Love Story ~ Day 1, Moment NOW!


Love Story

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Today is day 1, moment 1 of our 30 Day Love Story to Creation and most of all, to yourself,
We are remembering how to love thyself and how it is the portal to anything we desire to create. Here is the link to the webpage for more information and share your light, your love, and your intent to Creation as we step up into these profound energies never experienced by humanity in this way.
Tap into your Divine birthright to experience and BE the love you seek and desire. This is about creating the life path that exudes all that you ARE, and let go of the restraints, conditionings, and limitations of what you are not or never have been.
You are profound, you are Divine, and you are LIGHT!

So be it,
What will the first sentence of ‘YOUR LOVE Story’ say……….
Begin now……for you are lighting the path of your new earth experience right now!

I am expansive and in this life moment, I desire to see, be, and feel all life that I experience as pure, Divine Love, for I am that I experience. This is my Love Story and in this story, I begin with my light and love of self, for I no longer require to look back in pain, doubt, limitation, or fear of what I may not know, feel, or see, for what I do know is that I am of Divine Light Essence and I am an aspect of Source. This is what I know to be true, and this is my love story and it begins now.

I pave the way for my Higher Self and Soul Self to link in with great and profound intimacy and entanglement for I desire to see, be, hear, and know life and Creation in a new way. This is my intent and with the purity of my heart I spill it forth to Creation for all to feel my power of light and love.

I am blessed, I am grateful, I am in alignment with my highest and best potential for this moment and I live utterly in this moment of unlimited potential and possibility for it has been released from the DNA encoding from within. This is my love story and it begins now.
In love with this moment of now for all that I am ~

I am that I am ~ I am Source essence and I am grateful for every moment that I am in this experience of it and all that I create in this state of beingness and knowingness ~ and so it is!

Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Author, Public Speaker, Ambassador for New Earth

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