Path Work, White Light Prayer & Accelerated Shifts

Path Work, White Light Prayer & Accelerated Shifts

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Ascension Path Work ~
What is Path Work &
Why commit to ‘knowing thyself?’
Ascension path work may seem like it is something ‘outside’ of you, but all path work is the exploration of all that is within and where your infinite potential, reside. Daily path work is all about YOU. The expansive path work that you commit to in every day will not only allow you to create the portal to which Universal wisdom and galactic wisdom can flow, but it opens the cosmic doorway for your celestial team and family to engage with greater ease. From our most ancient tablets and teachings, ‘knowing thyself’ is the pathway to all that you desire to create, manifest, and experience. ‘Knowing thyself’ is the key and the path work itself to master this unique earthly experience. ‘Knowing thyself’ is the map, the path, the infinite road that must be travelled to move beyond what is, and up into what may be. It all begins right here, right now, and with the purity of your intent to know how truly expansive and Divine you truly are. Let’s begin.
‘Knowing thyself,’ is an infinite pathway within, and it is a path that is unique and special to each person. For every being within Creation, there is a unique and infinite pathway to self-knowing, and it holds something different to each person. Humanity is no longer satisfied and content with the lackluster obsession with material desires that spiral disconnection at all levels of our reality. We are awakening into the remembrance that we are far greater than we have ever dreamed or known ourselves to be. The reality to which we have been embedded within is becoming more obvious to be that of an illusion, and we now understand that we create and manifest every aspect of it. Humanity is now taking greater ownership and responsibility to all that we swim within, and in this act, in and of itself, will catalyze change. As a collective family, we are awakening to the level of disconnection that we have all played a part in and how this ‘disconnection’ has resulted in even greater ‘disconnection’ and loneliness as a human species. There will come a time for those that have designed ascension and expansion into their blueprint, that what we have existed within for eons is no longer attractive and is the cancer cell that activates the disease we see ravishing our world in every arena. This grand experiment within this Universal playing field has been one of extremes, and we are now experience the ‘upswing’ in humanity’s desire for a more richly entangled life with spirit, and with the infinite aspects within.

When one is done with the lessons that greed, disconnection, and fear can breed, all of these seemingly negative attributes are the very fuel that ignites the fire within to act and alter all within its path. This is the wave of awakening that we see occurring now all over our planet. In every corner of our world, there are people awakening to the greater spirit intelligence within, the Divine Goddess within, and the Source aspect of unconditional love within that allows for an entirely new earthly experience to spring forth. From behind the veils of illusion, there are scores of people bursting into their own light essence as they recognize the brilliance has been stirring within. Each day more and more people are engaging in self-help or self-centred skills that assist in activating and unveiling what truly exists within, and this dear lighted one ‘IS’ the wave of enlightenment. To act in your highest and best in all ‘now’ moments because you KNOW you are worthy of experiencing your highest and best, is the catalyst to bring about change. Even if you have no idea what is on the other side of that veil, it is exhilarating beyond words when you can act on behalf of your spirit and soul. To act with courage and bravery in such a way that it alters all that we know to be true, and we do so because the chance to truly re-engage with life and spirit once again is the stir that aches within us all. We are all awakening to the stir of Source, the stir of a loving potential, the stir of our spirit aspect that aches to be heard, touched, and felt at the deepest level for we know something amazing truly exists within. Awakening stirs such profound desires to feel the depth of self-love, entanglement with life, entanglement with Source, and the spirit within, and as we do, we taste the nectar of what resides within the infinite. There is nothing that will stop those that simply must walk the path into their expansive spirit self, and the experiences are most often beyond belief.

