Divine Heavenly Balance


Good morning dear lighted ones,

It seems as though we are riding somewhat of a rollercoaster of late. In my own personal ascension and enlightenment unfolding, I have noticed a dramatic shift in my interests, my focus, and my excitements. I could be experiencing the most incredible sensation of multi-dimensional ecstasy one day, and then be triggered with self-doubt, and general angst the next day.

What I thought was my path all laid out and planned for this lifetime, has seemed as though was only a training session for what is now unfolding as I am being prepared for the next phase of my earthly journey. Many of you may also be sensing such dramatic shifts, turns, and about face movements in your vocational passions and career choices but trust me when I say; this is Divinely timed and know that you are being led deeper within your destined soul purpose.

These elegant twists and turns can allow us to struggle with reason, or question, or analyze, why it is happening, or we can simply surrender into the Divine plan of this loving cosmic wave. We can manifest such brilliance in our lives to test our savvy, our heart felt knowing of what we must move forward with, and sometimes this can feel so new it feels unnerving, uncertain, and even unusually strange. In all that I have learned in opening to spirit, it is usually the strange and unpredictable that allows for the most profound majesty and miracles to unfold, so be open to the opportunities that you are manifesting at the soul level. For every offering will provide you to further clarify what vibrational path you truly choose to experience.


This brings me to my grandest and most exciting statement. I am sensing that over the next six months, there will be many that will truly be shown how magically their paths will be shifted to more fully align with their Divine soul purpose. As an intuitive, I really get excited by such open-ended musings and with profound creativity, we can begin allowing our hearts and Divine Sacred Mind to truly go big and imagine the unfathomable. Be ready for the soulfully and Divine ‘out of the blue’ offerings that create enough momentum that you lifted into a path that becomes your hearts true calling. Allow for the ‘anything can happen’ potentials to sweep into your life and gift you with a kiss from Heaven, for in these incredibly lush manifestation energies, we are the masters of magnificence and miracles are just aching to be born.

Remember dear lighted ones; we are swimming within new dimensional earthly webbings and energies to create, so know that every new synchronicity that is blessed to you is in front of you for a reason. If you truly pay attention, you can sense, feel, and have revealed to you the synchronicities that offer you into a new level and depth of my own inner vastness, and why we say that surrender is the allowance and energetic permission to release this Universal inertia into motion.


My path is seemingly taking me into wider Universal waters in which I am exploring galactic wisdoms and practices that I use in other star systems, upon other worlds, and even within many ancient earthly lifetimes.  I am remembering words, sounds, and symbols and although I am not cognitively aware what it all ‘means,’ I know as I deepen my excitement, joy, and self-appreciation, I will seeming flow into knowingness when I am ready. There is a grand storehouse of wisdoms that are held dormant not only within your DNA, but also within your etheric field. In all that you do to self-love, embrace, and let go of what is no longer needed, you free up the energetic space to ascend into the paradigm reality in which these skills, wisdoms, and intelligence can be used, supported, and aligned with deeper Universal truths.

In this profound earthly lifetime, I have sensed for some time, due to the visions and information I am gifted in my path work, that I am merging many lifetimes. I know that I am awakening to new multi-dimensional gifts that I can use as I serve and assist this human ascension. I also know that every aspect of life is supported to its fully extent to not only move beyond where it exists, and why many sense that there will be infinite shifting’s of physical reality experiences until we feel as if the energy bedding is a perfect Divine fit. This has been called ‘the split,’ or ‘the shift;’ when the refinement of all earthly frequencies will be aligned to allow for the natural evolutionary expansion for those ready and prepared for higher dimensional living. Life will always be supported based on its natural design, purpose, and role within the grander scheme of Creation, and why we have often said, there will be no one left out of Mother Father Gods plan.


These dramatically shifting phases are all natural attributes of planetary ascension. There is nothing that we can innately control, manage, or predict and nor should we. We are Divine cradled and loved, and these are gifted blessings in which we are being gently nudged to ‘get on with creating’ and let go of the mind chatter.

Surrender Into Not Knowing

When you feel yourself completely overwhelmed, or feeling as if you are in a null zone, or void, know that there are distinct reasons for this. You may be just finishing a cycle of growth, or have just moved through a profound physical adjustment, or DNA activation like I have been moving through. The Divine Sacred Mind, your Higher Self, will assure that you have rest, nourishment, and recovery time for the most beneficial outcome to occur. You may notice your appointments drop off, slow down, or shift into a new vocational interest all together. There are no accidents to the flow and movement of the cycles we exist within and the more intuitively aware you are of this, the greater compassion you will have with yourself and others in moving through these final phases with grace and ease.


