New Earth Stirrings, New Earth Potentials, Human Love Story


New Earth Stirrings and our Shifting Realities

October 12, 2015

Good morning dear lighted ones,

Our Shifting Reality ~ The Illusions Drop Away

What profoundly magical times we are floating within. The past few weeks have been incredible and each day offers up it’s own delight and unlimited potential.

As we have just moved through the star gate that was offered on September 28, 2015, I have definitely noticed a difference in the everyday energies and activities of not only what my own life offers but that of the collective. We are soaked with a more rarified essence of Source light, and with higher frequencies moving through every aspect of who we are and the world around us, our seemingly physical reality experience is transmuting into something far more fluid and malleable. I wanted to offer a few ideas and concepts that may assist you in your path work as you take advantage of these incredibly auspicious and creative energetic potentials.

Our Physical Vessel

How and what we consume for sustenance will be one of the key indicators that will show us that a profound global energetic shift in consciousness has occurred. Daily ascension path work allows for continued expansion, alignment, and centeredness, which all allow greater light, and Source essence to be absorbed by the body. These daily practices prepare every aspect of our being to create the viability to live in a profoundly changing environment. To hone a vessel that can absorb and process highly refined streams of energy, and at a greater capacity, is the reason why we experience physical symptoms with ascension. Although everyone will experience physical symptoms with ascension to some degree, how the symptoms are experienced and how one reacts to them will be different and unique. Daily path work will assist in reducing or smoothing out any energetic blockages and/or more intensified streams.
Some will naturally slip into the state that will allow for little or no requirement for food to be healthily sustained, while others will discover that only raw and healthy organic foods will be the preferred choice of their expanding and attuned vessel. Not only will our bodies direct us in what foods to eat for a more youthful, healthier, and smoother experience, but these ascension refinements will also align humanity with a greater need for deeper and more intimate connections spiritually and physically. Heightened requirements and nourishment, for a more highly attuned vessel will allow the physical vessel to feel at peace within its new expanded environment. Raw, organic, whole foods with no toxins, ample rest, restorative nurturing of the body, spirit, and mind as well as plenty of water will allow you to balance through an accelerating experience. Breath work and grounding is very important to maintain inner, and can be done in a few moments throughout your day. All of these naturally evolving aspects of our vessel will also alert new feelings, emotions, and desires for us to engage in more intimately creative ways.

Story Telling & Intimacy

An aspect of intimacy that we can start to incorporate into our daily lives is the return of story telling. This concept of story telling has been used in many cultures, tribes, star families, and peoples from just about every culture in any realm, however as our technology has taken over the sacred sharing circles where story telling use to occur, and the art is all but held within fairy tales. There are fewer and fewer group circles or family gatherings that commit to sharing the wisdoms and tales of earthly experience and teachings, and why generations have lost the understanding of how to survive on our ever-changing land. I sense that humanity will recognize the usefulness of the internet but also recognize the fulfillment in social gatherings where love stories, tales about our magical experiences with energy, Creation, Gaia, and one another will return to satisfy our soul growth on many levels. The internal ache for intimate engagement and deep loving connection will take center stage as we share more of who we are in a meaningful, authentic, and loving way.

