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Universal Channels

The Arch Angel Collective

The Elementals

The Voice of Gaia

The Elements of Source


Joanna’s Opening;

Good morning dear lighted ones,

Every Saturday morning we gather as a global soul family and energetically commune.   Before every gathering, I sit in a quiet meditative state and I ask the Universal teams to bring forth information and wisdom that is inherently entangled with our topics for the day. Our topics for this particular day were; ‘soul braiding, the Akash, and humanities Rebirth.’ Allow yourself to join our soul family and open your heart as we entangle and soak within the wisdoms and light encodings from Creation.  Without even being aware of it, we are being activated and inspired in more ways than we can know at this time, however, the more we intend to live an awakened life in the resonance with Source, we are offered new threads of potential within the All that we exist within.

I was shown the similude of the ALL, and how even the ‘exhale’ and the ‘inhale’ of every breath are valued with the same reverence. Just as the article, ‘Cloud Travel with Jesus,’ stated several months back, that there is unity and required value within each understanding of life.  All aspects of the whole are required, needed, and valued to create symbiotic movement and purpose to the mechanics of the entire innate workings within the All.  I was also shown how the significance of one number was as equal to the whole, as numbers with an infinite number of digits, and how each number carries a unique vibration, that ultimately adds to the whole of itself and the whole.

The master is one that refines each moment with heart-felt practice to include these Universal concepts, for these can be used in every aspect of our moment-for-moment life. We can allow ourselves to rise above the self-serving states of being and allow life to flow in observation of the Divine that moves through us if we allow it.  We can breathe with intent to place focus and Divine intent within every’ inhale,’ as well as the ‘exhale,’ for the Divine breathes in what we exhale, and how we breathe in what the Universe exhales. All breaths, all moments, all focussed thought with Source as the foundation is the path and vibration of what unfurls.  We are so dearly entangled and loved. 

Just as every human is valued, cherished, and gifted with Divine teams of celestial intelligence, wisdom and benevolence, it is within our own free will and intent to create what we will with it, and our ‘free will,’ is felt as equal as the gift of life itself.  This is why our celestial family have not ‘come to our rescue’ in the eon’s of darkness, and why there is not mass landings now.  We are being offered the potential of profound soul expansiveness to learn and be the master creators to rise above any and all limitations placed before us, and of our own design and choosing.  Unless there is complete and utter disregard for Universal life, like that of the destructive potentials of nuclear and other chemical agents to this affect, we are meant to find our way with the gifts and innate abilities that we each possess within.  

Free will is the Divine gifting that allows us to create our own destiny, and as we do, we can master the physical realities with skills that we have earned, and rightfully prepare us for cosmic entanglement in a much more conscious manner.  We are all valued and gifted within the same loving breath from Source. These Universal truths are the birthright of every human, and thus can create a profound sense of ‘self-empowerment’ if one so chooses, to be, do, experience, all that one so desires.   Welcome to our quantum dance ~

The Arch Angel Collective

There is presence in your breath. Focus intent to thy breath of life, and with purpose, create waves of movement and potential into the atmosphere, for the cosmos breathes your exhale. We are with you in your dreams; we are with you in your daily routines, for we are the soul braiding of each of you. Thread each breath, thread each thought and each word in this knowing. We are sewn as One; the will, and through Divine love, this has always been the foundation of our relationship with you. We are in your thoughts, your breath, and your presence of being in every way.

Walk as the spirit that we know you to be, for we are threaded as One,

You are dearly loved,

The Arch Angels


The Elementals

We move and sway with all life. We bring form, we bring life to life, and we are braided with the breath of God, as we ARE you. This is your realization is it not? To know your expansiveness is not limited or held in dormancy to ‘no-thing’ and to ‘no-one,’ for it is the liberation through your Divine spirit-hood, your own free will to explore and know the hue of ones light is within your own realization. We celebrate you in this knowing,

The Elementals


Joanna’s Intro;