Self-love, self-appreciation, compassion, and utter surrender to the Divine plan plays an important part to these coming years and how balance and inner reflection can life beyond where you were a moment ago. Know that when you surrender within the Divine, the All-knowing benevolent orchestration, you are aligning with the Higher Self’s plan for you to slip within your designed soulful destiny. It is all Divinely threaded and entangled to meet with the partnering orchestration of your cosmic or galactic blueprint, your Universal blueprint, and so on.

Your earthly soul plans is interwoven far deeper and wider than you can know now, just know that you are being urged into the ‘new’ for Divine reasons of service and fulfillment. In my own path I have learned to ‘let go,’ trust, and surrender within what I am being guided to and as my life appears to shift overnight, and oftentimes right before my eyes, I intuitively drop to my heart and offer it all in; for Mother Father God know what they are doing, and I am learning to sew my breath, my innate heart felt desire with Oneness in every new brilliant unveiling.


New Paths Unveiling 

A new path that I will be exploring will not only be the Universal Divine wisdoms and assimilating earthly life to our galactic birthing, but I will also be an ambassador to awaken and ring in the acclimatization of children to our new Universal playground.  To inspire, empower, and bring awareness to all awakened parents and teachers that see the very needs and urgency to assist and support such enlivened and spirited crystalline and indigo children.

Crystalline Children

There is a great need to bring greater awareness within our communities, family discussions, and social offerings about our energetic dynamic. Most children are oscillating at much higher vibrations than we were at their age, and truly require reconnection to spirit in open, honest, and expansive ways that can awaken the encoding they have come here with. Many children walk forth in life feeling ‘out of place’ or socially awkward because of what they know, or what they sense and there are few straightforward conversations being had about the vastness of that exists within them.

There is no need for children to be left out of ascension and enlightenment work, and the sooner we engage them in sacred events, energetic discussion and dialogue, the sooner they will be ready to unfold within their Divine blueprint without the trauma and challenge that we faced in our awakening. We are truly being brought back to basics to begin anew, and it is all within the moment-for-moment rebalancing and refinement work that we move through and commit to.


Each and every one of us are required to tune in and tap into the potentials that we are gifted to ignite, inspire, and begin reshaping our entire human paradigm that has been rife with disharmony, lack of awareness, and imbalance.

Male & Female Energies

My new sacred extensions will also include the remembrance of what I know to be true within the Universal teachings of the male and female energies, and how we can integrate these wisdoms so that we can truly understand the profound operating system that it is. Many of these understandings about ‘balance within,’ the balance of the masculine and feminine energies that we are all encoded with, are paramount teachings in higher dimensional systems. These teachings allow for all beings to intuitively heal, travel inter-dimensionally, operate and manifest technology with benevolence and innate awareness, and much more. When we balance the Divine male and female energies within, we inspire the healing of all timelines, and all parallel earths in which profound imbalance have existed.

Balancing of the male and female energies takes conscious awareness, conscious higher choice in moments that you may hold judgment in any role, definitions we use, and/or projections about your reality.  We often have such deep patternings of imbalance about male female energies that we operate in a skewed manner to what our hearts are Divinely guiding us to awaken within.


We are moment-for-moment shifting our beliefs about the roles we play, and within every daily task, we are offered to be consciously aware of our inner Divine balance and state of being. In every word we utter, or judgment that is triggered, allow yourself to silence for a rebalanced approached to refine and realign. All that we do carries vibration, and when we are triggered, or pushed to react, we will often fall into the energetic vibration that makes us feel safe, secure, or we may even just react to the same familiar or habitual way we have always reacted.

This is why we feel the sensation that we can be riding a rollercoaster that simply won’t stop. One moment we feel as if we are in complete and utter alignment to our highest path and with Source, and the next moment we are offered a new Divine lesson about where we hold imbalance within and we again soak within self-love and compassion to refine what we know to be true about how truly vast we are.

The Inner Temple

We are being ushered to deepen our understanding to the energetic weaving of what exists within, what we have called the ‘Inner Temple.’ The inner temple is the intuitive alignment to Source within by flowing with unity and balance with all chakra’s, the Divine Sacred Heart, the Divine Sacred Mind, the pillar of light that runs along the spine and is the grounding mechanism between you, Gaia, and the Universal Mind. Within this ‘Inner Temple,’ we can then use our innate skills to inspire and ignite any multi-dimensional machination we desire to experience. If we desire to pinpoint an internal healing, activate DNA and/or Adam Antine particles, cleanse, clear, or to illuminate or release energetic imprints; the ‘Inner Temple’ is the essential system in which we practice and refine our evolving God awareness and light body.