Awakening into Community & Belonging
As we seek within to discern why we have distanced ourselves from what has always resided around and within us, we unveil our unique and brilliant offering that is our gift to bestow upon Creation. There is something truly beautiful about the groups and families that seemingly come out of the woodwork to seek the company of like vibrations. I have held many events, meditations, and gatherings and it is the ‘communing’ that spirit seeks to engage and entangle with that always amazes and delights me. The interconnection between seemingly total ‘strangers’ that spawn life-long friendships of deep and reciprocal values, or that feed the intimate desires of value and integrity that make walking this path so utterly worth it. ‘Awakening’ inspires greater desire for peace, love, and the sense for community will spring forth in many ways and why we will see small shifts that incorporate harmonic living take precedence over ‘self-serving’ behaviours from our past. We will see how ‘communal living’ will become more of a common replacement for housing strategies that can benefit Gaia and humanity in many ways. Those that are moving through their ascension path work will find great peace in deeper connections with those of ‘like vibrations’ and thus fulfill a more wide range of desires that awaken as they awaken. Synchronicity will bring these ‘like souled’ groups together and soul families that have served one another over a span of many star systems and life times will find their way to one another for a new beginning and sense of purpose with greater unison, shared soul purpose, and excitement for expansive exploration of spirit.
There will no longer be the need for individual housing, and many may feel greater freedom and deeper experience value in living within larger groups that serve the purpose and needs of the many. Communal living allows for group sharing with resources, skills, tools, stories, and experiences in an open and generous manner. These are all examples of how the ‘wave of love’ that blooms from our ability to ‘go within,’ can inspire us all to act in a profound and peaceful way that is unlike anything we have ever known. We know, see, and feel the difference in which living with an open and loving heart can have and how this alone can affect all within our reality.

Love and light is positive and integrative, and it spirals greater love and positivity, which in turn ignites the desire to act in loving ‘communion,’ with all aspects of our reality. The more we act from the center of our being, in a heart-centered manner, which is ‘spirit itself,’ we can see the immediate results and changes that this loving behaviour inspires. As the rarefied streams of consciousness potentials are sent forth in every celestial alignment, humanity can actively take greater ownership in embracing these offerings and create group meditations, familial meditations and gatherings, or story-telling that can magnify and amplify these ‘Divine’ frequencies in truly magical ways. Synchronistic unfolding’s that are beyond explanation will flow forth, or complete reversal of illness or health issues will seemingly disappear, and all of these experiences will be naturally unfolding as we walk in unwavering trust and knowingness of the spirit that resides spiralling within us. With such Divine connection every day, we can gain access to and sense the wisdom and skills from ancient lives coming forth to serve and assist us in this lifetime role and offering. We can bring forward knowledge and skills that can remind us all how to entangle with our own Divine-hood and create a ‘second chance’ at sacred living. The very act of ‘gathering with spirit,’ allows for entanglement at deeper levels the more we desire to entangle with all aspects of our reality experience. The desire for ‘communion’ is the unveiling of our ‘Oneness and wholeness’ and in this, we gather steam in our ability to solve many of the problems and challenges that we now face in correcting our errors of living in great disconnection and disrespect for our planet and wildlife.
As we come face-to-face with a reality that is teetering on the brink of destruction from the centuries of sleepy disrespect and greed, we tap into the compassion that has awakened from our engagement work. Since the demarcation of December 21, 2012, we have seen a dramatic and positive change in the level of interest about the various worldly structures that require honest improvements. Our earthly eco-systems, political and policing infrastructures, GMO farming and production, and even the financial systems will all face their own version of ‘collapse’ and re-vamping because of the lack of integrity and self-serving systems that simply cannot win over the pure love and compassion that we are now seeing change the face of our planet in every way. Our systems and infrastructure must serve and benefit ‘the greater good,’ for if it doesn’t then the expanding consciousness of the people will inspire and create the change that will revamp all within its path. Humanity frequency and intelligence is accelerating and there will be no corrupt system that can alter this. All that we know to be true will move through an about face alteration so that the ‘systems’ that exist within our society can evolve in a more positive, community serving, fluid and free manner to match the resonance that the people carry and emit. It simply must, for that is the mechanics of quantum energy and if our systems do not alter to create greater balance with the integrity, truth, and honest living, then every system not in resonance with this will have to be revamped. Our reality is illusory, and all aspects within all that we experience is entangled, so as we shift and adjust what we know to be true, then so too shall all other systems. It is an attribute of quantum entanglement. As we inspire one another with our expansive thoughts, ideas, and inventiveness, our societal systems will alter to match with the human frequencies we ignite, and why ‘knowing thyself’ will allow you to tap into the inner workings of how energy moves and alters all within its path.