Communal and familial story telling may be on the verge of making a ‘come back.’ Story telling not only allowed wisdoms to be shared within the tribes and cultures, but it allowed others across vast lands to learn about others. As tribes and peoples moved about the land, so too did their stories and their sharing and united presence was encoded within the grids of Gaia. Story telling is also a way for love to be shared with sacred intent, and to honor the ancestors for the birthing of each generation that lead up to the one of the current story tellers. All stories that exist within each of us have the potential to weave our own sense of centeredness, balance, and desire for fullness of life. We are the generation that brings the magic back, and it begins within the stories that we weave with love, compassion, grace, and honor to the self and our ancestors that now gather in the skies awaiting our gallant return to light. How often have we sat in family gatherings and honored those that have brought us here through the birthing process? Have we honored those that have walked before us and held close their wisdoms and tales?
Unifying in such a way that carries with it deep respect and gratitude for the offerings of Mother Earth, and the offerings from those that lived upon her before us, will infuse great wisdom back into our fading cultures. Stories were the magical portal that allowed us to dream, to be inspired, and to move about our current life with promise and possibility of what we are able to experience and become. The dawning of our new earth is stirring, and beneath this new ground is the canvas of change, and it is accelerating at unparalleled rates. Within each story is the magical and mystical twists of fate that is woven within every thread of our Universe. Brilliance, balance, and the gift or wish that blesses the believer with unbridled freedom and joy is the happy ending we all search for and desire. As I sat comforting my youngest son, as he lay sick with the flu hurdled up on the sofa, I was reminded by a gentle inner voice whisper, ‘it is the journey that is the gift.’ Whatever story it is dear lighted ones that you desire to sing, ensure that you take honor, pride, and grace in all that you are right now, for in every moment there is the ‘fairy tale’ awaiting you to set it free. These simple tips and wisdom keys can allow you to breathe the essence of Source within your moment-for-moment life and tell the story you came here to tell.

Story telling is a fast returning aspect to our ‘new earth human,’ because we desire to feel the magical twists of fate that Source gifts those that unveil the truth of who they are. As we walk through various lifetimes, and in different star systems and frequencies, and although we mask our experiences within varying Universal archetypes, it is the seat of each soul that whispers ‘the gift is in the journey, so make it count.’ The stories of humanity thus far is the that of the phoenix, and it is a tale of courage and power for its determination and devotion to that which stirs within its belly to be seen and felt once again. This story is spun with potential, light, and mystical creatures as Source offers the hand of promise to rise again.
This magical glow and promising fate exists within us all, and as we peel back the layers of illusion and fear, we are released upon the breeze and set free from the ashes to soar once again. As we allow our personal soul story to ring true from the depth and heart of ‘who’ we are, we reignite the glow within our cosmos of a ‘new potential’ taking flight. Our unique and personal value and importance is restored as we seek to unite, to gather, to heal, and reach our hand out to serve under the auspices of Source in the greater galactic family of lighted brotherhoods and councils. This is what I know to be true about the story we tell today.

Never underestimate your every step, or the words you speak, or the tales you tell, for it is all a stone along the path that is written upon the tablets you wrote so long ago. It is your infinite journey, the story that leads us to freedom with Source. There is value in all that we create, and with every conscious breath we set the heart-felt intentions free to interlock and mingle within Creation. We are setting the stage dear lighted ones, and it is for the knowingness that we are birthing a new ‘way of life,’ and every story counts.
Story telling has been one that helped bind social traditions and cultures over generations and with every new birthing, there was the infusing of a new twist to the tales, for they captured the change and alteration that every soul promised. Every soul birthed now and for infinity is the promise, the story line, and the triumph within the story of Source and it is our entanglement with our land, our cosmos, and one another that naturally imbues the love, peace, and harmony that tells of a new dawn rising with lasting peace. Although these may appear to be playful imaginings of our new earth potential and how profound we are within it, but every colorful moment you visualize the possibility of peace and abundance for all, or harmony and health for all, these thought forms alone send ripples through Creation. We are raising the frequencies of our collective as we inspire one another with loving potential, and there truly are no boundaries to what our love is capable of manifesting.

