Ascension in Every Moment


Greetings dear ones,

Happy New Year and Divine Blessings ~

Oftentimes in our daily life, we allow ourselves to open up to love through the portal of innocence, simplicity, and moment-for-moment human interaction. The unfolding of our Divinity is held within bringing presence and stillness into a heightened state of being; knowing and acknowledging that every moment is sacred, thus holding the keys to the expansion and ascension in a particle-for-particle, moment-for-moment manner of speaking.

Within every moment we are offered Divine gifts for greater knowing and thus the allowance for greater choice and responsibility within such unfolding’s. Every Divine path holds potential to refine the alignment to the path, the frequency, and the potential that we designed at our highest level of knowingness.


In this knowing, we see that letting go of old behavior’s and patterns that have ignited anger, frustration, or judgment and soften to a wiser more neutral observer. Thus allowing for the energetic space to choose from a place of peace, balance, and harmony to what your heart is speaking and directing of you.


As the holiday is winding down and a new year amps up in an accelerated way, we are honing ourselves to a more true path of light and lighted offering of what we desire to create for ourselves and offering to the All. This requires quiet contemplation and awareness to the everyday moments that trigger us into ever-heightened states of knowing where refinement is required.


We have all come from a bruised and battered past, and we have all had many lifetimes in practice for all aspects of what is unveiling right now, so be patient and kind and loving to all, for these are all the crystalline reflections of our own soul calling forth for greater love and engagement of light.

Choice is so very key to the vibration we ignite and set for our highest and best and know that in all that you do, choose, and move upon; you are supported and loved in all moments you exist ~ Unconditionally! You will always be sent cues and symbols and stirrings to awaken to your most loving and unified state of being, so you can relax and know that this ride to enlightened states of being is truly infinite and ever evolving as we are.


Explore, experience, and allow the love and light of others path to be their unique unfolding and joy ~ Allowance, Acceptance, Surrender, and Acknowledgement of your own Divine light allows others to emit theirs ~ for we are softening to ourselves in all that we do so that we may ever love the depths and widths of all that we are becoming. Allowing the soul infusions and the personality aspects to be One, to be Divinely threaded as we masterfully navigate to heightened threading’s within our new cosmic bedding.

Know and soften into the bliss that ascension, enlightenment, awakening is moment-for-moment refinement and alignment with all that you are to the environments being massaged and encoded specifically for an evolving human collective. Create sacred time to honor your moment-for-moment human life, for it is truly the ride of a lifetime, and one that we have chosen in desire for the opportunities gifted within every interaction with life. All life, all light, all is sacred, for there is MotherFatherGod within it all, as are you.

Thank you for your light, your unique Divine offering to walk in your authenticity and compassion. These simple acts of being kind in our uniquely evolving human way are just as valued and grand in galactic and Universal impact as the most profound earthly and global offering. Know you are valued and required in every way.


You have all meant so much to me and my personal journey and I am grateful for each of you ~ Thank you for your light and unique blessings to Creation ~


Blessings and profound joy,


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