There are groups and bands of humans from all age categories, and from all walks of life that are now stepping up and acting with heart-felt intent to engage, entangle, and inspire greater intimacy and meaning within all aspects of our reality experience. There are changes washing over our entire reality and many more that simply cannot be outlined in one article, just allow yourself to take notice of all the positive changes in your reality, and you will see how involved we have become in the life that unfolds. There is greater awareness now than ever before in our history and this is because we desire greater potential in this earthly experience. When you make the personal commitment to connect in a more intimate way with all life around you, you will experience the results of your intent and actions. Committing to ‘knowing thyself,’ is the ‘action’ part of ascension that many masters and teachers express as the key activity that alters your reality experience. So, now that we know ‘seeking within’ is the key to experiencing positive and loving change, what does ‘seeking within’ look like and how can we get moving on this?

Our most ancient of wisdom and knowledge tablets inspired this concept of ‘knowing thyself.’ The intent to ‘know’ is profound. As we have talked about in most of our articles and classes, the state of being that emits ‘knowingness’ IS the essence, and IS the frequency that CREATES. This is a profound statement and you can gain great movement if you read this and act upon this until becomes an aspect of your very being.
When you create ‘truths’ that become your ‘knowingness’ it becomes a frequency, an essence, and thus becomes your state of being. Daily sacred ‘path work’ can unveil what your current truths are so that you are able to discern which ‘truths’ are ready to be revamped and released, or which ‘truths’ require greater acknowledgement, embracing, and nurturing. Without seeking within to ‘know thyself,’ we are merely floating on the wave that the masses have always moved along, and it is not the self-creating path you consciously carve for a profound spiritually physical experience. We are allowing the spirit within to play a more active role in our daily experience, which can be seen as the assimilation of spirit with the physical, or what can also be experienced as greater soul merging. Remember, we are multi-dimensional beings of Divine light and as we ascend, we will gain access to greater aspects of all that we are and merge it further into our ever-expanding state of being. This is the mechanics of our personal ascension, and as we move further into our Divine self-awareness, our energy fields, our capacity to love thyself, and our innate ability to sense all aspects of our reality and it will naturally flow forth with every moment we dedicate and commit to seeking the spirit within.

An Example of Ascension Path Work;

When I began my path over nine years ago, I had no idea about the realms of spirit and beings that I would connect with as I committed to ‘being’ more of my Divine authentic self. When the darkened dreams left me exhausted, fearful, and confused, I contemplated the most tragic and desperate act of separation; suicide. If it were not for my two young babies sleeping peacefully in their beds upstairs, thoughts of ending the pain of disconnection and loneliness seemed to obsess anything that was worth living for. After a few sessions with a lovely family counsellor and practicing her prescription to ‘meditate’ for a few weeks, she assured me this process would help unveil the shadows that haunted me in my dreams so that I could face it for healing and release. This meditative approach, that could alter my state of being, seemed to be the safe alternative that could ensure my babies had a new chance at getting their mother back, so I proceeded with no expectation of any outcome at all, I just knew I had to try.
After another sleepless night, I set the intention to meditate and see if I could resolve the darkness that was haunting me. As fearful as I was to face this demon head-on, I knew it was the only way my sense of self could be ignited. My teams, my spirit guides, and even the celestial sky seemed to align with a Divine offering that set me up for the perfect opportunity to go within. There were no more excuses to pull me away from what stirred within. It was time to begin. The kids were sleeping, the house was quiet, and I sat with a gentle meditation song playing in the background. As I breathed deeply, in a way that felt comfortable, I felt the desire to breathe more deeply with each breath. It was as if I had known what to do and I was being led with every breath. I began to feel the ‘lightness’ that I now know is entering into a heightened state of consciousness. It was as if the Universe was perfectly aligned to cradle and assist my inner work, because it seemed as if it only took a few minutes before I slipped into a very deep state of meditation, or a heightened state of being. I began an unexplainable spiralling, spinning, in a merkabah-type of rotation in all directions and speeds. I felt as if I was levitating when I began to sense a being with me. This being seemed to be ‘angelic’ because of her profound power to execute exactly what she did with the Divine precision of speed, colour, and tones required for me to experience exactly what I did. This experience is explained more fully in my book, but suffice it say, there are elements of that first Divine experience that is still beyond all earthly words to describe in full detail, and in what actually occurred.