I was shown a large rock, much like the one I often visit in Okotooks, Alberta, in which this one Divine rock is similar to that of a core crystal, that is not only encoded with Divine, celestial, and Source information and data, specific to this planet and our human collective story, but it also imbues and absorbs the shifts in consciousness and awareness of the collective family and its evolution.  Like a story keeper, or a cosmic conduit for the galactic central groups and committee’s that assist in the ascension of our species and planet.  There is purpose and value to all life that we seemingly move about life in unawareness of.  Soil, air, rocks, water, elementals, organic particle structure, Source particles, and the movement of all that we swim within has purpose to our existence, and has limitless offerings in the lessons we can tune in to as we explore our infinite state of becoming.  (see attached)


The Voice of Gaia

The spirit rock, a gift of encoding to every planet, sings and reverberates the love of God, for as you move in Oneness, these are kept in love and honor for all time, as the story unfolds, we move together in synchronic breath to a new dawn.  The Voice of Gaia


The Elements of Source

Within all things, the particles, the unknown, the known, the unexplainable, the story and the unfolding yet to be discovered; we are the elements that slip in and out of your reality barely being noticed or recognized.  When you think of obscure ponderings or unimaginable notions of potential, we are within it all. Inspiring you to conceive of the elements, the perfection of the design, the Divine genius of Source light and Source life.

We celebrate unity in diversity, and the awe-inspiring potential of consciousness, as these are all gifts from God.

The Elements of Source



Joanna’s Ascension Article for the Upcoming

Spring ~ Summer Shifts

The New Human Cycle

Good morning dear lighted ones,

The inspirations are flowing. Recently, I have been asking my teams for information about our Universe to be downloaded in my own personal journey of expansion and integration of higher light frequencies.  As I sat down to meditate this morning; I was offered just that by way of a beautiful moving image of quantum particles of light at the Universal level. Oftentimes in heightened phases of frequency alignment, I fall into a deep sleep, rather than entangle with my teams in a waking state of consciousness. I believe this occurs to allow for the appropriate ‘state of being,’ so that the myriad of energetic and physical adjustments can take place when I have designed it to occur and when I am energetically ready.  As we enter into heightened ascension offerings, and / or within soul blueprint activations, we will understand that our daily rituals and practices will take on a whole new sensation and story.  This has been happening lately as my body and energy fields are not only being adjusted, but synchronized as we move into never experienced before frequencies and light codings.   I came out of my meditation without any recollection of entanglement with my teams, however I was instantly gifted with this incredible Universal image that my drawing skills does not justify in beauty or in meaning. (see attached)


I was shown, what I am assuming is the flow of energy to and from the center of our Universe, and the flow of the infinite cycles that branch off into other Universes.  There are systems and weavings, blankets, and layers of energetic patterns that we are all sewn within and how Source emits, from the center of it all, as an incredible white/silver/gold light, (that we do not have in our wording, a color to describe) flowing out in systematic, perfection to illuminate and potentiate with love.  Each particle of light, each flowing and spiraling system was working in Divinely orchestrated waves and motions, each giving, and taking from each other, and spiraling up and out within the infinity symbol to a new set of cycles within new Universal potentials and offerings.  We are, just as every breath of life is, a fragment of particle light~love, swimming and moving in synchronistic play with all else, if we are in tune and awake in this way. Like pure liquid love, we are unfolding, unfurling, and being offered into the whole as a cosmic soup and weaving.  All that we emit, in every way, from every galaxy, from every being, from every aspect of life, flows back into the whole, the mirror reflection of all life being summoned and loved and then gifted a new cycle to sense and experience life in new and exciting ways.  The continual process of soulful evolution.

Nature’s Symbology

The bee and the bee hive immediately popped into my consciousness, as I thought about this lovely celestial download.  It reminded me of the sickened state that our bee population is in, and how it mirrors to us not only the disconnection that we have moved about life with in relationship to all that Gaia and God offers to us, but also the destructive cycles that we have forced upon Gaia that moves in direct opposition of loving and respectful entanglement.  With over population, land-nature-human disengagement, deforestation, and the strangulation of toxic sprays, chemtrails, and additives in everything, we have ammassed a cycle that is showing us in every way that what we have been doing is NOT working.  We do not know more than any other element within Creation, and we are not above any aspect of life that has been the primary train of thought by those in ‘power position.’

