Divine Orchestration & Encodings


There is Divine Orchestration in All Unfolding’s

Whether you allow yourself to know your Higher Self and Soul manifesting opportunities for you to engage more deeply with spirit, move more deeply within self-love, self-acceptance, self-knowing, or whether you are about to take a new vocational role across the globe ~ there is orchestration at every level.

Ringed Planet and spiral

The more that we are able to surrender and let go of what we ‘think’ we have control over, or what we ‘think’ we have to control or manage, the sooner Universal flow can be ignited within you. You will receive exactly what you are ready for, what you are able to carry energetically, and what you are able to move through, and this is the perfection of a Divine Universe in orchestration for all life, all potentials to know love. It is our limitations in beliefs about who we are and what we are sewn with that impedes all Divinity from being experienced in the elegant manner in which it is designed to enrapture us with.

You will receive all brilliance, synchronicity, intelligence awakening within your DNA, and within the particles being refined for experience in Divine timing. Accept the Divine flow of love and a unique and loving partnership with the ineffable MotherFatherGod living through you, and all that unfolds is exactly what is meant to, thus propelling unconditional trust in every choice, every path taken, and every desire set free to the Universal web of potential.


Surrender and allowance is so very key in your initiation to Universal flow. Trust with reverence and unconditional knowing you are being served and the Divine has the highest intentions and desires for you to fulfill all that you had designed in your highest state of Heavenly knowing.

Spirit Entanglement

Breathe, place your hand upon your heart, and make a wish, a pure intention of your highest path being ignited and fulfilled, and as you exhale, release with ‘knowingness’ that the Universe and all of its benevolent councils to bring forth what is most highly needed and relevant for your path.


Prayers, meditations, and invocations are your thread of intent and Divine will within Creation. The Divine knows how, when, and why all aspects of manifestations can and are capable of the most unfathomable to be propelled into the blessings you can receive. Open up to your Divine perfection and know that this perfection holds within it your skills; abilities, inner truth and knowing to all that you need to navigate a heightened path of enlightenment.

You are sewn with all that you require to manifest peace, love, self-love, inner knowing, inner clarity, harmony, health, and abundance.

Mysterious glowing trajectory, computer generated abstract background

You are perfectly encoded for brilliance, peace, and Divine success in every way, so how may you create? The heart is your Divine Sacred portal to all light, to all love, to all entanglement with spirit, and as you seek the stillness and peace within this sacred chamber of limitless potential, you will always find what you need and desire.



Blessings within your most profound unfolding,



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