There are some experiences that simply cannot be explained with the words that we have and it would simply not give the experience justice to the depth of beauty and love in which they flow forth. What I know to be true about what resides and exists beyond what is tangible and physical, and beyond what we are able to see, touch, and know to be ‘real.’ These profound multi-dimensional experiences are also why I have committed my every waking moment to this path, for there is a level of union, love, and belonging that just simply is not yet existing here upon but that I seemed to find in these experiences.

Many people that connect with their ‘celestial’ roots can find that this earthly way of life is often confusing, lonely, frustrating, and even harsh in its depth of disconnection that we experience here. We can sense the resonance of our other celestial lives ruminating within our energy field, which can make this reality seem very dense and lonely, and even create the friction that attracts a challenging earthly experience. It was in this one fateful morning when the Universe converged to show me what I had forgotten. I was shown the profundity of what truly resided within, and to this very day, I am deeply grateful and blessed for every experience because it took me from the darkest places of despair to living in the moment of bliss right now.
Committing to Unveil Your Sacred and Divine Essence
Each morning I wake up at 2:02am so that I can connect with my teams, my higher self, and the myriad of beings that are contracted with me. I am finding that as I expand and ascend, I do not necessarily have to go into a meditative state to access my teams. It is becoming more surreal and active in my every day life as I focus with the intent to live as spirit in every moment. Where the planetary and collective conscious frequencies resonate at right now, anyone tuning in to the path of awakening can find engaging with spirit more easily than it would have been twenty years ago. We are being offered profound energetic potentials that allow all beings a clear pathway to spirit at any time. As I walk about my life and move through the every day ‘daily duties,’ I am finding that I can link-in and connect with my Higher Self, and spirit guides and even sense when higher dimensional beings are present with me. My physical body and heightened senses are alerting me when there are beings present, and if I feel the ‘throb’ or ‘tweak’ at the back of my head and skull area, or behind my ear, then I know to connect in a more meditative way due to the nature of the message or information that my team desires to download. Sometimes however, especially lately, these physical symptoms are the energetic ‘workings’ that my team is doing ‘behind the scenes’ and I am merely feeling the residue of the shifts activated by our roles in the grander blueprint.

It is quite amazing when you can attune yourself to sense support and family that are always encircling us, and how continuous their efforts are for the very best outcome for all. This level of ‘Oneness’ allows for deep felt compassion and love on every level, for if we all knew how truly loved, surrounded, and supported we are, then the acts of fear and separation would simply not exist. All of these lovely energetic subtleties are opening for everyone to take advantage of, for remember, Source, God, our benevolent councils and teams desire for all to be offered the path to a lighted life. All beings are loved, required, and offered the same opportunities for ascension and expansion. It is however up to us to create the desire for change, which then ignites our free will to act and open for all that exists. It is possible to have a positively loving life experience. It does require action along with the purity of your heart to ignite these changes, and this is why ‘path work’ can help you in your path for greater self knowing and self love, so that you can experience all that you designed within your earthly blueprint.
The Importance of Grounding with Gaia
Before I start any meditation, I focus my intent and breathing and link it in with the energy and heart beat of Gaia. It is important for humanity to expand in our understanding of how intimately entangled we are with our planet. These final ascension phases will reveal to us that if we are not ‘in-tune’ with Gaia, or if we do not engage in our expansion work with her, then our body will have a much greater challenge in riding the waves as we continue. We are encoded with the elements of Gaia and it is key for us to ‘link-in’ with her as often as possible not only to ground the energies spiralling in the ethers, but also to grow and expand with her as she changes. In the coming months, it will become increasingly more important to entangle with our beloved Gaia in every way that inspires you. ‘Grounding’ is only one way in which we can ‘link-in’ with the very energy system that sustains us, protects us, and nourishes us as we move through this ever-accelerating and profound experience. ‘Grounding’ is a very important aspect to the process of ascension, for it not only allows you to sense what is moving through you and grow greater awareness with your physical vessel, but also allows for greater cohesion during intense planetary fluxes.

