The Rewards of the Pathwork ~ Divine Treasures


Good morning dear lighted ones,
In the many years that I have been consciously on this path, there is not a day that passes when growth and insight is not gained.

The changes, the shifts, and expansive sensations as of late have been no less than profound. Not only are there the physical changes to the refinements and transmutation with the acceptance of the Shekinah, but also the depth, width, and breath that all is the path to Source.

The greater flow with all life, is the path of, to, and with Source. It is our natural state of being and our birthright to return. It is the easiest, natural-feeling, and most revealing. For it has been the path that every human program was designed to separate us from.


The human patterns are deep and powerful, yet the desire and Divine will to know and reunite with Source is infinitely more profound and potent. This is the core knowingness, the essence that allows us to move moment for moment into the vast of the unknown and unite with our most Divine self and the Universal families that guide, mentor, heal, and offer insight to us. This is the human paradigm and ‘free will’ and choice are at the center of the infinite paths that offer a unique gift to each person.
What a profound ride of consciousness exploration that is the ultimate gift from God to every soul.  We gain the depth of love that truly exists, the unification and skills to thread new Divine beginnings and stories and Creative life potentials that now can incorporate our celestial families that has never been done in this way before for a human collective.  This is why this ride is so utterly breathtaking and why my passion is ignited in every moment of Divine energetic gifting.

This is my first blog post in months, and I have purposely allowed myself to be removed from writing so that I can focus all of my intent upon the physical and energetic phases that required my utmost attention. My physical vessel, my energetic ability, and what I am being transfused with is beyond earthly words and is moreover, sacred.  Sacred is a word that travel in resonance far beyond what we see, know, and hear.  Sacred is the ‘sacrament’ the contract and treasured union of promise and honor and truly can allow you to go into new realms of intention and experience if you so desire to act upon its infinite meaning and vibration.  The intent to create anything as being ‘sacred’ is done at the moment the intention is made and how it will affect the over soul growth and threading within Creation.  These are key aspects of sensation and knowingness that comes with any soul progression and ascension into illumination and what we teach in our monthly ‘Initiation and Temple Teaching’ classes.

We are remembering how to ignite change in all ways through our infusion and activation of the sacred teachings that allowed us to feel all that was possible in our reality experience.  Now that humanity is heightened to this degree, the planetary offerings at every new phase and celestial alignment will thus then incrementally allow us the innate power to align with the Divine in pristine and entirely ‘new’ ways.  What we are on the edge of dear lighted ones, is the beginning of the beginning.  In all that we do, from this point forth, is the foundation setting of all that is our trajectory of the new human paradigm that has us setting forth the pulsation of light never seen before in Creation.  We set that frequency and pace of the Divine altering all that we know, and it is a new path.

Anything that you can do in your moment-for-moment life, to align you with your natural state of Divinehood, allow this to be your centre-point, for there are incredible shifts forth coming that will stir growth in every way ~ growth for the human experience is usually felt and known by the release of every insecurity and lack-of-self that we have chosen to take on and create egoic patterns of limitation. It is the game we all signed on to explore. This is the game that we all have the choice to play, entangle with, dance within, and rise above. This is the gift of a lifetime to expand in the most profound test of Creation. This is why we arose to the challenge offered.


Know your profundity to seek Source and the Divine within and never stop seeking, never stop the desire to know the Godself and Source ~ for there are the treasures of all the heavens in your pursuit of knowing, love, and peace.

Enjoy your path, for you are the initiate and master on the ride of a lifetime, and be sure to join us for our regular weekly radio shows, monthly alignment sessions, and our very special ‘Masters Alignment & Invocation’ as we swim within the most intense and refined summer frequencies yet.  This class will be held on the 22nd of July in a global webinar platform to not only invocate to Source and Creation our intent for light and self-knowing, but also the innate preparation to declare our path for the ‘ever-so grand’ energetic galactic offering of the ‘Lion’s Gate Portal.’ This is simultaneously to the FREE ‘Universal Unity Awareness & Celebration Day’ that unveils on August 08, 2016, with meditation, alignment, and connection with our Universal teams.

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Universal Webinars & Alignment Classes

The soul family braid is strengthened, lengthened, and sewn upon the platforms of love and light pulsing through Creation for all to share and delight in.  I am grateful to be with you on this ride.
Blessings and light,
Joanna L. Ross

Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Author, Public Speaker