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These excerpts are the musings and wisdoms about how we are entangled in a matrix of ever-moving, ever-constant energetic weavings. We are constantly sending and receiving information. If we awaken to this Universal, innate, and Divine truth, we can then create and manifest the life in which we ignite greater intimacy, passion-filled experiences, and moment-for-moment gifts of soulful entanglement. Here are some insights from our Universal teams as they offer a heightened perspective about everything we do, say, act upon, and even our thought projections create pulsing’s of data, information and send quantum beats of potential into a movement to manifest what you experience in your reality in every way

Enjoy your path dear lighted ones, and know that all you do and all that you swim within is a matrix of information pulsations, and we have unlimited creative potential to create and entangle in expansive ways for a new experiential unfolding.   ~ Joanna

The Voice of Gaia

We are never separate in our movement together. We are in a constant state of giving and receiving. All that you do, say, and think is felt. Do you feel my essence? Do you know of my essence and the rhythmic breath that I offer? I offer it to be One with you. Do you merge your heartbeat and thoughts with all that I am? I am ‘One’ with each and every one of you; this is my offering. ~ The Voice of Gaia


6th Dimensional Plutonian Collective ~ Tomlin

We have been called forth in response to the ripples of intent and desire, and the energetic work from Joanna, many months now in your time of counting.

We are galactic brethren, and at the 6th dimensional resonance, we are in awareness of this familial threading. Just as you may have family members taking their own unique path within varying energetic experiences, so too do neighboring and familial planetary bodies.

When a family member reaches our for inclusivity and threading and assistance, the call is heard.

We see the light emanations, and like a bell toning in the distance, we sense the intent to be ‘One’ and to know more. Joanna’s call was heard. The desire to gain greater knowing within about planetary grids; which this consciousness is threaded within the consciousness grids of every planet, within this local galaxy, and so, the wave vibrations are felt.

Depending upon the purity of intent, emotional fervor, the energetic inter-play begins and so we did respond.

Your call for love and information and inclusivity for greater insights into the true nature of all that you are is always heard and it bares no boundary or border.

We are happy to engage in this way,

Greetings ~ Tomlin ~ 6th Dimensional Plutonian Collective


The Arch Angel Collective

Communication with us is in all things that you are and all things that you exist within.

When you see beauty and the God essence in others,

We receive this.

When you come to life as a new spark of love, of the life potential swimming within,

We receive this.

For it is in all that we gift you, it is in all that God, the Creator gifts you, and it is the thread of consciousness to which we are all sewn.

This is why, you are all known by God,

Just as all of your children are known by you. We are never separate.

You are dearly loved,

~ The Arch Angel Collective


Joanna’s Summary

There are many primary foundations to the myriad of Universal systems that work in Divine synchronicity and brilliance within one another. Perfection in timing, movement, intensity, creative design, and so on. Consciousness, wave particles of knowingness, within all states of being, is the primary foundation to any cosmic environment, and within our local Universe, we are now awakening to the grander aspect of these potentials and how we exist within it all. We exist within a quantum webbing of particle movements. Pulsar intentions swimming within the blanket of consciousness that moves and swims and dances with the ‘ALL,’ and how all that you think, say, and project with all that you are, is a story of communication in vibrational tone within the whole.

There is no ‘on/off’ switch for consciousness, for it is the steady stream of quantum information and intent. Create your own powerful truths of unity, greater inclusiveness, and entanglement within the All, and so too shall your call of intent be heard and responded to in kind. The more you allow yourself to become aware of, the wider scope of potential that you offer to respond to you and all that you pulse.

These concepts and ideas can offer the potential for those who so desire, to open up and entangle within the depth to which communication truly occurs. At every level, within every realm, there is energetic inter-play, and it is an elegant language of light, tones, and quantum gifting between all life forms. We are stepping up into new future potentials of expansive multi-dimensional communication; it is the birthright of our human life, the gifts, and the innate attributes that allow us to swim in higher dimensional frequencies. Just as Metatron has reminded us; ‘You set the frequency for what you experience in your reality,’ and we are communicating in more ways than we know. Communication is not only the words we speak, there is also a sub-language with tonal activations that are set streaming within the ancient and cosmic words, that link with the sacred knowledge and wisdom swimming within our very DNA.


As we align with our Higher Selves, spirit guides, and celestial teams, and hone our innate skills with our accelerating planetary offerings, with Gaia, with Source and the whole of Creation, we are being heard, felt, and known by the All. Your body, your auric and etheric fields are all interacting within every moment, and in this, make it count. Gaia remembers every step you take upon her surface. Your personal consciousness grids are inter-acting with Gaia’s grids, and these grids are inter-acting with the galactic grids, and this continues out to the infinite, which exists within. For we are all aspects of Source, of consciousness and we are sewn within it all. This is why all that we do, speak, and project is felt in every way. Tune in to your vessel and how it allows you to awaken to the subtle language of love, tonal offerings from our cosmos, and the light language of spirit.   This is the mastery level of the ascending human.

Know your profundity to create, inspire, and ignite the wave of light that alters all within its path.  You are worthy and deserving of such an experience, are you not?  2016 holds profound elements and ignition for tremendous potential for all of humanity to rise up and swim within the limitless love, and the Universal light that has always been offered.

Our unconditional love and embrace for your lighted path and unique expression to unfold, for it is always within for you to reveal and unleash.


In love and light,

Joanna L. Ross


Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher




We are so excited to bring our ‘First Contact Learning’ Event to a pristine vortex and hub for lightship engagement. The 11/11 gateway, one of the most powerful ascension dates, will be the inspiration to which we will be offering a lovely two seating event for those inspired by high frequency discussions, meditation alignments and ascension dialogue about human potential and the path way for open conscious contact.


Join us for this loving and heart-awakening event ~



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