Grounding every day, prior to a meditation, and even throughout your day is something that many will be inspired to infuse with their daily routine, for it will be obvious when it is not done. Every new phase of ascension will come with its own set of offerings symbolically and with refinements in frequency, so grounding before every meditation will assure that your multi-dimensional experience is enjoyable at all levels.
I use the following ‘White Light Prayer’ from a dear friend and colleague of mine the Divine Kala Ambrose*, and have altered it slightly to fit my specific work and desires. I use this prayer and invocation as a part of my grounding and invocation before every meditation, and even as I enter into group events and private sessions. It is important to always state your intent and center with unconditional love prior to connecting with the ethers and with higher dimensional beings, realms. Offering a lovely invocation of willingness to explore and heart-felt gratitude will assure your frequency moving about new energetic experiences. It is key to be open and fluid with your visualizations because openness allows for greater self-confidence to be infused within your experiences. Allow your Higher Self, spirit guides, and teams the playing field to do what they are assigned to do, and gift you with all that they can, otherwise it can create the same life lessons to be needlessly experienced over and over. The more open and loving you are going into any meditation and multi-dimensional experience, the more you will get out of it. Resistance, lack of self-worth, and lack of trust will only add challenge to your expansive process, and creates greater effort and work for your team in getting the pertinent information to you when it is truly needed. Meditation and daily reflection should be entered with a joyful, fun, and excited energy, and it is not the time or space when the ego manages or takes over. Meditation and reflection is sacred, freeing, and exploratory, so enjoy every minute of it for it truly does shape your earthly physical reality in every way. Daily sacred time is the intimate connection between you, your Higher Self, your Divine team of lighted and higher dimensional beings, our living Universe, and most of all SOURCE. This is a very Divine and sacred act of connection that can allow you to experience whatever it is you so desire and if you commit to this process of greater self-knowing, then only greater self-love can flow forth. Create loving inner dialogue with the ego-aspect so that it can feel safe and secure in your exploratory process, and limit the negative busy-mind talk as you open to spirit. Your meditative reflection process is about connecting with all that is spirit, so intend allowance, self-love, and exploration and you will experience all that you are meant to. Ground and center within your heart, Gaia, and unconditional love and you will be well on your way to greater self-knowing. Brilliance and profundity will unfold.

Let’s Begin
Get comfortable and ensure your spine is as straight as possible while also feeling comfortable. Breathe deeply in through your nose, focus on filling your entire cavity with the purity essence of Source frequency within every breath. Visualizing golden sparks of Source essence within every breath helps your connection and link with the process of ‘life is breath’ and how it nourishes and enlivens your vessel and awakens your higher consciousness. Slowly release the air through your mouth three times. All breaths should be slow and relaxed as you visualize a serene, peaceful, and loving environment that cradles and supports you. Now with your centred focus in the sacred heart area, invoke your intention and grounding. I use the follow ‘white light prayer’ and invocation in every meditation.

This ‘white light prayer,’ or any invocation that incorporates an intention, sound, or symbol and is set and keyed to your frequency, with the unique desire that you wish to inspire and ignite. Prayers and invocations are sacred and have been used in every ancient culture in a myriad of realms and spiritual work. Prayers and invocations are symbolic intentions that can be; tonal, color-based, and/or using symbolic tools to ignite an energetic link with your Higher Self, your teams, Source, and Gaia, and can be used at any time in your daily life to realign to a higher frequency. Prayers and invocations can be used as the ignition and the catalyst for change in any area of your life that you desire and why we see more and more of these ancient processes being used as we expand. When you set forth with heart-felt, loving intention, and you imbue your prayers or invocations with the purity of your heart, it creates a resonance for potential. Intent create potential and it stirs change to occur. Our role is to intend with love, creative desire, emotional fervor, and exploration so that the frequency for what comes back will be in alignment with what we set out. These daily prayers and groundings are key to set the resonance to ‘that which you desire to experience.’ So make it count and have fun!
‘White Light Prayer’ and Invocation

‘I am protected by the ‘White Light’ of Universal love and Divine protection. Nothing but good can come to me, nothing but good can come from me, I give thanks, love, and appreciation for the love, wisdom, and guidance that I am about to experience. I offer my heart-felt gratitude and reverence for all that I am gifted in all moments. As I ground within the sands and soils of our beloved Gaia and I call in the higher dimensional beings, spirit guides, and Universal beings that are contracted with me, and that act in my highest and best as I move along this path of ascension and enlightenment. Only those beings of the highest light vibration, those in contract with me, and those that are called in by my Higher Self and spirit guides can come forward to play and explore in this loving entanglement.