Humanity is awakening into its profoundly powerful ‘Christ Consciousness’ essence, and Source has orchestrated every aspect of it so that humanity will have this final opportunity to recognize the gifts we have swirling within us, and rise with new earth. We have forgotten that we own a piece of the Divine and this ownership comes not only with unlimited potential to create out of the love that fuels it, but to move about life with the clarity and responsibility for who we are. Create your own daily rituals and sacred time to claim your Divine spark, and claim your birthright to be here in these incredibly profound times, and know that every ‘heart-felt’ intention is honored and heard. Show the Universe that this is your moment to shine, to be freed from limitation and pain, and it will be gifted. Allow the fire within to surface as you proclaim your value, your story, and the offering you have for Creation, for it is your calling to do so.
This global awakening will wash over those ready to release the phoenix within, and this alone will create the loving repair for others in many ways. These are all possible offerings of how the essence of higher dimensional living can alter how humanity behaves and interacts with one another, and how we entangle with Creation in heightened ways. This is all explored; as we love thyself, reignite our union with Creation, and with Source. For Source is the golden spark, Source is light, Source is the All, Source is the breath of life, and Source is love. Not only does this profound benevolence swim within our very DNA, but it also allows us to create unlimited potentials in all that is within the ‘unseen’ as well. Every thought, every incredible and light-filled ponder, is an element of Source, and we are here to create a life as seen through the eyes of Source, in our own unique version and expression. The desire for Source to experience life and love in the infinite ways that It has manifested is beyond our comprehension, but what we do know is that it is all created out of the benevolence to experience love. In every thought, desire to experience more, love more, and to evolve, and this will set your path for a wonderful story to unfold. An awakened human can then experience what has rarely been tapped into, and that is the ‘moment-for-moment’ living with the recognition that we are a brilliant, unlimited, and profound aspect of Creation and Source is alive and well moving within us throughout any lifetime.

New Earth, New Human Love Story

We are the ‘love story,’ that has been birthed by Source, and just as we have been the parents many times over, in many realms, and many star systems, so too has Source in It’s desire to see humanity awaken to this potential that exists. If we allow our lives to be our gift to Creation as the ‘love story’ of who we are, then we walk forth with the ability to emulate the brilliance, compassion, and self honor that this entire experience was created and gifted for. This unique and special love story that we will tell is our ‘soul purpose,’ and how we do this is our authentic expression of self-love. To come forward in courage, and experience all that we are meant to experience, and own all that we are in a loving and compassionate way, is the bravest and most bold step anyone can make. When most of the world is still asleep, or consumed by troubles and issues that has been spawn from disconnection and lack of self-awareness, your badge of honor is ‘living the journey’ in pure love and grace for all that you are. It is our ultimate realization that we are manifesting a new earth. The new earth illuminated human is manifesting all of this out of the love we have remembered from within, and it was ignited from the Divine spark ready to soar and be free.
All stories are colored with drama, challenge and triumph, and through it all we have the ‘free will’ to evolve. Love is evolutionary. Love is undeniable and it is our reason for existence. Love is the healer, it is the diplomat, and it is the wise seer. Love is the mother, love is the father, and it is the storyteller within us all. The more awakened we become, the more we fully understand and experience ‘love’ in the infinite number of ways that it can, and it truly is unlimited and expansive. We are being gifted with the energetic offering that can allow every human being the opportunity to alter their path in such a way, that a new reality experience can be achieved. We will awaken to the beauty and magic as we further entangle and enmesh with self-love, one another, and Creation. The experiences of this magical unfolding of the ‘unseen,’ and how we are able to hone and master our newfound skills to create even greater brilliance, will inspire us seek the light that is Source, and it has resided there all along. As the cosmos waits on the edges of the clouds, and in the night of the sky, we are celebrated in every moment we unveil the light within. Every loving thought and story you tell affects the lives of ever being within Creation, and this is the climax of humanity’s love story.

This is our potential upon Gaia right now, and it is sewn within every breath. Within every new dawn, we are slipping further into the galactic bedding where Gaia has always been designed and destined to sit, and every aspect of our reality will be affected. Discussions like this will no longer be held only for the ‘secret societies’ hiding from those that do not understand. We will begin to see spiritual engagement from even the most staunch disbelievers, and greater mass awakenings that all desire to live a more rarified life experience that is fully enveloped with Source love. Topics like ‘contact, self-love, compassion, and new earth,’ will be so natural and ‘mainstream’ that we will look back and wonder why it took us so long to break free. The dark and drab morning ‘news’ shows will be altered dramatically as more and more people simply ‘turn off’ what no longer fits their higher resonating frequency. All that we know to be true will be affected, and it is this global shift that is igniting the fire within every belly of humanity, to go within and seek the brilliance that Divinely exists.
A New Earth Way of Life

