Energetic Imprints, Telepathy, & Impressions


Good morning dear lighted ones,


In our radio show yesterday we talked about humanity’s future potential of being telepathically linked, and also how energetic ‘imprints’ are used as a method of energetic acclimatization that many species use to prepare us for further engagements, meditative work, and / or higher consciousness work, and future contact.  As our radio show only allows us so much time to delve into such expansive topics, and not everyone may have read my newly published books, I wanted to outline a little further what these aspects mean, because it really is key that these basic understandings be known.

Two people communicating by telepathy. Digital illustration.

Two people communicating by telepathy. Digital illustration.

There are many more people opening up to telepathy, energetic communication, and expansive dialogue with and about our greater cosmic family.  This delights me in so many ways and it is why I am here upon earth at this time.  I am here to be an Ambassador for Universal Unity, to gather what I know to be true, by experience, by what I have been shown and taught, and disseminate it to those who so desire, and who find themselves to our work.  For remember, everything is energy and there are no accidents or coincidences in any way for what you experience and ‘link-in’ with, or what unfolds for you.  Everything is Divine orchestrated, timed, and aligned for your unfolding, so move forward with this innate knowingness and you will be, do, experience all that you designed for yourself in this earthly incarnation.

Energetic imprints and impressions are blocks of telepathic energetic messages that include whatever it is the being is sending you or that you desire to know.  We will go into telepathy and cosmic telepathy in greater detail in another article however it is important that you know that there are ‘filters’ that are in place, and that most higher frequency beings honor and respect.  These energetic ‘filters’ are instantly and always in place so that only the information needed that will serve the experience will and can be accessed.  We also talked about our understanding of being the ‘live wire’ as Metatron had likened for our visualization purposes.  We are constantly sending and receiving information through electromagnetic pulses, and as we become more AWARE of this, we can then navigate our daily life in much more masterful way.  We can intend, imbue, and embellish our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotional states with the intent to be loving, to be compassionate, and to be open, so that what we pulsate out to Creation will be that of our highest and best at all times.


It is key to understand that when we say in our future earth experience that we will be all telepathically linked, that it does not mean that we will have access to every persons every thought and inner desires.  It means that we will intuitively know that we will only have access to, what will serve in the highest and best of any given situation.  There is always, ALWAYS, the understanding of free will and honor of energy and these expansive explorations are moved about in this way, with love and benevolence for the greater good of all concerned.
Imprints can be done and received instantaneously and carry the package of whatever information the species desires to energetically send; height, weight, skin colour, any phsyical attribute they desire so that we know and understand who and what form they come in or desire you to know.  Remember, many ET and higher frequency beings have the ability to shape shift or take on whatever form they desire, so they will usually come to you first, in a form that resonates with what you are ‘use’ to so that you can allow your senses to acclimatize to the engagement and experience.

ET’s and higher dimensional beings can also use ‘imprints and impressions’ to send feelings and sensations of; love, family member, and so on, which is why you can be in a seemingly empty room and sense that you have family or loved ones there but are not, or they could be there just in a higher frequency form that you are unable to detect. YET ~ this path work and inner reflection will allow you expand your senses in all areas and begin to sense a whole world awakening around you.

I am bringing this up because it is important that you always GROUND within the heart beat of Gaia and do this with a white light prayer so that you intend only on working with those beings that are contracted and in alignment with your highest and best.

The more confidence you gain with reading and understanding energy, and swim within a positive vibration, working through your belief systems, and clearing away the debt and debris of a lower resonating frequency, then constant white light protection won’t be something you will need to call in. For you will already BE this vibration.  We, as a collective however, have never been taught or shown the depth and expansiveness of our energetic ability and therefore, moving through this work in a loving and practical way first, will assist your energetic system and human attributes to shift gently into extraterrestrial energy with greater ease, confidence, and knowingness for what excites you in these multi-dimensional discoveries.

I say this because there are many that are really excited to work with ET’s and other life forms, but may also still may carry out-dated beliefs systems or fear within their frequency.  We are all moving through ascension so that we can let go of the fears and limitations that have held us back from being and experiencing our true natural spirit self, which is truly unlimited.  Higher consciousness states, meditative states are as close to allowing us to see and experience our ‘true natural spirit state,’ and why these are key to bringing forth any residue energy held within an old wound, or belief that is timely to acknowledge, redefine, and let go.

In every meditative, or multi-dimensional interaction, it is key to remember these general attributes for continued expansive and alignment exercises as we expand out into the vast world of ET, Celestial, and Angelic presence.  REMEMBER ~ if you are doing the daily reflection, in whatever way feels good for you, and you are practicing and honor thyself, then these will already be present, but because we have not be shown and taught the love and honor and respect for our whole multi-dimensional existence, we have to re-learn and remember the basics.

In each daily practice and play-work that you go into, these are key aspects to intend for a loving and heightened experience;
* Grounding ~ Visualizations and Intent
* BEing in a state of ONENESS with Gaia ~ Visualizations and Intent
* Centering in your Highest & most unconditional state of love ~ Visualizations and Intent
* As a Divine Sovereign being ask for those contracted with you in alignment with your path of ascension to come forward for greater work and expansion
* Give love, honor all experiences and communications ~ Visualizations and Intent
* Know that if the energy is too high, or you are sensing discomfort, then you are a Divine Sovereign being to ask them to ‘step back’ until you have acclimatized with the frequency
Have respect and honor when working with energy and know that it is to be taken with great respect, honor, and knowingness that it is Divine, it is Sacred, and it is for the Greater Good of the All and you will always connect with the most loving and positive beings that desire nothing but love and expansion for you.

These are very key and why I have referred people to my books, for they outline all of this so that you are able to walk your path of awakening with your eyes and heart open and not be jolted out of the experience becuase of the energetic intensity that sometimes does arise when you are being gifted up to the next level of energetic work. There is nothing ever to fear if you go into every meditative or energy work experience if you intend and open to love. It is like all aspects of life, if you walk into every day with fear, anxiety, doubt, lack of clarity, you will exprience exactly that. This is why the ‘path work’ is so very key – it helps you establish greater self-awareness, clarity, and understanding of your energetic ability and link with All That Is, thus attracting only those energies that resonate with love and light and your highest and best.
Remember, you will never be given what you are not able to handle, and energy is a very real experience, so go forward with excitement, love, and light, and you will be amazed and dazzled everytime at what unfolds. This is very beautiful and magical work, and those attracted to this material are the ones ready for the next level of expansive experiences. Treat all aspects of Creation with honor, joy, and reverence, and you will be gifted every time.

This is a communion, an engagement of love and intimate dance with spirit. It should be treated this way, as too should you treat yourself in this manner and why we have also said, ‘as within, so without, as above, so below.’


Intend Joy, Honor, Reverence, Respect, Love, and Excitement ~
Happy Path Work ~ Your Magic Awaits.

Blessings and light,
Joanna L. Ross

Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher, and Intuitive Visionary




We have created two very detailed books to assist you with your path of self-knowing, self-love, and expanded energetic living and understanding to who we truly are in this grand and vast cosmic family of diverse and loving entanglement.

You are a Divine Sovereign being of light, wisdom, intelligence, and unique creative expression. This moment of ‘now’ is one that holds all potential, and in this, there is nothing that we are not capable of experiencing and creating. Allowing your inner light, your inner brilliance, and your creative expression to come forth, for it is the song you promised Creation that you would sing. 2016 holds profound change and tremendous potential for humanity to rise up and swim within the love and Universal light that has always been offered. Our unconditional love and embrace for your lighted path and unique expression to unfold.


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