Cosmic Rebirth ~ Part I ~ Coalescing Dimensions


Rebirth of the Multi-Dimensional Self

Merging Coalescing Dimensions


Ascension Updates ~ Spring 2016

We are now sensing the ground of a new light code, dear ascending human. Key concepts are being sent through your very breath and intuition in your moment-for-moment daily life. None of what you see, hear, know, or sense is an accident, and the sooner you attune to these synchronicities, the greater the magical offerings of our multi-verse will be. The vast elements of our existence soaks into our consciousness so we must take a deep, sacred breath and begin entanglement with it.

There is greatness to be discovered, dear lighted ones. We are just opening the door to the Universal expanse, and thus a new level of frequency potential. The ascension energies will continue to trigger expansiveness so that we may be reborn into a new cosmic threading of the All. The new earthly bedding in which we resonate with now, are truly refined, and why many are seeing their world illuminating all aspects of the daily life that is out of alignment. These illuminations will be sensed in all things; lower vibrations within TV commercials/shows, family disputes that escalate, career challenge and so on. We have designed these illuminations to surface so that we can then evolve our own experiential mastery skills and view a new heightened level of existence within the All.


 Intended to Entangle and Open to the New Light

There is validation in every corner of our human existence that shows our frequency has shifted in a new way. God’s will, the infinite councils, angelic groups, cosmic cycles, and federations have inspired and ignited the new light grounding that we walk upon. Those who remain unaware will awaken to the new frequency in Divine timing, however, one can take initiative and sit in a state of sacred silence and an open heart with Gaia, and ask for the insights from the Higher Self, celestial teams, and spirit guides. Are you sensing the planetary shift? If you allow the Divine majesty of ‘what is’ to tickle at the spirit within, the God-spark that is encoded within, you will sense the new harmonic light moving through you. These newly heightened earthly light frequencies will touch you. They will inspire movement and action in every way for it is the Universal dance of unity and communion. By setting your intention to entangle, as well as to shape shift your life and your perspective, you will ensure that the nuances of the new light frequency are sewn into your life’s rhythm. This new-lighted dance for humanity is that of shifting into the light potential of a refined human form consisting of refined human sensory systems, and human neuro- and electromagnetic systems. These sophisticated systems will validate how truly married and entangled you are with ALL that exists. These are the Divine plans and prophecies that originate from Heaven, and as our refined abilities hone into these encodings, we soak in the potentials that allow us to shift and alter all human socio-economic systems that have already begun to crack under the pressure that human consciousness can ignite.

Time Fold ~ Shifting Paradigm

In the ten years that I have been moving through consciousness awakening, I have never felt the physical shifts that I have in the past two months. My physical body is what I would describe a ‘rebirth.’ As a mother of three children, I naturally move through cycles that run deep within all other cycles of existence. Just as a woman’s body knows how to prepare for the birth of a child, so too does Gaia know how to prepare for these shifts. As Gaia rebirths the new light realm of heightened consciousness for the ascending human, so too does the physical body as it prepares for these earthly transitions. Just as every human has a unique soul blueprint, every planet, every galaxy, and Universe has a unique soul story to offer the Omni-verse. They all move in intricate cycles of evolutionary change and Godly offerings. In every cycle, every shift from the center of our Universe, and heavenly plans for all life, we are offered the potential to integrate.


As you awaken into your inner power to align energetic unfoldings, know that this ‘tuning in’ will simultaneously open you to the ‘time fold’ insights that validate our worldly experience; however, these insights are also shifting into new heavenly paradigms. In most recent meditations, even in waking relax states, I am given visions and images from other frequencies. These are linking’s that allow me to know that what I am doing and aligning with ‘here and now’ ignite communion with those frequencies that my current vibration matches with. I can feel in the moment awareness, that my unique reality experience has truly shifted to a new vibrational parallel earth, and these visions or sensings allow me to validate how truly fluid we are.

I am sensing these ‘time folds’ will occur and increase with frequency and intensity until we have transitioned within Gaia’s final shift into fresh galactic bedding. Sit with silent repose, sit with an open heart to entangle with Spirit, with Source, and with our beloved Gaia, and you will sense what was unfelt only moments ago. This is how quickly we are shifting, dear lighted ones, and how utterly profound our spirited engagement with Gaia is; its grounding abilities are powerful with intense accelerations, as well as the ability to enhance our multi-dimensional living. All of these changes are preparatory expansions required for our cosmic unification.

Why All Masters Ignite the Same Message

The key to these profound human experiences is to ‘LET GO’, ALLOW’ and ‘SURRENDER’ into the majesty of these offerings. Never before has humanity been offered the opportunity to tap into the potentials available to us now.   A planetary ascension, and a human collective ascension is no small task, but it is being accomplished in the most Divine and pristine manner possible. It is unnecessary for the ego-mind to go into over-drive to ‘figure out’ all that unfolds, for this is the magical offering of spirit and all are Divine gifts of grace and elegance. Surrender into the resonance, surrender into the ‘not knowing’ for Spirit is fluid and ever-moving in a state of limitless becoming. Spirit understands that everything that unfolds is required to serve in the highest form, as it has always been intended.


These weekly musings of the ascension unfoldings may appear to be somewhat repetitious, but it is this way for a reason. To fully align with self-actualization and full consciousness, one must understand the behavior of Spirit and walk as if one IS; for remember, dear lighted ones: you are Spirit in every way. We have chosen to awaken in physical form to what has been our natural state in every incarnation, in every realm of frequency, and this is why it feels so Godly and Divine when we do consciously align with our inner Source spark, our higher light eminence, and unconditional love. Love is majestic. Love is profound. Love is Godly. Love is sewn and encoded within all that we are, and why it is the most profound frequency in Creation.

