Bringing the MAGIC Back


Good morning dear lighted ones,
WOW ~ what a powerful week ~ definite activations going on for me over here, and a few ideas that may assist you in your enhancements and path of ascension as we imbue these beautiful frequencies.

Remember to be Playful
Allow yourself to listen to the playful and loving aspect and energies of what you swim within every moment. Whether you are out for a walk, or sitting in quiet reflection, you are a quantum being of Divine light, and you are so profoundly magical. Magic and self-love is our next level of 5th dimensional integration and they go hand-in-hand. As you gain greater self-love, your bandwidth expands and you allow in, offer in, open up to the infinite potential of the magical that now is activated by your free will, purity of intent, and advanced skills of mastery.

I have recently been inspired by the faerie world, devas and elementals, and not that I have not always known about them, but because of the ‘magical’ energy from Isis and Merlin, they are enhancing with me on my Higher Consciousness states, I have pulled these beings in to assist in enriching and unleashing the deep mystical, and deep ancient magic knowings that I have used in other lifetimes,
I have definitely felt a difference in my client discussions and even that of the group discussions * I sense waves and greater ‘packets’ of encoded energy that moves through me ~ most of these experiences are challenging to put in earthly words for it truly is multi-dimensional as I surrender into releasing the veil and limitations of old patterning and falling back in love with the magical essence of life.
I have had wonderful inspirations from Brian Froud’s work and have purchased his faerie tarot deck and books, and feel a deep connection with the enchantment.
While doing some work at my desk, I looked out to the garden and saw a face in a rock that I had not seen before and yet it had always been there. I took a picture of it and showed my babies, and they spotted it right away. It is a rock I look out to often as I ground and centre to Gaia as I teach and move through my work, so it is not a new rock, but the energy and waves that have allowed me to open to it is now active.

Our playful multi-dimensional soul desires magic, inter-active playfulness, or what we have termed, ‘entanglement.’ There is profoundly expansive opportunity here dear lighted ones, and the more you tap into the depths of all that you are, you unlock and reveal the ancient seer, wise benevolent magician and Merlin within. It is within our evolutionary design to explore all that we are and how intimately we are linked to all that resides within our ever-changing world, and the recent shift beyond the StarGate has allowed us this inspiration.

New Earth Imaginings
We have discussed in many articles, classes, and online shows, that our ability to create and manifest ‘new earth, is in the potential each of us owns, to explore the possibilities and truths about what we desire to experience upon new earth. Tools that humanity has been gifted, as discussed in many articles that can align us with any manifestation we so desire, is to create the purity of intent and the will to act, and creativity to design. We are encoded with these tools, and rightfully so. These tools will be the core of what new earth looks like and feels like to us.
Cityof Light

I imagine a new earth with varying hues in the sky, that are crystalline and pure in their colours. With not only one moon, but two. I envision the landscape without tall buildings and natural in every way with only cabins, or coverings of sorts that support communal living and pockets of small communities that gather in locations that support the skills and desires of their blueprint as it unfolds. We will not be rushing around to work, or to get, or be anywhere but on the land and entangled with it and all that it offers. I envision magical animals and creatures that come to life as we expand and desire to play and entangle once again with the magical essence of Creation. I envision steam pools that are naturally warmed by Mother Earth, and rich with very nutrients that our ever-changing illuminated vessels will require to be not only sustained, but vital, vibrant, and youthful.

In these lovely moments that we allow ourselves to dream, envision, entangle with the magical elements of what we are moving into, the greater free-flow of light that embeds itself into your bandwidth. We have been preparing ourselves in every way, to create the ability to take on greater refined light and resonance. These streams can be amped up and enhanced by your team if you so desire. As you allow the magic to float within your everyday life, you open the potential within your bandwidth to further co-create this very vibration with all other frequencies awaiting for you to awaken to it. Awareness creates knowingness, knowingness creates experience. This is the process of ‘Law of Attraction.’ It has been widely misunderstood and blanketed to our monetary desires and needs but it truly expands into all aspects that is Creation, for we are all just playing in this quantum soup of potential.
In each day, as we imbue all that is ‘self-love,’ do not forget to feel all that ‘self-love’ is teaching us. We are expanding into our innate sensuality of breath and breath is life, and it is truly Divine and magical. In each of our weekly radio shows and UStream UU Free Learning shows, I will tap into the Universal wisdom that I am tapping into with my ever-expanding teams. These past few weeks have been packed with many unbelievable experiences, and with so many new beings now tapping into my energy field it has been a challenge to keep up with the written work I was use to doing. There is great cosmic excitement with the work and advancements that humanity has moved into and many, many beings are waiting in the wings to offer their energetic download of joy, feedback, and encouragement to us. It has been a lot of fun, but also creating a knot in ‘time’ to create the writing and disseminate all that I being sent.

