Universal Divine Agenda ~ You are Sewn Within it!


Good morning dear lighted ones,

There are profound changes that we are all swimming within and we wanted to emit unconditional love and Divine offering in that all is according to a higher Divine plan. You will find the energetic pacing, the daily movement of life quickening, and that all that unveils before you has obvious meaning in your path and purpose for creative expression.
Like a Divine sacred convergence, you will be drawn, pulled, triggered, and aligned with those that will best meet your dynamic shifts and changes in the moment. We often forget how intricately sewn we are with Mother Father God and how we are truly the breath of life that is the experience in which Source thrives upon in this.  Our awakening into this Divine letting go and flow with ‘unconditional trust’ that all is being served will allow for continued elegance in energetic Universal flow.  Life truly flows within the majesty of synchronicity, always.

These current ascension offerings will allow you to truly ‘let go’ of doubt, lack-of-self, and know that you do know what you are doing.  We have allowed the veils of illusions to mask the Divinity of our golden hue and how we are threaded and woven within the infinite cosmic webbing.  You are Divinely guided and all is within the grander orchestration of profound plans and agendas for the greater good, for we are being aligned to our highest soul plan and cosmic threading in which the ALL are served.
In this knowing, we can relax into the flow in which we are perfectly aligned with and so too are all others. You are only responsible for your Divine plan, and all will be attracted into your field of light based on your clarity and knowingness of thyself.  This is no different for the soulful love that we desire to experience and that the awakened heart will begin to ache for. As you shed layers and threading of density and separation, your soul will Divinely orchestrate for soulful synchronicity for you to entangle, dance, and begin new weavings of light and creativity with those you are more closely aligned with at the heart level that are also serving your grander soul contracts for the collective and Universal greater good.


When you create the knowingness that you are ready and worthy of sacred soulful love that your heart is preparing you for, it will absolutely appear.  This is the perfection of Creation and nothing will be left out of your soulful experience.
There is Divine orchestration, timing, and threading’s to grander stories and Universal agendas in all things. So breathe this knowingness that you have councils, guides, and higher dimensional beings as well as your highly astute Higher Self seeking your highest and best in all things.
Allow the Divine to live through you, to inspire through you, to create love, soulful family connections and reunions, and know that there is a higher plan and orchestration that you are dancing within.
The elegant dance of spirit resides within, and why Divine timing will always prevail.

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~ Know you are a Master in this orchestration of your own golden destiny ~ for you are!
Join us in our global ascension events in which synchronistic alignments and soul family gather. Profound activations and re-patterning to let go of all limitation and fear and old timelines that no longer serve the illumination within you. Realign, co-create, and have fun with loving soul family.

Ascension Global Events ~ Universal Unity & Cosmic Oneness


Blessings and great joy,


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