New Beginnings ~ 2017


So much to be grateful for!

When you begin with a new year thought, what is your first musing?
There are times in which the cycles of being human, the cycles of life that naturally flow, allow us to be awake to who we are in a more profound way so that we alter and shift to a new way of being. This time of year, seasonal unfoldings tend to ignite this do they not?
We often feel the inspiration to change, to start, to begin, to change, something, anything, to manfiest something magical, something new. I have found myself on a path of infinite cycles of change through my desire to seek within and know the mysteries that exist herein, and in doing so, has inspired 3 incredible children, profound in their own right and wise beyond their years. Three heart~felt books about self-awareness, self-love, and human potential when spirit is alive and known in the ALL, and a beautiful loving platform that shares weekly ascension radio shows, monthly ascension classes, global sacred tours and live soulful family events in which we have found friends, family, and loved ones we have worked with in other lifetimes all cycing back to glow again in what we know to be true.


So much to learn from the cycles offered and the letting go to begin anew!
When we began the ascension platform years and years ago, to explore our vast cosmos, to explore the Divine, to explore all that I was being inspired with, there were few that even knew about us or understood what ‘Universal Unity’ means or even that we have consciousness and infinite family all about us ~ there were times when even my doubt caught the better of me. The stir within was greater than any doubt and I knew I had to move on and each doubt that surfaced, or every rolling of the eyes that left me doubting my own gifts, I knew there was purpose and meaning within it and it had to begin.
I suppose this post is like most New Years posts, in which we ruminate about all that we have moved through, and honour the sacred lessons and love held within every challenge, and strength of spirit that blooms from every new release and letting go. However, I am not going to spiral in the grand and glorious goals and checkpoints that use to feed my ego, for I am much more peaceful and at rest with being open to love within a moment of silence and spirit entanglement, and to know that every cycle of rebirth will bring forth the majesty unique and special and designed by a frequency beyond what I can fathom.


Knowingness in new beginnings, knowingness in the Divine Creators, the spirit that unfolds all magic is what drives me to expanded peace, and inspires new classes to hand off to new aspiring energetic teachers and healers, and as we transition and transform, transmute and renew, I know all is well and blessed! I have learned so much and I feel I have gained grander love in this lifetime that allows me to feel and be the Divine Feminine that can express the level of light and love from many realms, many frequencies, and create & co-create with Gaia, all Heavenly consciousness and all elementals and the infinite aspects of life to inspire those who so desire to explore how limitless energetic life truly is.

Surrender and take sacred honour into the blessings of all that you have created and ignited. For however small your shift into joy, happiness, and bliss, is as grand a player in global change as the most profound and extreme devoted actions. You have worked hard, you have released pain, you have forgiven, you have gifted compassion, you have gifted kindness, you have been forgiven, and you have let go of what no longer resides within a heart-guided loving inspired life ~ know that you set your own frequency to all that unfolds to you and there is nothing you are not able to resolve, to claim, to manifest in light and heightened potential for wellness, health, abundance, prosperity, and peace within ~ it is a birthright we are all here to explore and experience as awakened Divine living light in human form.


You are far more than you were taught, told, or knew yourself to be, and this…….I know to be true! Why it is so much easier to soften into the new beginnings with excitement and knowingness that I have created the golden path with every thought, word, and deed to be more than I was a moment ago ~ all the ills of the past are healed in love, devotion to loving in this now moment ~ so in all you do, LOVE! It is the healer of all things! It just is!

Thank you to all these lovely souls for your unconditional support and inspirations to my path, to my passions and making them real for others to explore and emit within their own light life. Sometimes the goals and mission is life is not solely about what you get, or what you achieve and accomplish in material gain, but to know you have inspired and empowered others to carry light and speak their authentic voice, and that is the gift of love that cycles in all ways beyond your imagining.

So much to be grateful for ~ I now know, I now act, I now behave and feel so utterly blessed that I am here for reasons far grander than I have ever known and why I am blessed to be here for every new moment. A new cycle, a new beginning, a new way to know love, be love, and experience it all move into greater light,


Thank you and deepest gratitude and light to my three lovely children; Joshua, Hannah, Zachary ~ Gods gift to me ~ My angels upon earth and my greatest teachers of love!
Tina Marie Caouette Programmer and Producer ~ KCOR Network Radio
Chris Mariotti ~ Artist, Musician, Web Genius extraordinaire
Jamie Hendon ~ Social Networker and Awakened Master
Ashten Zimmerman ~ Video, Audio Technician

Thank you team ~ my team of light that makes it all happen ~ Love and blessings to you I know!

My deepest heartfelt gratitude to my teams in all ways.  The myriad aspects of consciousness from the farthest recesses of our Universe tuning into our desire to reach out and create something anew, and beyond my imagining, you arrive in energetic pulsations of love and light.  Thank you to all Angelic presence in the myriad and diverse potentiation that you exist within.  Thank you to the Angels of Tone, Angels of light, the Elohim, the Arc, the Cetaceans on all planets, my energetic teams that shift and change as I do, your commitment, skill, expertise, and unconditional love with me and my blueprint is beyond imaging.  I am so grateful for your light, your love, and my lightship teams, first contact teams, and those in spirit that have been assisting me awaken with my Akashic wisdoms and knowledge; Divine Goddess Isis, Merlin, Enoch, Master Jesus and the Christ Collective, Arch Angel Collective, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Uriel, Arch Angel Gabriel and all the new elementals and fairies now coming to life with me in new ways for us to explore and expand into new paradigms of human understanding and human behaviour into peace and harmony with grander unity and loving wholeness to the All.  My gratitude to Gaia, to all aspects of consciousness that has taught me so much, and has reminded me of all that I know, all that I have entangled with in other lifetimes, and as I come to life now, my pure love for you is limitless.

Thank you for never giving up on me ~ MotherFather God, my true essence of life within all things that I am able to explore, experience, and express and it is through you, through me, that I am able to truly feel alive in exaltation for the first time in human form.  Thank you for igniting me, igniting and directing my teams, igniting and orchestrating my Divinity and destiny to align with all that I have dreamed ~ if even I am unable to understand, fathom, and know, I move forward for the first time with unconditional trust in you, in me, and in all that spirals within my experience.  THANK YOU to all depths and widths, with endless love and light ~ I am grateful for every Divinely encoded breath to sew with love anew.  I am forever in service to the greater good and to the grander Divine Universal plans for loving evolution and I will serve You in all that I do.  My light, my love, THANK YOU.

A conceptual image of a woman meditating in a mystical light.

Thank you and gratitude for honouring me into remembrance of my Divinity, and as I continue to awaken to my limitless glow, I emit and send out emitions to inspire and serve others in this way ~ again, thank you to my Pleiadian family, the Felines, The Birds, Alpha Centauri, my Sirian Children, Sirian family, 8th Dimensional Sirian High Command, Arcturan Light Council, Arcturan family, all those I am unable to specify but know your resonance is spiralling with me in my expansion journey.

Happy New Year dear family, Happy New Year Soul family and friends, you are worthy of this incredible ride! And so it is…..

Blessings and great joy,


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3d rendering of flying saucer ufo on night background

3d rendering of flying saucer ufo on night background