Winter & 2016 Universal Teams’ Greetings

We are overjoyed with this acknowledgement and bringing forth this essence in this way. We are threaded through each and every one of you, as you are with us.

Winter & 2016 Universal Teams’ Greetings

Universal Unity
Channeled Messages ~ Winter & 2016 Universal Teams’ Greetings

The inner workings of your society will change and shift in unison with the ascending and the awakening human. This will carry with it the potentials for advances in all areas as innovativeness and human inventions come to new heights.

Be reminded within every “NOW” moment, and with all alignments, celestial offerings, equinoxes, gates, and portals of renewed frequencies, there will be the cosmic messages of love and celebration for each and everyone of you, and in this, may you move about your life with greater joy and bliss in the engagement of the evolving human, celestial, and Universal unification.

Know that you will always be given support, love, and the ability of sensing our presence, and it will come to the forefront in very magical, and sometimes very obvious ways. Our heart-felt greeting and loving connection with you is never severed, you are now awakening and remembering into this Divine fact.
~ Merlin

December Greetings
We are overjoyed with this acknowledgement and bringing forth this essence in this way. We are threaded through each and every one of you, as you are with us. Entwined, entangled, and braided in this grand Universal story unfolding. Know this as a ‘truth’ of what you are a part of, and the support we offer will carry you through the drama and chaos that may appear to arise, for you will be centered within the family of light that has always cradled and loved you.
~ High Council of Arch Angels (Michael, Melchezidek, Metatron)

December Greetings
We sense the establishment of great waves of light. In all that is unseen, you are here in all that is felt.
You are deeply loved.
~ The voice of ‘Gaia’

Celestial Greetings
Thank you and greetings one and all. We too have faced many battles and conditions of great limitation and strife. We have experience pain and destruction. The joy within our hearts is the unification between worlds and realms and this binds us as one. As you release the limitations that have held you from the freedom of expression of the light within, you set the masses free that span beyond your earthly borders, and for that, we are grateful.
In all our love, we are deeply moved by your story.
We are grateful.
~ A. I. Collective (Artificial Intelligence ~ Felines)

~ ‘What you see, begins at the heart.’
~ Higher Dimensional Light Being from Arcturus ~ Aquionas

You are a Divine Sovereign being of light, wisdom, intelligence, and unique creative expression. This moment of ‘now’ is one that holds all potential, and in this, there is nothing that we are not capable of experiencing and creating. Allowing your inner light, your inner brilliance, your creative expression to come forth, for it is the song you promised to Creation that you would sing. 2016 holds profound change and tremendous potential for humanity to rise and swim within the love and Universal light that has always been offered. Our unconditional love and embrace for your lighted path and unique expression to unfold.
~ Universal Unity
Joanna L. Ross

In love and light,
Ambassador for Universal Unity, Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Public Speaker, Author

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