Blue glowing spherical explosion of new technology, computer generated abstract background

Why do we bring awareness to these profound planetary shifts, balance, male-female energies and the Divine Inner Temple? As we have often mentioned; we are being prepared as the ‘Children of Earth’ to more fully align with Mother Father Gods plan for humanity to return to a fully reunified state of being, our remembrance of the infinite and loving link we have with God and Creation. Due to the purified state of frequencies and availability to a grander state of consciousness, we must be prepared. The walls we have been living within are so far from what we will be offered that we truly must create entirely new paradigms of thoughts, truths, and return to the higher dimensional manner in which we understand ourselves to be and operate within such powerfully loving and energetic realms.

The Christ Consciousness Divine Offering

The Christ Consciousness is a blessing, a gift from Mother Father God in which those that are ready, those that are prepared, will be gifted through a myriad of energetic and physical refinements, as well as Heavenly order initiations, the breath of life in Its highest of forms. To live within an open and loving state of being, peace towards all life, and unification with Creation and Mother Father God, as well as the availability for energetic wisdoms, is what has been defined as the Christ Consciousness integration. The blessing that we will be infused with is the Holy Spirit, and also defined as the ‘Shekinah’ energy. Shekinah, meaning ‘the presence of God.’


When a planetary family is ready to move into full consciousness as a collective, they are simultaneously gifted this unified blessing. In a sacred ceremonial atonement in which we are being prepared for right now, which in my understanding will occur over a period of 3 days, we will be collective infused with the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness frequency, the Holy Spirit, in a similar manner to which Jesus had emulated. These Divine sanctions will not only create a heightened society of peace and loving infused beings, our true state of being, but we will also be telepathically linked with one another. This will be another phase within what is called ‘unity consciousness.’

When we are aware, telepathically aware of our thoughts, words, and deeds, and how they are affecting others, we begin to act in grander purity of light, our natural state of being. This Shekinah energy blessing will also allow for majestic manifestations from thought, synchronicities within larger collectives, and many more miracles beyond our understanding at this point. These are the stirrings of what humanity is moving towards in our future ‘now’ and why so many are awakening to their innate sensing and entanglement with All that exists around them and within. These are all incremental learning’s and Divine offerings as we release every lower vibrating belief and limitation, so that we are able to walk within our Divine essence, our Divine power and emit unconditional love, light, and compassion to all.

The above information is to once again allow you to understand the richness, the depth, the Divine orchestration within the grander scheme of our planetary acceleration and our physical vessel transformations. We truly are riding the cosmic fast-track to heightened states of awareness, and why all other lifetimes have felt as if they were ‘practice’ lifetimes that prepare us to use, invoke, and initiate ourselves through density and up into a fully awakened state of being. This is what our souls craved and desired to grow through in the overall agenda to contribute in Divine service to the greater good of all life.

Cosmic nebula with a shape of an angel

Trust me when we say, we are all being gently and very carefully ushered into the vibrational threading, the dimensional vibration that is unique perfect for what we have drawn in our Divine soul blueprint, and there are a myriad of teams caring for us through this monumental transition. Relax into the knowing that all you really need to do is to move through your moment-for-moment life with an open and loving heart. When in doubt, love. When in moments of uncertainty and confusion, love.

Daily Sacred Ritual for Enhanced Alignment

As we have outlined in our books, it is really key to allow for daily sacred reflection time and ritual in which you commune with spirit, your Higher Self, Mother Father God, and go within to begin to create awareness of your Heavenly Inner Temple that exists to conspire with you in all Divinely gifted machinations and co-creations. We are beginning to understand how powerful our untapped potential is to create through heightened consciousness, and in this Divine blessing, there must be the foundations of self-love, reverence, and humility. We will simply not be allowed to entangle within a cosmic playground until we show readiness of if inner balance within the male-female energies, the authentic Divine knowing, and how to responsibly use the skills and gifts that we will be blessed with.


This is why the foundation of all of our Universal teachings is self-love, self-appreciation, and how it is sewn with profound reverence for spirit, our limitless consciousness and the unity in which we can choose to thread ourselves within. These are paramount in our moving forward within a grander unified field of light and potential.

