Sparks of the Light Wave


‘Sparks of the Light Wave’

March 25, 2016

                                                    Channeled & Personal Excerpts

Good morning dear lighted ones, I wanted to put together a montage of channeled pieces from the various teams and beings that tune in every week for our ‘Universal Gatherings’ live radio segment, and from our upcoming book; ‘The Dance with Creation’ that is due to be on Amazon at the end of April. As I have stated in many recent articles, it is becoming more and more evident that there are phases and stages to what we have termed, ‘ascension’ and ‘enlightenment’ not only within ourselves as individuals, but that of Gaia to which we are now understanding that we are deeply entangled with. These phases offer those who so desire, to expand, integrate, and unfurl in our becoming in a safe and incremental manner that inspires the confidence, skill, and wisdom to break free of the dense bondage that has poisoned us for so very long.

Enjoy this lighted montage dear lighted ones, for you are the inspiration of it all. These excerpts resonate with our ability to better understand how we define ‘trust.’ In our path work, our awakening to greater awareness in how we define who we are, we can feel the freedom and release of out dated truths that we have taken on to feel safe, to feel a love that was not resonant with what the inner light knows we are capable of creating and experiencing. We are, each and every one of us, creates the spark that adds to the ‘whole’ of this profound wave of rebirth into a new paradigm that will offer a new level of freedom, love, wisdom, and harmony for those who so desire to redefine what we know to be true about ‘trust.’  It is synonymous with the level of self-love and knowingness we carry within. Time to dance with Creation.


Tomlin ~ 6th Dimensional Plutonian

Trust in the elements, the aspects from even the minutest aspect of Source life, is that ALL life is Source.

Trust is the ability to know your inclusion within it all; to know that you are love, you are life, you are cosmic, you are earthly, you are the light, sound, grace, and why would you not trust in this? All that you are is innate, there is nothing outside of you, and therefore, you are fully and completely loved in this. If there is love, there is trust. When you trust in this “All-Encompassing” inclusiveness, you are then able to surrender and ‘let go’ into it, for it is you.

We trust you will find this sufficient.

Tomlin ~ 6th Dimensional Plutonians


Arch Angels ~ Collective

Every breath enriches the soul. What are you imbuing into each breath? Create a focus, the intention to what it is that you do when you breathe and how it assists and amplifies all that you are. Do you trust that you are gifted this next breath? This one, this one, and this one? What are you trust about all that you are? Do you trust yourself to know the Divine that exists within you right now? Do you trust that you have an infinite link, an infinite connection and bond with God? What aspect of you talks yourself out of knowing spirit, knowing God, knowing that you are the light within it all? Are you able to surrender into the wisdoms and offerings to create truths that can propel you 360 degree’s in any direction, and in any frequency? What level of trust do you have to unveil the illusions and separation that you carry between you and all that you exist with?

Are you sensing that there is more? You know there is more. It is you; pure, rich, and sacred with wisdom, intelligence, and a love so infinite, that only now are you beginning to sense that this personal exploration can lead you to something utterly breath-taking. You are at the core, at the belly, at the response to every question ever posed;

Allow yourself to seek your own truth, your own light, your own sense of self, for in this, you will know there that you are illuminated and glowing in every way.

This is ‘love’ dear ones; allow yourself to flow with the rhythm of Creation, for it will always carry you to a sense of peace and wholeness.

Arch Angel Collective  



Knowingness is a pulsation that is unique. Knowingness is strength and vitality, and is more than a simple pondering. Like threads of light that are always within existence and the All That Is, so too is there the thread and the element of knowingness that allows you to ‘surrender’ into all that you are.

You are knowingness are you not? You know you exist. You know that your breath follows another breath, and another one. Do you surrender into these vibrations with utter joy and excitement to experience a new now moment pulsation of greater knowingness? Trust is; ALL THAT YOU KNOW. Trust in all that you are threaded within, and trust in the frequencies that you have the potential to inspire and ignite from within. Knowingness is a pulsation of what you know to be true for you. ~ You are Loved, Metatron

Joanna’s Summary ~

Know that you hold an inner light, inner brilliance, and inner wisdom that is in a constant state of unfolding.  What you intend, what you imbue with the knowingness that you hold about who you are, and what you exist within, will shape and mould your every reality experience.  We are now stepping into the realm of mastery in every way, and it will be your ability to consciously create with profoundly beautiful thought projections, intentions, and the inner desire to liberate your unique creative expression, that will be the ignition of what unfolds to you in every new now moment.  This is why we state in repetition; ‘every breath is filled with Source light and infinite potential.’  This is your story, this is your song, and the dance to which we bring all that we are to create something never before seen or experienced.

Know your profundity to create, inspire, and ignite a wave of light that alters all within its path.  You are worthy and deserving of such an experience, are you not?  2016 holds profound elements and ignition for tremendous potential for all of humanity to rise up and swim within the limitless love, and the Universal light that has always been offered.

Our unconditional love and embrace for your lighted path and unique expression to unfold, for it is always within for you to reveal and unleash.

In love and light,

Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher


We are so excited to bring our ‘First Contact Learning’ Event to a pristine vortex and hub for lightship engagement. The 11/11 gateway, one of the most powerful ascension dates, will be the inspiration to which we will be offering a lovely two seating event for those inspired by high frequency discussions, meditation alignments and ascension dialogue about human potential and the path way for open conscious contact. Join us for this loving and heart-awakening event ~ link below.