When Gaia is offered new ascension encodings and frequency upgrades, we are triggered in ever-heightened ways to ‘link in’ with Creation.   Every human has their own unique Divine-hood frequency, the core God frequency that if you practice and tune in to, you can sense it beckoning you to entangle in communion and self-honor. This is our human gift: it is the infinite exploration to reveal the essence within and shift our reality experience so that we create a new earthly vibration. This is how powerful you are. This is how powerful consciousness is and how it alters all within its path. When you know this, when you understand these Universal gifts and truths, you can step up your own frequency by integrating moment-for-moment to navigate and hone your abilities with the vibrations of Gaia and Creation.

The Power of Intent

You can intend in every moment to ‘sync-in’ with the breath and heartbeat of Gaia, which is synchronized with Divine offerings gifted by Source, so that she is able to evolve and move in the benevolent cycles within Creation. All things within existence are connected, and the sooner that humanity awakens to this truth, the more potential we can create for ourselves and our home planet in order to begin its healing. This is a Divine marriage in every way, and there is nothing within our existence that we do not affect.   Your consciousness, your awareness, can allow you to move in Divine sync with God’s offerings for it is the intrigue, the pull at the soul level, to unite and commune with your spiritual beginnings. Walking as Spirit is our natural state of being, and for the first time in Gaia’s history, we are awakening to it in physical form, for it is our birthright to ignite the highest aspects of wisdom, vibration, and intelligence from within.


The Kundalini ~ Light Body

This most recent earthly spring shift is one that has intensified to the level that my physical body has not felt before. For the past few years, I have felt my chakras gain intensity in spiraling and spinning sensations. I am rebuilding myself at the molecular level, which creates incredible but subtle vibratory sensations all over my body, to keep up with heightened frequencies and refinements. There is nothing that will be left out of this ascension process, and be sure to seek the practices that work for you and that allow you to sync in with Creation and serve and nourish your body. An important aspect of ascension and the Kundalini rising that I will share, in my own experience, is that you must begin a practice that allows you to get ‘really’ comfortable with your connection and feelings about energy.

The human physical body cannot merely adjust over night to a 5th dimensional resonance, and this is why the process of the Kundalini awakening, and a primary attribute to ascension, will take up to ten years. The ascending human will also have additional chakras to move through. These will create additional sensations and multi-dimensional experiences that we have never been taught or shown how to manage. Thus the ascending human must learn to create flow and improve focus in order to minimize the intensities that can occur. I am not one to bring any level of fear into any of my writings, for it is not my vibration, however, I must be honest, at this stage of my awakening, light body formation, it is more intense than even I anticipated.

Kundalini sensations and symptoms vary from every person, for we all come forth with a varied Akash, varied conditions and belief systems that absolutely affect how you view the world, the Universe, and the energetic activations as they occur. Due to the myriad of earthly lifetimes that I have experienced, and experiencing great trauma due to limitation and density, I have many roles as ‘spiritual warrior’ that must be healed. I have had my share of emotional, physical, and energetic shifts that are far too many to list, but there have always been profound revelations and liberation once the Akashic release and healing has occurred. Energy must move, and if one has designed to ascend, then all that was left unresolved must be brought forward to heal. Any suppressed, fractured soul aspects will require its time to be healed and loved to emerge anew and whole, and why this planetary ascension has taken the time that it has.


As I have stated in previous articles, we are the master alchemists. We are altering our consciousness from within, so that the very chemistry of our vessel can shift to match the higher resonance of what we intend, and so that whatever refined offerings and coding’s are being offered from the auspices of Source, for Gaia and all of humanity, we have prepared ourselves to absorb, integrate, and expand with. This is also why phases, initiations, and higher dimensional assistance is offered in the way that they are. We truly have been gifted to advance, to evolve, to ascend from limitation and fear and arise within the crumbling ashes of the old human story.

One is always offered the appropriate time to integrate, refine, redefine, and love thyself, so that we can masterfully heal and expand into greater more expansive potentials. We have consciously and incrementally ignited change and rebirth from within. We have modified and altered our electromagnetic resonance so that what is seen from the heavens is a new ‘light body’ cloak. The illuminated galactic human will alter oneself so that our hearts will open and radiate the frequency of unconditional love, compassion, and all knowing sparked from the light of Source.

This is the transformation, the ascension, the unveiling and remembrance of the Universal Christ, and it will be offered to those who so desire. All that we do in the process of awakening is to enlighten all that we are from within, so that we create the foundations for Universal truths and Source potential. This concept can be explained as ‘bringing heaven unto earth.’ Universal truths will allow us to expand upon all that we know to be true and redefine it in profound ways thereby preparing us for greater cosmic evolution and exploration. As we integrate expansive consciousness, we create limitless gifts from within that emit love and creative expression as it was intended for us to experience. We are able to ignite and manifest the waking conscious alignment with the highest potentials that are infinitely and lovingly offered from God.


Know your profundity to create, inspire, and ignite the wave of light that alters all within its path.  You are worthy and deserving of such an experience, for you are held sacred within the ALL.  2016 holds profound elements and ignition for tremendous potential for all of humanity to rise up and swim within the limitless love, and the Universal light that has always been offered.


In love and light,

Joanna L. Ross


Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher




We are so excited to bring our ‘First Contact Learning’ Event to a pristine vortex and hub for lightship engagement. The 11/11 gateway, one of the most powerful ascension dates, will be the inspiration to which we will be offering a lovely two seating event for those inspired by high frequency discussions, meditation alignments and ascension dialogue about human potential and the path way for open conscious contact.


Join us for this loving and heart-awakening event ~



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