenge to be around someone who is always seeking for deeper meaning, heightened meaning, or a more intimate way to experience life. The soul, the core aspect of who I am, has always known the highest aspects of where I exist and thus being upon a dense earthly experience can create the desire to ‘seek’ those Divine offerings in this reality. When you incarnate as a highly empathic person, or intuitive sensitive, you can tap into energies that are unseen and unknown to those around you and navigating through these esoteric waters and as challenging and lonely as most of the lifetimes have been, it is the culmination of who I am now, and for that, I am grateful. These summer energies are bringing us to a new level of awareness and in this awareness there is profound gratitude being offered for the path that we have all carved so carefully and intently to bring about the most glorious glow that we know we transform into.

Those who move on the path of ascension can feel that in every new day there is a new level of intimacy that is being brought back into remembrance for us to taste once again. The elegance and secret to enjoying this entire game is not to ‘get’ what it is we desire, but to relish in the profound moment-for-moment unfolding of it all. The journey, the path, the road, the blueprint, the map, whatever it is you want to call your reason for being here, this experience right now ‘is’ your portal to Divine experience. What one chooses to do with it is unique and special to each being within Creation, and it is what allows for infinity to be infinity. We live many lives, concurrently right now, on parallel frequencies and many life blueprints to experience, and in this we have the potential to re-discover the grander link and entanglement to which we all belong. This level of awareness and desire to feel involved, included, and a deeper sense of purpose, is how we are all intricately woven into the web of Creation and how all experiential data, information, and wisdom is available to us as we expand our energetic bandwidth. How each of us chooses to tap into the game and be present in the moment-for-moment Divine gifts, will determine the hue’s we create, the canvas we paint, and the songs that we sing. The creative expression is our spiritual gift to Creation, to one another, and to Source, and it is how we become alive in every new moment, and can add to the sweetness of this earthly experience.

So be bold dear lighted ones, and paint with creative freedom, bliss, and intimate connection with all you see, feel, hear, and taste, for it is your tool and link with the Divine in all ways. This canvas that appears before you in every moment is your gift and what you choose in this moment will mirror to you the vibration you set for yourself and your grander path. There is light within all that you are, all that you create, and all that you explore and it is our choice to seek it out and discover it. As you grasp the depth and expansiveness of how sophisticated and brilliant this web of Creation really is, you will begin to see and piece together the inter-connectedness of even the most minute of details. It is an expansive and elegant energetic dance and this is why it is so Divinely orchestrated to allow you the opportunities and gifts to become more of who you were meant to be. So allow yourself to be present in every moment, be grateful and allow the acceleration to bring you to exactly where you need to be, for you will forever be pulled deeper into the swirling and infinite expanse of who you truly are. You have profound value and meaning that is waiting for you to re-discover it and it all resides within each moment you aware, and in this knowingness that you created that moment to show you how utterly breathtaking this journey is.
If you really knew the power, the overwhelming capacity to alter your reality, every moment of what you experience, then you could sense the love that Source has for each one of us, and why we were all given the gift of this very moment. Don’t let what you see in your world tell you how this story unfolds, for you create and tune this story for yourself in every moment. You are the writer, the you are the producer, and now it is time to go beyond what you have been taught, told, and conditioned and rise up to the potential that you knew would be offered if you tapped into the essence of light.

What if you altered your knowingness, your expectations of every moment, and what if, just what if, there was a miracle in the very next moment that showed you how masterful you really are? We have this potential now more than ever to create and manifest miracles and to create the sky filled with celestial families that show their lightships to trigger a memory that tells us we are more than we thought. We are entangled and enmeshed with Source and all that Source has to offer, and we are just beginning to awaken to the family, the experiences, the potential that reside just beyond the very next moment, and we create right now, in this moment, and it is your choice to shift it into gear and mold it any way you desire.

Trust who you are. Trust who you designed yourself to be, and trust the path that you create in every moment, for it is the surrender into Source, the surrender into your unlimited potential that will allow that potential, that Divine portal to be offered and opened for you. You still must act. You are given the opportunity to make the call, to be present, to honor, to acknowledge and be grateful for all that it can offer you and as you do, you add to this profound web of Creation and it is what creates worlds, life, and the greater cosmos, that you are ultimately held within. How beautiful would it be if you were to be grateful it and surrender into whatever unfolds? This is how free flowing higher dimensional living truly is.