The elegant and beautiful symbology offered in this one moving image was profoundly layered in many earthly lessons, and it will resonate with me for eternity, and it was all I could do to energetically gather all that I know to disseminate the subtle lessons and threading that we have within it.  I could describe this Universal image of what we exist within as what we understand about the bee-hive, and the constant loving flow in and out, systematic processes and inner workings that allow each bee, each layer, and each human to survive.  For we rely upon the bee in a very profound way, and when this one ecological natural offering falls ill, it is a crucial warning symptom of the path that we have created.

This one image that I was gifted, can allow us to learn in many ways.  Not ony are we gifted the expansive understanding of the inner workings of the emanations of God, and how we exist within it, but we are also gifted the mirror reflection of this one natural capstone that guages the health of our very existence upon Gaia.  The bee hive offers the obvious geometrical shapes that most recognize, and also found within the most minute aspects of our physical reality, but also allows us to sense the symbiotic movement between all elements of its operation.  Every particle of light, like every bee, having its own role, its own purpose, and path for loving expression and offering, and if all individuals move ‘in sync’ with its higher purpose, in loving honor and respect of one another, then the synchronistic result is mirrored in health, abundance, and well being for the All.

This one image, allowing us to take the lessons and create a shift in our consciousness and ability to shift this ‘now moment’ and walk with greater care, compassion and awareness for all life.  We are constantly being offered the lessons from Creation to engage us in a deeper and more rich manner to the meaning and value of oneself, one another, and all life, for we are all streaming light particles that feeds into the whole.  Just as the health of one bee affects the synergistic workings and offerings of the all, so too does every aspect of life here, and each being within Creation, and why so many beings are with us in assistance of our awakening in every way.  Each being, each understanding of life, each system, and branch of life feeds and ignites into other infinite systems, that are all consequently doing the same thing.  The One is the All, and the All is the One.


The Universal ‘Becoming’ ~ The Dance with Creation

My third book that will be published within the next week on Amazon, will be the encompassing all of these quantum human and Universal topics.  As we tap into the depths and expansiveness of all that we are within Creation, we can then better understand our entanglement and ability to smooth and heal the ailments that we have created in our stories of separation and illusionment.  I have been writing and expressing the concepts of how we are unfolding, unfurling, and becoming a new version of human. These light-encodings are allowing us to shift our physical chemistry in every way, and those that desire to tap into what is being triggered from within, can allow their entire reality experience to move with the wave of liquid love that we are now being ushered into our earthly ascension experience.

For those that create sacred time to honor spirit within, the Higher Self, and the abundance of celestial teams standing by ready and waiting for our acknowledgement, there is the distinct possibility for unveiling of the experience of the Universal ‘becoming.’  To energetically sense in every way that you are a part of the whole, and you can sense the unfurling of magical Divine gifts at every moment, for it is the intimate and intracate dance that we entangle with, and these upcoming phases and offerings will be just that to those that so desire.  This is why many that are awakening can seem to suddenly know highly esoteric and Universal wisdom without any currently life training.  We are becoming a part of the heightened frequencies that carry, absorb, and emulate encodings, and data for our evolution into spiritual well-being and Oneness.


The New Human Cycle

We are preparing for the cycle of the new dawn, the prophesized awakening of the human collective, the human family, and the children of God as we become aware that there are benevolent beings, systems, and orchestration that we are all an aspect of. We are entering into a new human cycle that we create with the expansiveness of our consciousness and how we intently weave our love and excitement into all that we do. These new energetic movements within the infinite flow of infinite proportions, that thread back into the ALL. Systems within systems, cycles within cycles, and we are awakening and surrendering into the elegance and benevolent dance within Creation as symbiotic weavers of light and love, and with this, we move in Divine synchronization with Source and collective blueprint to evolve.