Playful wonder, playful activities, playful essence within our every day will not only inspire and ignite the mastery tools to resurface in profound ways, but we will also sense the need to explore our new-found sensuality and aliveness within our heightened existence. We have been hidden behind density blinders for so very long, that our sensory perceptions will feel as if they have just won the lottery. The charka centers will spin with renewed vigor and vitality, which in turn will inspire the uncontrollable urge to gather, commune, share, and taste the magical experiences that have always been right in front of us but that we have failed to see. As we shed the basic ‘survival instincts,’ we will innately desire to connect at a much more intimate and heart-warming level with other ‘like-souled’ beings. At first this will appear to be inspired to create greater change and awareness, but it will feed the natural desire to know love from varying angles and depths. Humanity is already showing signs of a new level of personal expression that has never been seen before, and it has occurred rather quickly. The arts and entertainment will continue to be the portal to which many of our collective consciousness and societal shifts will be exposed. Subtle energetic stirrings will surface and be told as ‘stories’ to whole, so that we may engage in deep-felt thought and reflection. We will begin to more intimately discern how we desire life to unfold and naturally behave in a way that will steer us to our highest life experience and potential.
Profoundly expansive stories can finally be presented without the ‘old world’ energy scoffing it out the door, because there will be greater compassion and tolerance to support this newfound courage. Humanity is ready to feel again, and we are ready to engage, to entangle, and to create greater depth to our daily conversation that leaves a ripple of potential and light for others to taste. Living each day in an enlightened way will attract, manifest, and pull in a greater atonement to other higher frequency experiences, which in turn will feed the urge to move deeper within for greater wonder and aliveness. ‘We will ‘tune in’ to one another at a deeper and more compassionate level, because we can see the change that unfolds. Change will be seen, felt, and experienced at unbelievable rates and as we sit in amazement of what we have just manifested, more will be delivered and unveiled from within. This ‘story’ of our new earth life dear lighted ones is merely an elaborate game that we have all co-created together, so that we can ultimately know our Oneness with Source. This game of life includes the exact number of levels, and versions of ourselves, in every frequency experience so that we may learn, expand, and offer love in the way that would excite us most. Just as Source has created the grander version at the Universal level, we are constantly at play with versions and aspects of ourselves to pull from the depths within what we designed and desired to experience. We truly are master creators.

The Essence of Source Upon This New Earth

The essence of Source will be felt in all aspects of our daily lives. Just as we have passed through the star gate that offered a heightened potential for us to tap into, so too will be the very air we breathe and this will in turn inspire us to live life in a deeper more entangled way. The art of ‘making love,’ will be spawn from heightened consciousness that the ascending human emits, and thus creating new and ‘magical’ ways to share mutually expressive and expanding energy bodies. The awakened human will be acutely aware of the depth and meaning that the spirit and soul crave, and so changes in how we act intimately will shift and change as we do.
MysteriousUniverse GoldenSource
The level of Source light within the air we breathe has enhanced, and will be more and more palpable as we ascend. This refined Source essence will pierce the heart of every human and ignite change in some way. We have truly ached, if even at the subconscious level, for the deepened and intimate love that truly exists when we are fully awake and aware. This moment of now, this lifetime right now, is the one in which we are all offered this golden potential like never before. The soul will stir until it is settled, and to settle the soul is to honor its craving and desire to be heard, to be loved, and to experience Source at every level of existence and is ultimately why we have ‘evolution.’ All that we have ever desired is surfacing so that we may know the depth of love that exists within us right now.

Go within and ask the questions that will stir your brilliance into release. Honor yourself and spirit enough to ask the deepest questions that will allow you the deepest essence of resolve and peace. You are worthy of this dear lighted ones, and it is time to unleash your Divine essence for expression and this ultimate life experience will deliver to you exactly what you desire.