As we accelerate in every way, we will find ourselves moving away from the written word and move up into learning how to store certain information that is key, within crystals. New and more efficient ways to process, send, and receive information will be one of our first learning initiatives upon new earth and will be some of lessons that will be taught by our celestial mentors. Many magical experiences await within every moment of lively breath, and it is why breath that allows us such a magical life. We are breathing in the rarified Source essence, the new elements of our potential new earth, the golden glitter that aligns the new illuminated lungs of a new earth human. It is Divine and it is magical, so breathe it in and love how it alters and shifts all that you are and all that you exist within.

Weekly Universal Updates
As discussed above, I am inspired to alter how I disseminate information and wisdoms as it is downloaded to me. Each week I will disseminate the energetic offering from the many beings that tune in and align with this process, and those that are contracted to do so. These offerings are quite lovely and allow each of us to take away what is ‘of the moment’ if you will, and what resonates with the overall movement of our human collective on the path of ascension.
These offerings will be unpredictable in the way that I really have no idea who will come in when I align with my Higher Self. As I surrender and embed myself with this golden thread of ‘open airwaves,’ I am receptive to those that are Divinely inspired to come forth, and are of the appropriate request of frequency. These teachings may include advice, offerings, and wisdoms from higher dimensional light beings, some of which have form and some do not, and also those that resonate from a collective that braid their energy with ours. All of this is received through the pure channel of potential of the Higher Self and the pineal, and is truly like an open telephone line for anyone who resonates and who is contracted to join in on the call for what is required.

Some of the beings and collectives that have been coming through are; the 7th dimensional Star Council, the Ashtar Command, the ArchAngels, the 6th dimensional Plutonians. These are just some of the ‘collectives’ that have been tuning in for work and offerings as we ascend and expand into our cosmic essence. All offer their energy, light, wisdom, and advice as a benevolent service to Source and the grander plan for our said Universe and galaxy. Many of these councils and beings are also inter-woven with other councils and beings and even galaxies and Universes. It truly is infinite and very exciting. Some of the individuals that have been offering their light and wisdom have been; Merlin, Isis the Goddess, Ashtar, my Higher Light being from Arcturus that has been teaching me the ‘Wisdom of the Ages,’ and of which I will disseminate to you.
Manof Light~DanielMouser

It is key to also know that in these sessions of our sacred circle sharing, whether it be on the conference global classes, online classes, or TV or radio shows, your teams and beings of light are braided within weave. For there is no boundary or limitation when it comes to energy. Energy is everything and everything is energy, and whether you ‘call-in’ to ask a question, or merely listen in, your team is present. If there is something pertinent or important for you to know and hear, then it will be brought forth by your team or Higher Self time permitting.

If you are excited and curious, then tap into any one of our channels and portals to join in this lovely co-creation because it is a lot of fun and always loving and inspiring. We all carry the ability to love ourselves with the genuine excitement that Creation has for us, and with this, we unveil the magical essence within every moment. Letting go of exceptions, doubt, fears, and old patterning is all a part of our human evolution to the heightened streams of unlimited potentials and magical possibilities. We own this, it swims within our breath, within our DNA, and it is up to the free will and purity of intent to activate and unleash it.

* Weekly My love and blessings to you all dear lighted ones, and my deepest gratitude to you all for the lovely messages, comments and feedback on our classes, shows, and channels, I sense and feel it all.

Blessings, light, and unconditional love,

GRATITUDE & Universal Offerings
* Weekly Universal Unity 5th Dimensional New Earth Consciousness RADIO ~ KCOR where we tap into these weekly ascension updates and wisdoms from our teams.

New Ascension Offerings ~ Universal Unity
* We have added a new commercial intro for our live radio show every Saturday and I am so excited to connect with a global audience. My team has assisted every step of the way and I am utterly grateful ~ bringen’ the light to the airwaves!

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* Tune into our First Contact Symposium page for updated video’s on my morning communion with my Pleiadian and Sirian lightship first contact teams.
Lovely and light and always present.
* We are also adding a ‘Self-Love’ Session Alignment ~ 60min., session of meditation, alignment & activation ~ (Private Session page) coming this week ~

* New Ascension Alignment every Sat., on our UU Learning page as well ~

Such profound love and energy and I am grateful for this moment to share it with you all
Blessings and light,

Joanna L. Ross
Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth,
Public Speaker, Author

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