Those that desire and have contracted to not partake in the ascension process, will move in a system and cycle that will branch off into the direction that will support that frequency and earth reality, and as I sense it, will no longer be available for us to view, experience, or see within the vibrations that we create and exist within.  This is what has been noted as the ‘split off,’ when the two reality frequencies of those that remain in the 3rd dimensional resonance, and those that intently move with heart-felt desire into lighted potential and knowingness.  We are all gifted with Divinely perfect resonant bedding that will ‘fit,’ with the blueprint that we have all uniquely designed and chosen.  New systems and cycles within each reality, within the infinite reality experience, is all Divinely orchestrated.

I have stated many articles, live radio shows, and classes, it is ever more important that we fall in love with all that we are, and surrender into the acceptance of what we are being gifted.  We can let go and swim with the current of Source, and within this, there are Divine giftings, and the flow will be felt.  The Divine human path to evolution, the sacred unfolding as we create ‘heaven upon earth,’ is the new human cycle that we are innately initiating ourselves into, for it is our Universal becoming within the Dance with Creation. The constant state of unfolding, as the center of the Universe, Source, is constantly unfolding and unfurling in response to all that we are emitting and vibrating to the All, thus creating a new light field that will support new potentials to which we create and resonate within our heightened ability to explore, know, prepare, and expand within the awareness and consciousness field of every now moment.


Consciousness is ALL THINGS

Our individual consciousness, our awareness to the All That Is, and the entanglement with our expansiveness, the awareness to which we can awaken to, is our part, our unique gifts, and our offerings within It, IS our awakening to the Christed spirit-hood. The ‘I AM THAT I AM,’ is the unfurling of our consciousness that we are held within the ALL in every way it can be expressed, and that consciousness is the ALL.  We are uniquely required, to add our own unique quantum pulse and expression to the mix of the infinite matrix, the infinite weaving of this Divine threshold in which we sit within right now.  Awaken the heart dear lighted ones; awaken the pulse within your veins to swim with the movement of light, of love, and Divine knowing that you are so very required within it all. You have a quantum encoding that can allow you to open to the most intricately woven design that is encoded with limitless ignition to entangle you more richly within the ALL. This quantum and Divine encoding is held in sacred honor by Source, by the myriad of celestial teams of higher dimensional frequencies, and by our soul families, that also know of our limitless potential. Activate the purity of this potential and attune with the flow of this Universal engagement of unity in movement.

There is nothing that we are not able to connect and ‘link in’ with. We are moving particles of light and as we allow the vaults of awareness and Divine design to flow through us, we become an active pulse of the infinite potentials within the matrix of Creation. Systems of light and flowing gifts of love that are braided and sewn within each and every one of us to ignite within the heart of who we are, and thus alter the path before us, that truly does soak and thread within the grand matrix of the ALL.


Human Stories, Corrections & Birthing’s

In all life there is consciousness that also exists and desires to entangle with the All, with us, and as we awaken, as we tap into these Universal truths of light and love, we allow the portal of the infinite to open to us and show us a new version of all that we are. We now understand, that at a quantum level; we are creating the human life stream of energetic potentials that coalesces with the ALL, in this new birthing into our most refined light field. This is also why we are sensing new socio-economic systems, for all that we create with heightened values of integrity and purpose for the ‘ALL,’ will flow into new concepts to release the ‘outdated and corrupt,’ as we feel our way through to new cycles of light, much like the light emanations continually flowing to meet and match ever-heightened states of being.  Only similarly resonating energies will be within the cycle, and all else will flow to its own cycle resonant with that vibration.

The energy I was sensing’s around this flow was that of the ‘Aquarian’ vibration, and how four major, or primary human stories were being concluded and ‘made right,’ if you will.  This is the idea of the prophecies unfolding.  We are seeing the corrupted darkened version of our human story, that in many ways will be smoothed out, like the quantum blanket of particles of ‘now’ moments, being adjusted and altered because of our moment-for-moment refinements that each of us do in our ability to know and experience ourselves as Source life, Source light, Source potential.

