Divine Unfolding ~ Be Your Own Light~Keeper


Open Channel

March 27, 2016


12th Dimensional Christ Collective


The story for humanity is unfolding.

There is Divine timing in all things dear, and although what you may see unfold in some corners of your world, are in contradiction to the excitement that you may feel within about how humanity is moving ahead in their own desire for liberation and greater love. Create your own peace around this; create your own sense of harmony around this. For this is how humanity moves forward in all ways. Let each individual create their own sense of peace, their own sense of free will, to act in accordance with God’s will, to be their own light-keeper, their own source of unconditional love, for in this, there is peace for the ALL.

These individual interactions of self-knowing, create the stability for new ground-work, for new potentials and systems that will serve the all. However, it is within the consistency and devotion of each one to do their part and not fall into the density of what mass media or social conditioning dictates for you.



You are all bright and shining lights to us, and if it may not be the will for those to not know their own light within, know that it is your birthright to know it for yourself. This birthright is God’s gift, is it not? We understand the desire to know what is coming. And all of this is found within each and every one of you, for each and every one of you have a unique path, a unique road that you must travel. Your experiences’ of God will be unique to each of you, and it is the birthright to you all to know God, and this is what we have always empowered you to seek.

The answers to all human problems and concerns are within each and every one of you. For you all come here as masters. Know this dear ones, and you shall heal the planet in new ways. For it is the leader in each of you, the voice within each of you, and the light within each and every one of you that dictates what unfolds and what you experience. One cannot wait for ‘something’ to occur, it is the intent and action of the ‘NOW’ that creates.

You have this light within dear ones; you have the wisdom within. Walk with this, for we see it in you, we know of you.


You are deeply loved,



Joanna’s Summary


The sensation that many light workers feel the pull and dichotomy within is that of moving with the passion to help and heal, and then feel at odds with those that appear to be on opposite ends of the vibrational field and not want or desire help to awaken. The lesson here is that of God’s gift to each of us with our ‘free will’ to move about our soul blueprint in the way in which we choose in every now moment. This is a lesson that resonates with the Pleiadians that did cause great destruction and trauma when they over-stepped boundaries many eons ago, to let ‘free will’ play its hand with neighboring planetary systems.

We are only responsible for the path that we walk, and even if we are healers, or light workers, we offer the resonance because it is of our own passion, our own excitement, and allow unconditional love to prevail and offer the potential that will always be offered, as it always has been, for those that simply choose to remain ‘on the fence.’ Remember dear lighted ones; it is not the path of every human to awaken this go ‘round. This relaxing within, this surrender into the love within the ALL, the love within our Divine gifts of ‘free will’ and Divine wisdom, and Divine intelligence, will resonate in this relaxing so that the now moment can carry the full momentum of the frequency you desire. Do what you do for the love and passion of it. Assist and remain in the state of being that you are only responsible for the resonance you carry and maintain. If we each take our own power, in full power to know this, then what we create is that much more profound for we have let go of the worry and concern that we are ‘not doing enough,’ or not able to help in all cases.

For we are not meant to be a savior to the ‘all.’ We are to be our own light keeper and in this, we allow others to seek their light within and create a path of growth and wisdom that expands the all. Those that will be attracted to your work, to your offerings, will be those that are Divinely ready, Divinely timed to set the course of truth and inspiration, and this cannot be done in any other way.


The Universe, the Divine, the God within knows exactly what IT is doing. Let go and surrender into your own light, for Creation knows of your infinite light, and this is where love spirals.


Know your profundity to create, inspire, and ignite a wave of light that alters all within its path.  You are worthy and deserving of such an experience, are you not?  2016 holds profound elements and ignition for tremendous potential for all of humanity to rise up and swim within the limitless love, and the Universal light that has always been offered.


Our unconditional love and embrace for your lighted path and unique expression to unfold, for it is always within for you to reveal and unleash.


In love and light,

Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher





We are so excited to bring our ‘First Contact Learning’ Event to a pristine vortex and hub for lightship engagement. The 11/11 gateway, one of the most powerful ascension dates, will be the inspiration to which we will be offering a lovely two seating event for those inspired by high frequency discussions, meditation alignments and ascension dialogue about human potential and the path way for open conscious contact.


Join us for this loving and heart-awakening event ~





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