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Plasma Lightships & Crafts ~ Lightship Sightings

There has been a growing sensation that we will, as a collective, begin to see greater interaction with that of the plasma collective and their craft. I usually get dream-like interactions that appear to be so real that I can be assured of the unveiling within my everyday reality in some way. Our teams will oftentimes spark curiosity and gauge our readiness, by first slipping quasi-real sensations of lightships sightings and celestial interactions into our meditations and dreams. In my ‘plasma lightship’ experience, I was moving about my life and playing outside with my kids, and my attention was immediately pulled up to the sky as two massive pink and black worm-like plasma crafts dance elegantly within another one. They both seemed to know intuitively what the other would do, as they would sew themselves within one another as if they were two gigantic glow-worms dancing the dance of love. There was a beautiful luminescent glow to the craft and seemed that if we were close enough, we would be able to see right through them.



I was completely dazzled by these plasma lightships and was so excited that I was able to see and experience their elegant offering. This was also another example and validation of our collective expansiveness. For we are all expanding within the state of understanding that our reality is illusory and not solid in any way. Just as these beautiful lightships popped in and danced in the sky, they disappeared and left their energetic mark of existence upon me. I know that in my higher states of consciousness, I am aware of these varied and diverse types and aspects of life that are beyond what we have ever been taught or even seen, yet as our expanding reality merges into the potentials that will allow higher consciousness crafts and beings to interact, we will begin to see and experience more and more of these profound unique life forms come into focus.

With every new day, we are seeing the internet saturated with videos, stories, and pictures of such experiences and these are no longer reserved for those with powerful telescopes, but possible for all who move about life with the joy of unity and an open mind. I believe that we will be shown in many ways that life exists in form that will expand our beliefs on how illusory our seemingly ‘physical’ reality truly is. For there is the ability for beings of heightened ultra-terrestrial consciousness to create whatever form they desire, and because all higher dimensional beings link telepathically with their crafts, there is a bio-logical element to their crafts, and of any size. These crafts have consciousness, and these higher frequency crafts merge and marry with their pilot, they can take on simultaneous thought patterns in flight. This is why these plasma craft can appear, move, and disappear with the ease of a breath. It is the result of their liberation of refined higher dimensional frequencies.


We will be shown throughout this year, in every way, that there is a myriad of life forms far greater than we were ever able to imagine, and that these loving higher dimensional life forms desire to entangle and engage with us. We were never meant to be separate and alone dangling out within a cosmos that is teeming with life and family.   As the collective consciousness and planetary bedding become energetically available to house these lovely celestial cosmic experiences, such plasma craft will be seen as regularly as the traditional disc shape, or triangular shape craft.

Whatever it is that your frequency is attracting into your experiential reality, know that it is a unique and special path. All of these most Divine and enlightened experiences with the Angelics, or celestial family, or the spirit guides that know your every thought, it is all available to you as it has since your very first earthly incarnation. What has been a deepening theme of resonance as of late, is that we must be the ones to act, to think, to emit, and to create the catalyst for change, for the merging of all magical existence to open to us. What we experience in our moment-for-moment life is the direct result that we walk with a sense of ‘knowingness’ and purity to which we know the Divine exists within, and that it is always assisting and guiding us. If the human collective creates such truths after time, there will be a synchronistic displacement of the heavily controlled systems within our infrastructure. For these frequencies will simply no longer align. This is why, it is the consciousness of each and every one of us that plays a part in what we all experience within the whole.

As we expand and play within these new unveiling human mastery skills and sensings, there will be growing evidence and validations that life exists in every form and in every pattern of geometry, mathematics, and color, imaginable.

The cosmos aligns and watches with excitement to see what love and light and will flourish from the awakened human that is tenacious with exploration and an open heart.



Enjoy your love, your path, your light, for it is all within for you to embrace and unveil to Creation.  It is why you are here.


In love and light,

Joanna L. Ross


Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher



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Allowing your inner light, your inner brilliance, and your creative expression to come forth, for it is the song you promised Creation that you would sing. 2016 holds profound elements and ignition for tremendous potential for all of humanity to rise up and swim within the limitless love, and the Universal light that has always been offered. Our unconditional love and embrace for your lighted path and unique expression to unfold, for it is always within for you to reveal and unleash.



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