Choice is so Very Key ~ Set Your Frequency


Good morning dear lighted ones,

I synchronistically came across a lightship video this morning, taken by someone out and about and suddenly noticed a profound lightship and set of lightships in the local sky.  After only moments of the beautiful lightship dancing and creating a lovely show, I  heard the anxiety and fear from the person filming it. This brought me to bring forth a reminder and concept that is key to align with your highest designed path of light.


These are the energies, examples, and experiences first hand that we will be entangled with as we approach first landings and first contact and exactly ‘why’ we do what we do. Our classes, our ascension YouTube and all that we do is to allow each and every human, if they so desire, to tap into the deep seeded beliefs and out of aligned patterns that ignite fear at a very deep level. When we are entering into a final phase, there will be those that will pull out all the stops to challenge those not set in their intent to choose which path they prefer, and why the Sirians allowed us to understand last week; ‘Complacency is not a vibration that will pass through into the next phase.’

This means that moment-for-moment choice is required and why we have stated this in every one of our teachings. We have been riddled with limitation for eon’s and we are now entering into the phase in which we must stand bold, be clear, and roar like the profound lion to stake our claim and birthright to light, and unconditional love. These stirrings and shifts are Divinely planned to bring humanity into a position in which one truly must decide which state of being is the preferred choice. One will either choose fear and doubt, or one will let go and take a leap of faith into the light of the heavens. We must choose, for complacency will not entangle with the vibration beyond the photon belt in which we teeter upon.

These engagements and entanglements are not to be feared and to race to the police and create defenses around. These are the vibrations that keep limitation and fear spiraling about our cosmic family and Universal gifting’s of our unlimited potential in light and cosmic Oneness.


It is why platforms like this are so necessary to assist in bringing greater awareness and understanding to a topic, a genre, and our birthright in knowing that we are evolving to a point that will allow for cosmic unity. Bit by bit, post by post, and loving interaction by each one of us, makes a difference in shifting the beliefs and attitudes of the collective to be open and knowing that we are ONE as a family in this new exploration.

Create a state of knowingness and light for all that you are and this is and will be the reality experience you allow to open up for you.

These are beautiful explorations and those that move in fear, can move beyond fear by going within and doing self-reflective path work that allows them to see that we are ONE within the ALL. Be discerning of all information you allow into your field of light, for we are truly at the edge of something truly profound and beyond what any tablet could have predicted eon’s ago. We have all written and designed our soul blueprints at the highest level of intelligence and awareness, so we can fall into a state of ‘trust’ that we know what we are doing, and so too do the teams of being that are supporting us and showing themselves to us to test our moment-for-moment readiness.EarthDodecahedron

These are the stirrings of a collective preparing for contact and expansion into a new cosmic reality experience and why it is so key to create sacred communion time, self-reflective time, and heightened examination of what we are truly moving into as we galactically move in symbiosis with our brethren.

We truly are creating waves of light that will alter and shift our entire reality experience in every way, and each moment you align and set your frequency to unconditional love and limitless potential, so too will be all that unfolds to you.

~ Celebrate dear lighted ones; trust that you, Source, your Higher Self, and your teams know exactly what they are doing in the greater alignment of your path, and remember to play and celebrate your light!  We are supposed to have fun and live in a lighted way, for these are truly the most incredible times of transformation that we have ever been gifted.


Blessings and light in your path work and light awakening,


Joanna L. Ross


Intuitive Visionary, Esoteric Teacher, Ambassador for Universal Unity, Author, Public Speaker