For the greater good of my path in ascension, and for the greater good of all, I am a Divine Sovereign being and request only love, wisdom, and guidance with every breath that I orchestrate and entangle with the loving essence of Gaia, so that I may now see, hear, know, and act in my highest and best for the greater good of all. And so it shall be.
In deepest gratitude and reverence, I thank you for this Divine and loving connection.
As you enter into this Divine experience, you may have two or three immediate things that you desire resolution, assistance, or guidance with. It is key to only bring forward a few topics, as this will allow your intent and focus to be placed upon the most urgent and foremost in your daily life. Remember dear lighted ones, just because it may be a burning desire to ‘want’ something to occur or unfold in your mind, it may not necessarily be what is aligned with your blueprint, or it may not be the most appropriate or important lesson in the moment. Trust and allow what your team unfolds for you, and know that whatever unfolds will be what is in your highest and best. For remember, that is their role of all beings that support you in your earthly experience.
It is also quite lovely to move into a meditative experience without expectation and allow the experience to unfold however it will. Trust in ‘all that you are,’ for you have the ability and skill to manifest and create brilliance and deep heart-felt connection.

When you have moved along the awakening process and through the various stages, you will begin to sense that every experience is filled with profound and sometimes subtle lessons, so simply trust and allow. Even if you may feel as if you have tapped into the ‘void,’ the empty vastness of what the ‘void’ means, this in itself is elegant and beautiful. We are held within all things, even if that ‘thing’ appears to be empty. It is the perception of an experience to which you have not remembered existed, and it holds a reflection and lesson for you to unveil. All that you experience in an attribute within the whole, therefore it is ‘all’ valid, and it all offers a story in some way. As you are within the All and the All is within you, there will be expansion within all that you move through. Our Universe is not superfluous, so move into every experience as a gift from the Divine, because it truly is. Everything, every experience, every being that you experience, it is all a level of existence that is entangled with and enmeshed with you, and therefore it carries a profound lesson and insight for your soulful experience here upon Gaia at this time. For even the ‘void’ is an aspect of ‘Oneness.

When you allow yourself to explore all aspects of this existence, you accept and understand in a much deeper and more profound way that you are within the ‘All,’ and the ‘All’ is within you. You can therefore create a deeper sense of compassion, forgiveness, and love because you ultimately know that even within the shadow aspects and darkness, you are within it all. You, Golden, Divine, Brilliant shining aspects of YOU.
After Meditation Path Work
After you have meditated, you can begin your reflection and tap into the emotions and sensations that came to the forefront in your multi-dimensional experiences. Reflection work is when you can truly expand your state of being, for it can allow you to bring your heavenly experience into your present earthly physical moment and ground it into the daily life. If you experienced loving and expansive beings, what was their message for you? Did these beings feel like your teachers or possibly family? Did you feel a familiarity with the message? Were there objects or symbols used in the experience for you to take note of and expand within? What elements within the experience ‘pop’ out at you and why? What feelings resonate with you and why? You will find that as you go deeper within this path work, you can move in an infinite number of ways, but know that your team will always guide you in the most obvious, loving, and safe manner. As you expand and master your skills, the messages and lessons will become more subtle and intuitive.

If you experience something that brings up negative or fearful emotions or memories, know that there are always benevolent reasons and understandings with your Higher consent that this is done. Remember, we are moving through the expansion process and releasing all that is limiting and fear-based, so ‘fear’ is your soul map that will tell you what beliefs you hold that require your attention for greater understanding and release. You are never given what you are not able to understand, move through and seek greater wisdom from. Know that all that arises will serve and benefit you. Your team is with you in every moment of your multi-dimensional experiences, so they will ensure your safety and lessons in order of relevance and importance to your soul blueprint and the greater good of All. This is the underlining rule and keys to the Universe and Its inner workings. Higher Dimensional beings are innately aware of these rules and ‘free will’ and benevolence will never be overlooked. You would never be controlled or manipulated by any being, unless you designed this within your blueprint so that you could experience it and move beyond. If you set the intention to connect and link-in with a loving and open heart, then what you experience will serve in this way and only the highest beings of light will engage with you. You are a Divine Sovereign being of light, and if there is a situation that makes you feel discomfort or ill at ease, then you can merely ask for your team to bring a lesson forward in a softer or less intrusive manner.
Multi-Dimensional Beings Mannerisms