Time to ‘Get Real’

Are you a conscious creator in this life? Will you allow yourself to dive into this experience with surrender and loving abandon? How much of this life will you partake in? What does your soul crave and how will you honor it, and what will your story say to Creation? Will you allow yourself to release the illusory burdens, constructs, and bindings that hold you compressed within a box of conditions and expectations that you can never escape from? Will you allow love to reach the depths of who you are, and the depths to which you know exists, and rise to the occasion that you knew would be offered this time around? This moment of now is your personal ‘love story’ dear ascending human, and it is a story that will be told for eons to come. This is why you are here isn’t it?
This profound path of ascension is how we can take stock moment-for-moment and create new opportunities to live with greater passion, grace, excitement, truthfulness, authenticity, and compassion. We have all that we need to choose exactly how uniquely our paths may unfold, and as our intentions are sent out to Creation, the reality we swim within will forever be altered. These are truly uniquely special times, and it is all being offered for you.

Daily life can be driven, inspired, and ignited by the ‘playfulness’ within our hearts and soul. We are a playful species, and with playfulness, we are inspired to deepen the human contact and connections so that each interaction and engagement is a profound one in some way. This level of depth and light footedness can no longer be contained or denied, and it will burst forth from the belly of many who are just sick of feeling numb. The blending and balancing of the male/female Divine aspects will allow us to claim the profound power that resides within and heal so that we can move forward in life in an enlightened and balanced way. For remember dear lighted ones, not only are we healing and allowing the Divine Feminine to rise and take a stand, but we are also allowing the Divine Male aspect to heal as well. For each archetype has a lesson within its story and we have experienced many falsified and limited examples of each one. We are healing many aspects within the greater soul story and with healing, comes renewal and rebirth.
In all of these many new earth ponderings, there are a few key components that will allow you to dive in and soak up all that is potentiated. Surrender, trust, and allowance, will be the foundation for new earth living. We are the new earth human enmeshing and enjoying this quantum rebirth. These concepts will allow you to recognize the sensation of immense liberation and freedom for the first time in this earthly existence. There is an unlimited amount of creative free-flow that comes with all aspects of surrender, and it packs incredible potential. This will be seen in science, finance, education, politics, and the arts, for all that we create is creative.

Your Higher Self will be the portal to which any and all Universal and cosmic wisdom can be attracted, which can then flow through to you for action. If you are setting time aside to go within and connect with spirit, you will then create the unlimited possibility that this wisdom holds, and can be used to enhance the life that you experience from the inside out. Everything you desire to experience has always been held within you, and it is only now that these ancient mystery school teachings are coming to the forefront to be fully explored and integrated.

Humanity is awakening, and we are excitedly jumping ‘on-board’ to experience all that we can. Humanity’s collective shifts will plant the seed of our ever-deepening love and compassion for the self, and it will ultimately inspire the new hues that color the canvas of new earth. Remember dear ascending human, the encoded brilliance will be released when you have readied yourself through undeniable compassion and self-love. As you heal these multi-faceted aspects surfacing to be acknowledged and cleared, you can then intend and declare ignition of your ancient wisdom skills to swirl into action.
Allow yourself to be fully engaged dear lighted ones, for this new earth experience starts right now. We do not have to wait for anything to live an ascended life. We can choose to live a more fully engaged life, we can choose to feel more fully in love, and we can choose to tell the story that swirls within, and we can also choose to be more fully tapped into this brilliance. Each moment carries potential, it is all choice, and it begins now. New earth is here, it is now, and you are the painter, you are the master creator this time around, and the soul is calling for your genius to come forth and soothe the ache within. Our reality is stirring, and as it does, new earth emerges from the depths of love we are able to walk forth as.

Be bold dear lighted ones, for this is just the beginning of the love story told throughout Creation, and we are the main characters rising to shine forth this elegant masterpiece. ~

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth,
Public Speaker, Author
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Such profound love and energy and I am grateful for this moment to share it with you all

Blessings and light,

Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for New Earth,
Public Speaker, Author

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