Standing Within the Threshold of New


Good morning dear lighted ones,

We are within the gates dear ones, and as explained yesterday on our live show, we have the potential to truly ‘let go’ of all that ‘was’ and embrace the new dimensional weavings and threadings of this profound NOW moment.

There are the new dimensional threads available to you in any moment you desire and choose to align with it, just as there are the infinite potentials of Creation available to you for your experiential joy.  The diversity in our ability to create is limitless and it is within our proficiency to align and with masterful choice, step upon that thread of ‘unknown’ illumination that awaits our discovery of it.



Regularly ‘Unplug’

In our ability to ‘unplug’ what was; the beliefs and truths that kept us in limitation, we can truly see what is required at the heart level to live in clarity, confidence, and self-love for what is truly in this now moment.  We will be shown that what we truly need is often quite different than the paradigm beliefs we have carried for eons. Allow yourself to take regular breaks from the cacophony of noise and socialnet maintenance to realign and know what true silence and presence feels like.  There is a subtle reclaiming of the self in this process of centering and rebalance and is required for all aspirants on the path of enlightenment.

Mastery is an infinite refinement and realignment cycle, and it is how the path of ascension is threaded into unveiling the gradual illumination of the All that you are.  This process of quantum rebirth is a part of the illumination cycle and it allows for us to sense with pure knowing the new thresholds in which we are soaking within.

As you attune to this fiery Heavenly presence within, you can then creatively project and infuse your moment-for-moment inspiring’s that catalyze the physical manifestation that you experience. You create the new dimensional potentials for you to play within and we have never been immersed within such Divinely aromatic elixirs of love than we are right now.


Do you see what we are illuminating for you dear ones? You are at the threshold of the All, and it is about your clarity in choice, your mastery in action and intent, and your unconditional trust as you surrender and you will be shown the highest resonating passions that you hold within. Remember dear ones, your reality emulates to you that which you hold most dear to your heart and thoughts, and why we have said, ‘knowing your profundity will assure you that you create and experience it.’


Align with the Divine majesty that exists within you, the Sacred Heart that conspires and beats for your success, for your liberation and unconditional display of love and compassion.

There is a Divine temple within that orchestrates every magical unfolding for you.  If you were able to manifest what you have without entanglement with It, how unfathomable would it be if you were to align and thread an unshakable knowingness and love with Its limitless brilliance?

Smoke like Human Figure in Space

You have ultimate creative say in how your reality plays with you, in how the ALL entangles and dances with you.  Create the inner knowing, before you step foot upon the floor, that this is a new dimensional resonance, a new dimensional beginning, and new human story that you are the author of and with this clarity and knowing, affirm your Divine presence and entanglement with It.  In the cosmic vibrational bedding in which we sit within right now, you can be shown with elegance and majesty the power of your loving communion and your innate ability to be One within All that is presented, because you are.  You are encircled within a glorious quantum play in which you play all roles, and your loving intent to be present within this notion, will show Its elegance in all ways.

Dreaming Heart series. Creative arrangement of Human profiles connected by heart shaped nebula, fractal forms and textures as a concept metaphor on subject of love, imagination and unity

This is new dear lighted ones, purely new and you have the power and creative ability and skill to create a brilliant unified plate of delicious musings and entanglements with all life.  So why not create Divine sacred play and enjoy this new Heavenly offering.  Step beyond what was, let it go with love and unconditional trust that all paths will align with their highest and best, so that you may align with yours.  Gift love, gift compassion, gift presence of being and see how truly new these dimensional offerings are.

The infinitely lush and abundant quantum field is awaiting your presence and entanglement, and how may you move within every moment with Divine reverence and appreciation that you are here to claim your birthright of illuminated human creatorhood.  Acknowledge, embrace, surrender, accept all that you are within and so too shall the brilliance within be shown to you to thread anew all over again.  The cycle of Divine loving brilliance exists within for you to ignite it into motion, and when you do, the All will be forever changed because of it.


We truly are standing within new ground and the next 6mths will show the profound shifts of this dimensional sifting. What will you create in this now moment to align your focus with the profundity of NOW. The moment of new, the moment of pure love pulsing within, and the lucidity of the ALL at your feet.

Profound light exists within for you to dance with, entangle with, and create anew, for this is your birthright to explore, express, emit. How may you love thyself, how may you release and step up into the embrace of Heavenly orders welcoming you to a new beginning?


Morning Alignment, Invocation & Intent to Commune in Profound light

Drop to your heart and invoke with loving reverence the light of Source to open with soft and pure intent to honor, serve, and be your highest essence. Place your hand upon the center of your chest, your Divine Sacred Heart and know this embeds your partnership with Mother Father God, and loving call your name 7 times; ‘I am Joanna, I am Joanna…’ and as you recite with the pure open loving intent to be present with Source, with the Divine, with the highest version of you that resides within.

Breathe softly and slowly with gentle presence upon your heart and listen, be present, be in love. Recite softly with knowing; ‘I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am, and I breathe in Oneness with the Divine. I am light, I am love. I choose light, I choose love.’


And so it shall be.


All that you do in this sacred energy will propel you in this way, so be playful, be open with intent, and know you are this threaded with the Divine. As our Divine hierarchy attuned us to yesterday in our show, ‘we walk with you’ and so within our laughter and in our moments of challenge, we are supported and loved in our unveiling of the ALL that exists within.

You are dearly loved,

Blessings and great joy,


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