Remember, not all Universal beings have the same coding with their emotions and belief systems as we have been conditioned with, so their behaviour and mannerisms will be based on their level of awareness and soul experience. You can merely telepathically ask for a softer way to move about the lesson, and be reminded that every experience, whether it is within a meditation or in your every day life, you have complete ownership and Sovereignty to all that unfolds for you. Be bold, be clear, be loving, and be confident about your intent and the path that you desire to experience, and what unfolds will match your loving intent. Daily path work can allow you to explore and gain greater confidence and self-assuredness, for the more you practice and go within, the more you are able to move about life in a fluid, loving, and confident manner. You create every experience within your awareness and the intent to which you move through your life. Act with the intent to be a loving, kind, and explorative Divine being, and you will meet with those that also vibrate in this way. All parties that are involved in any meditation experience are gifted with the lessons of the experience. Suffice it to say, that all within Creation benefits from every experience because we are inherently all ONE.

Starting daily path work may appear to be bumpy at first, because we have never been taught how to connect and commune with spirit and our multi-dimensional aspects and families, but commit to the process for it is the path in which you unveil more of who you truly are. There are profound gifts and experiences that unfold as you go within and why we say, ‘you are this profound.’

Examples of Daily Reflection and Path Work

There is profound power in this path work if you commit to it daily and imbue your reflection work with the intent to know and love ‘thyself.’ Here are some example questions that can allow you to go within and seek the brilliance and colour of all that you are in expansive new ways. Remember, as you grow and expand, you can have a different response and emotional feeling every time you may seemingly ask the same question. This is also why committing to this path work regularly will allow you to unveil more of who you are because you are forever evolving and changing. As you move through these reflective questions and gain understanding for the experiences and why you have manifested them, you gain mastery in understanding all that you are. You can sense yourself slipping into a state of being that resonates with ‘mastery.’ You can gauge what you feel, why you feel it, and how it is adding to the overall lesson and life theme you chose to experience. This helps immensely in your everyday life, as you will not feel the need to be angered or impatient, or even hard on yourself because you know the grander picture to what you are painting. This process will allow you to gain greater understanding for yourself and others because you know they are only reflecting aspects of yourself that require your acknowledgement, love, and embrace in some way.
Path Work Questions & Inquiry
Pin Point What You Feel, Acknowledge, Shift Your Perspective & Re-Align to a Higher Frequency Thread
(anger, hesitation, fear, anxiety, excitement, love, inspiration, pain, freedom, exhilaration etc.,)

Daily Intention Setting; What do I desire to experience in this moment? What do I desire to experience as I move about my life today? How can I sense more of my environment as I move about my day? How can I create loving intent with all beings I connect with? What intention and frequency can I align for myself right now? How may I experience greater love for myself, and others in this now moment?

If you are reflecting upon a meditative experience or an experience with someone at work, or in your family environment, then you can ask similar questions posed to link-in with the root of your belief that is requiring alteration.

Ex; What do I intuitively feel about this experience? Why do I feel this way around this person and what is this person reflecting to me? Why am I feeling the way I do when this occurs? What is this allowing me to know about who I am? What memory surfaced within this inner dialogue that is requiring me to go a little deeper? How can I alter what I know to be true so that my daily life experience can shift to a higher thread within my bandwidth?
If you have family gatherings and / or work experiences that bring forward emotions of; fear, lack of self worth, or lack of peace, or even calmness, then this would be a perfect time to jot down some notes and journal your reflection when you have your sacred time for self exploration. I have found it very expansive when you can journal and see the evidence of how you have changed and how you have managed personal human experiences with grace and compassion. This is validation and recognition for the path work and commitment that you serve for yourself, our evolving human collective, and our Universe. So be gracious with self-embrace and self-recognition because it is the fuel that will keep you moving when the challenges arise. I like to carry a journal and pen with me when I am out and about because there is always some element of magic unfolding in some way, and I do not want to miss a moment of it.