There is a sensing that the new human story, the illuminated galactic human, is the story that we were meant to play out eons ago. We were always meant to be cosmically aware, cosmically entangled, and cosmically dancing within our greater Universal playground, and do so with the desire to evolve and ascend in every way.  With the veils of illusions drawn from the factions of control that we chose to play within, we have been hidden from every aspect of Source and spiritual liberation, which is now even challenging for many to grasp the inherent connection and entanglement that we have within the Divine.  The experience of dark and light that we see playing out upon Gaia right now, like a yo-yo effect will be short lived.  For it is merely the dust settling for those that may awaken at the last minute and join the wave of light potential.

This will no longer be the case in these very next cycles. There will be a distinct ‘letting go’ of the ‘old world energies’ that seem to curtail our experiences in drama, ill health, and chaos. For these light emanations, and Christed heart offerings will allow for the miraculous and profound to seep into our reality in the most obvious of ways and allow for the distinct awareness that we have shifted father from the earth reality that is not in quantum rhythm with what we beat within the expanding heart of our illuminating spirit. These quantum fields of play will begin to have less and less affect on one another as these two cycles of earthly experience branch off and move into cycles within the Universe that are more aptly ‘in sync’ with the story and agenda’s unfurling.


The earthly ascension, the Gaia’s story of her planetary ascension is the ability to allow her the potential to breathe again, in lighted communion with a collective that is acutely aware of her and all of her offerings, and thus, desiring to also engage and entangle with our cosmic family. In a Divine and loving way, the story that we are playing out at the higher consciousness level, is that of ‘making it right.’ There are many ‘historic’ stories that we are now stepping into our own Divine mastery and carving a path that is united and abundant with love for all, and at a quantum level, we are shifting the outcome of not only the characters, but all within the story, and thus realign within the stream of the greater good of the All.

These elegant stories and the idea of our spiritually alive ‘state of becoming,’ and the story of our own local Universal ‘enfoldment’ that I have been sensing and writing about, is all entangled, and how this earthly story of profound vibrational evolution is one that will also smooth and ‘right’ the vibrational path when Jesus was crucified. His death was one story within the whole of human history that signified the missed opportunity that humanity did not own the soulful liberation within that he so masterfully taught and emulated to us.  We chose as a collective to slip into the hands of those bellowing control and fear, and thus it was the beginning of the darkness and separation from spirit. As we realign and empower ourselves from within, via daily practice and path work, we sew new threads and potentials to smooth out the timelines and stories that were washed away upon Jesus’ death.

These new cycles, new stories, of the human spiritual liberation and freedom into wellness, rebirth, and renewal to a new Creation evolutionary story written within the All. We are, and we have always been creating waves of lighted awareness that brings the rich potentials back into our view, and thus offering us heightened portals to align with our highest Divine potential within. This is why ascension path work, or creating daily sacred time for communion with thyself, with spirit, with your celestial teams and the Higher Self is so very key. These are quantum sacred practices that allow for the continuation of our soul stories to unfold in pure Divine timing.  The sacred devotion and path work opens the skills and practices to master energetic unfoldings, and direct our innate power to create streams of light weaving for us to move ‘in-syn’ with and within the Divine manuscript for Creation.

If we are forever in a sleepy state of denial and self-gratification, or remain sunken within the depths of separation spawned by materialism, greed, and control, then we are never to fulfill the story of who we truly are. The spirit, the soul, the physical vessel, the quantum existence to which we swim within, is shifting. Those that prepare, will create profound unfolding’s and swim with the current of these offerings. As the shifting’s become increasingly intense in purity and refined adjustments in the overall weaving within new cycles, these ripple effects will become more and more noticeable to those that have contracted to move in synchronization with Gaia.


There is great importance about our connection, entanglement, and awareness of healing our relationship Gaia and all of her offerings. As we awaken and create attuned synchronization with Gaia, we begin a new weave, a new thread of light that energetically stabilizes the rarified offerings. Our interplay and awareness to entangle and commune with Gaia and all of her Divine offerings will play a very large role in our new earth education with our celestial primary teams upon first contact and first landings. For all that we are ‘out of sync’ with will be first on the agenda for realignment. As I have said in many articles, we are not ready to cosmically explore until we are in Divine synchronization and movement within our own planetary story and within our own collective family. Therefore, we must go within and smooth out the energetic weaving that requires healing and reactivation with soulful love, acceptance, and forgiveness upon all fronts.