Surrender is the ultimate gift we can give Creation, for it allows our Divine blueprint to be set in motion as we release unwavering trust in who we are. As we remember to trust who we are, we align with higher frequencies of potential, and the Divine fleet of beings, the energetic display of celebration, and all of the other parallel aspects of who you are instantly step forward and stand tall in the new vibration you have just become. I have experienced so many miracles, large and small, and each one appears after I surrender and let go. There is a Divine permission slip that we are gifted when we surrender, for it is the ultimate faith and trust in knowing that we are a part of this holy process, this process that is so unbelievable at times, that we can question if it was real. One cannot surrender unless one trusts that there is something profound that will catch us. This is where you completely let go of all fear, and know you are Divinely guided in all that you do. Trusting yourself is loving yourself. Loving yourself is trusting that you have your own back, and in this, Source provides. For the true meaning of this experiential game is to awaken into the remembrance of self-love, and to love yourself is to know you are Source essence swimming about this experience to mirror back to Creation your unique gift and color to the grander masterpiece of light.

Self-love allows us to love Source, for there is the essence of the Universe, the cosmos, our galaxy, and our celestial family that swims within every molecule and DNA element within each of us. This awakening and remembrance of self-love is like an activation for all that is linked with it, which is All within Creation. To feel this depth of aliveness and self-worth, for the first time in eons makes this whole journey worth it. Know you are Divinely loved, you are sacred, and you are profound, and if you were not, then you would not be here. This is how perfect this Divine plan is and we have unlimited power to shift every moment and create magical experiences in this grander knowing. You are loved and supported and you are wise beyond measure. Know this, remember this, and so it shall be.
As I opened my arms to the Universe and the spinning golden lightship that hovered in the sky above my home, I sent the centuries and lifetimes my deepest gratitude and appreciation, for even if I was unaware of their guidance and support, I honor it all now and it will forever be placed within my new Creation story. For it is in these moments of remembrance that we truly feel our place within the grander scheme and orchestration and benevolence for all within Creation, and it is truly humbling. The portal to your expanded state of being dear lighted ones is not in the major ascension tasks or goals, or even the challenges that you overcome, for it will all play out as it should. The portal to your expanded state is self-love and in this self-love you find grace. Self-love allows you to be in a state of gratitude, to trust what you create, who you are and why you are here. Self-love brings meaning to the moment-for-moment story that manifests itself out of your willingness and intent to be more, feel more, and know more of who you are and what expansive terrain you swim within. The temptation to awaken consciously into the unique offerings that this frequency offers is like no other and we have our this moment now to reengage at a new level with Creation, with Source, and with all those around us, in a new way and it is this that creates the new story for Gaia and humanity.

Your story will unfold dear lighted ones, and it will be a glorious story just because you are engaged and seeking the desire to be more, know more, and feel more. The very act of seeking allows the portals of potential to open to you and as your team awaits to gift you with the next synchronistic offering, so know that you are cradled in the arms of this infinite webbing of Source. Surrender into this knowing, surrender into this immensity of potential, and surrender into the profundity of love that exist within your every cell, for it connects you to All That Is, and it heeds your call every time. For this is what I know to be true and I share it here with you all. In gratitude there is trust, and in trust there is surrender, and if you awaken to this in every moment, you will experience the Divine in profound ways, and it will always be perfectly timed and perfectly designed just for you. It is this profound.

The portal to higher dimensional living is equal to the depth that we surrender all that we were taught, and rise up to a new level of self-love and honour for the knowingness that we are Source essence, and this is worth every ounce of gratitude we can muster for it is a gift that never stops giving and can show us more than we ever imagined. We are Universal Source essence, and as Mother-Father God reach out in every moment for us to tap into It’s essence, know that it has always been right there within you all along. Your Divine activation awaits, surrender into your profundity dear lighted ones, it is your portal to the magical unknown…….

Blessings and light,

Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth

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