Moving through Darker & Shadow Experiences
It is not always necessary that you know ‘all’ the details of the dark aspects of memories that may surface in your path work experiences. Most of the time, we feel these darker emotions because it is a reaction to our energy field being cleared and refined. We may be having a loving and positive day and then seemingly ‘out of the blue’ we feel a sense of sadness or are triggered with lack of self worth. It is key to allow these darker and shadow aspects to surface, as this is the ‘acknowledgement’ part of the release. Remember, you are expanding in your awareness and as your energy field expands with your growing awareness, there will be out-dated and old limiting experiences or frequencies that no longer ‘fit’ your new resonance, and so, it must be cleared. Energy can never be created or destroyed, but as you expand with confidence in your wisdom and mastery, you will allow these aspects to surface and move through the lessons with greater grace, forgiveness, and compassion for all beings, for it is a profound family that is all contracted with one another for the overall evolutionary experience. Once you have allowed these aspects to surface and you have gained the lesson in its purpose, you can then invoke with loving intent a new frequency ‘truth’ that allows you to realign with a heightened vibration.

Energy is everything and everything is energy. We can either ignite our current state of being with love and expansiveness, which in turn catalyzes a positive reaction and frequency experience. Input = Output. What we ‘know’ to be true about all that we are will be a direct reflection to what our experiential reality will mirror to us.
“Know Thyself”
Bringing Sacredness Back into Everyday Life

YOU ARE A POWERFUL DIVINE SOVEREIGN being of LIGHT, and you can alter and shift anything that springs forth in your life. If you desire entanglement with nature, Gaia, like-minded souls, and your higher aspects, celestial teams, and your spirit guides, then this is all very possible. The level of commitment and dedication that you imbue within your every day life will be the direct result of what and how you experience it. What you put into this earthly reality will be exactly what you experience, and every experience is a beautiful lesson waiting to be unveiled by you, through you, for you. The unveiling of your expansive spirit self is your ‘Divine sacredness.’ What aspect of you is sacred and Divine? ALL of it!
This is a profound and loving experience dear lighted ones, for you are behind every veil you move through. You are worthy of this sacred experience, are you not?

Set about your life and create sacred time and space to commune with all aspects of the unseen, for it is will unleash a whole new level of experiential wisdom that expands you in every way. Your sacred space is where your most intimate thoughts, emotions, desires and dreams will flow and it is this space in which you rediscover and remember all that you are in the most Divine way. It is worthy of a little time and attention to create and embellish, for the magical discoveries of you resides within it all.

Create Sacred Space, an Alter Space for You and Your Path Work

When you honour and love all that you are, you are inspired to set forth about creating a space that fills the senses with scents, colours, and symbols that inspire you at the heart level. An alter is a special zone, a space that is set with the intent to pray, connect, link-in with, and inspire all that you can to expand into your highest, best, fullest, and most authentic self. Creating an alter space for you to commune and meditate within can include specially chosen natural elements that inspire you, and that enhance your connection with Gaia, your spirit guides, and your celestial teams.

Celebrate and honour your sacred space for it is the sanctuary to which spirit is felt, experienced, given, and received. Invoke the elementals and your team to work with these special symbols with you, and as you learn about their energetic offering for you, you can imbue more of its essence within your sacred space and alter. Some sacred items that can be placed in your alter space are; crystals, rocks, bark, sand, sea shells, positive and inspiring quotes, pyramids, candles, incense, or tarot cards or any other metaphysical tool or symbol that speaks to you. As you commit time each day with intent to go within and love thyself, you will unveil all the symbols that will guide you on your next phase of learning and expansion.

Remember dear lighted ones, this is supposed to be fun and playful, so imbue and intend to have fun with every interaction, and you will see how truly magical life is. Be your fullest most profound self, you are worthy of this level of magic, love, and depth to know who you truly are and know your most expansive self, for it is really beyond all earthly words. You are filled with unlimited potential just waiting to be unleashed.

To our Galactic, Cosmic families, and Source ~ Deepest reverence and gratitude for your devoted presence and light for our evolution.

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. Ross

In love and light,
Ambassador for Universal Unity, Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Public Speaker, Author
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