Our ability to entangle with loving benevolence and compassion within one another, our planet, and ourselves is where we start. This becomes the playbook for our understanding of who we are as Divine beings of living light that unfolds a new quantum pathway to Source with every new breath. This new sense of lighted focus and intent is the new way of existing within refined planetary potential. Every now moment creates a new liberated path that is increasingly expansive in all ways that we are able to experience God, and light in the infinite ways that it is gifted.

These lighted concepts and these aspects of understanding will be more prominent with every new phase of ascension offerings. For we will be shown that all that we knew has been upgraded in frequency and therefore requires that we also upgrade our sense of knowing, our sense of thought, our sense of being to move in sync with refined potentials. As my Universal picture allows for a very ‘rough idea,’ of how we flow, emit, and entangle with the ALL, as IT does with us, and as the core matrix weave is upgraded and encoded to move in a more magnified and accelerated manner, so too is the ripple when we synchronize with our unlimited potential.  The pulse, the grid, and the weave within Universal matrix flow is affected. These are the graphic sensing’s of how we move based on the level of awareness and consciousness that we each have free will to attune and hone, and thus flow in alignment with the greater weaving in which we exist within. When we move in accordance with the frequency of light that we attune to.  It is an elegant quantum dance, and as we glide and sway in communion with Source, we offer this unified beat to the weave that is Creation. If we move in the frequency of anger, judgment, or fear, we then create bubbles, blocks, or ripples of distraction within the weave, creating the resistence of flow back to you.

 Emanations of GodUUnity

Quantum Ripple Effect

The quantum ripple effect that we have been sensing occurs in soulful gatherings, spirited sacred sessions, and merely emiting the purity of your intent to be entangle with spirit.  It is important to note that all that we do in every way, is a fragment of potential that is shown in this drawing, and how it collects, gathers steam, and energy from the Universe it swims within, to then be returned for the experiential lesson in some way. Those that prepare and align with such Divine offerings, or Universal concepts, or any expanding threading of throught and potential will increase the ability to more richly know who you are as Divine light beings of limitless potential.  This is mastery, and how we can refine the frequency, thus refining the vessel for what is unfolding, and therefore we navigate a more rarfied human illuminated experience.  The most profound and flowing probabilities within these accelerating final phases of adjustments are held within our ability to ignite expanded awareness, this is the ripple effect of quantum change that shifts the planetary, galactic, and Universal experience.

Remember dear lighted ones, we are sewn and entangled within the All, and as we master the ability to refine and heal, as we perfect the balance between and ego and spirit, we allow for the full surrender and embrace of our God-self to emerge and create a new ripple effect and story within Creation. We are embedded and encoded within the All, and we are merely now awakening to these Universal truths that can allow us to move ‘in sync’ with the Divine weave of light that has always been our birthright.  This is the story of the return of the dove and the rise of the phoenix.  To move in spirited authenticity of God essence within and move above and beyond the darkened ashes of destruction and control.  This is our new cycle, the new story, the illumination of cosmic unity and human potential that swims within the flow of Source light.

Know your profundity to create, inspire, and ignite the wave of light that alters all within its path.  You are worthy and deserving of such an experience, for you are held sacred within the ALL.  2016 holds profound elements and ignition for tremendous potential for all of humanity to rise up and swim within the limitless love, and the Universal light that has always been offered.


In love, unity, and light,

Joanna L. Ross


Intuitive Visionary, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Public Speaker, Author, Esoteric Teacher




We are so excited to bring our ‘First Contact Learning’ Event to a pristine vortex and hub for lightship engagement. The 11/11 gateway, one of the most powerful ascension dates, will be the inspiration to which we will be offering a lovely two seating event for those inspired by high frequency discussions, meditation alignments and ascension dialogue about human potential and the path way for open conscious contact.


Join us for this loving and heart-awakening event ~




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