Male~Female Energies & Inner Balance

Not only are we integrating all earthly and cosmic lifetimes, but we are also integrating what we know to be true about the male and female energies within in which we have also never been taught how truly integral this is to our inner health and wellness as well as planetary cohesiveness. If you create subtle awareness in your daily life unfolding, you will soon notice that many of the discomfort, emotional, and even physical issues all revolve around the imbalance of the male-female energies within. What do we believe about who we are, the roles we play, and how this affects how we behave and evolve within an accelerating and heightened dimensional resonance?

Dreaming Heart series. Creative arrangement of Human profiles connected by heart shaped nebula, fractal forms and textures as a concept metaphor on subject of love, imagination and unity

This lifetime is so utterly profound in its blessings and offerings for human and Universal evolution. For remember all threads are sewn together and as we shift and alter this now moment, we shift and alter the All that we are threaded within.

The Divine female energy, the Divine male energy are encoded within each and every one of us. We are not purely male in all ways, or purely female in all ways we are both. Just as we now remembering our multi-dimensional aliveness and connections, so too will we understand the chemistry balance within that directly relates to our similitude of male-female encoding within our DNA, and energy fields.

There are a myriad of higher dimensional cultures that can choose to create an over-soul experience in which two beings; one male, one female, will be birthed simultaneously and have the same auric field, the same soul embodiment, in which they can never be more than a few feet from one another. Similar to what we know to be the experience that conjoined twins have and why these souls choose such life plans. The profound lesson’s about true unity consciousness, male-female energy balance, and compassion that can be spawned from such a life choice is beyond what many can comprehend, however the experience also teaches those they are encircled with.


To live through moment-for-moment unfolding within the experience that all that you do affects the other immediately, and vice-versa all that the other moves through as a female for instance is simultaneously absorbed to be integrated in however they choose based upon their unique Divine blueprint. These are only examples to allow you a deeper look at how we can begin to open our heart center and learn the richness within the entangled frequencies of the male-female energies that spiral within and how we can enhance our ability for self-love, compassion, and grace through our own unique daily unveilings. Remember dear lighted ones, we are the creators of every experience that unfolds, and therefore, what you feel, what you bring forth to be recognized and healed is before you for a reason

Tuning into your moment-for-moment life can bring you the subtle awareness of how often we truly shift our behavior based upon the internal perspective we have between male-female energy. These are deeply entrained energy imprints from eons of imbalances, so it is very subtle but profoundly impactful nonetheless. When we bring our acute awareness to these energetic shifts within, and within what unfolds in our daily lives, we can begin to shift within a more unified understanding and open to self-compassion and self-love.

This human earthly game, this grand experiential ride, and within all concurrent now lifetimes, we are bringing forth the bruises and wounds to heal and create wholeness within the imbalances that have existed. These imbalances and evolutionary shifts allow us to heal and grow in ways that few realms and planets have been able to offer in quite the way that the human story has. As we move beyond outdated views and perceptions, as we create heightened awareness to the infinite path within, we allow balance within all things to be our compass in which we can always realign to, and thus create a true soulful healing for the collective human over-soul, Gaia, and the All.

glass planet in a forest with sunshine - Usa map

Our understanding about who we are as Divine loving essence and how interlaced we are as female, male, energies is the next phase of our galactic preparedness. In every generation, every lifetime, we have held male and female roles; we have been all players within the game. Each lifetime bringing with it, it’s own imprint of wounds, beliefs, and imbalances. We are now consciously ready to bring forth the love can heal every imbalance so we can move within our galactic playground with a peaceful and balanced heart.

Integrating these new musings about male and female energies within will bring forth manifestations for you to test your new sense of balance.  Have this be ‘ok.’ It is a new cycle of growth and depth to the vast being of light that you are and it will take you on another ride down the Akashic memory lane. Remember that you are a master, and you know how to allow a higher perspective view within every unveiling. Allow the experience to unveil and settle within peace and stillness with breath so that you can choose from a place of deep inner wisdom, inner knowing, and unconditional love for the unified balance being that you are intending yourself to walk as.

We all have the same innate toolkit to create, to choose, to manifest brilliance; and it is the master that centers and chooses from a place of ever-heightened awareness that creates a reality experience that resonates within peace and harmony in all ways.


The male and female balance is a core attribute to human evolution and it simply cannot be overlooked or underplayed in its importance to how we resonate as individuals and as a collective family. We are creating new heightened paradigms in which we can maneuver within our Universal presence with grace and ease.

I am sensing that in the coming months, many may feel ignited to review and refine the inner truths, beliefs, and understandings about wholeness. The subtle sensations of role dynamics, the push and pull between softening, or the flip-flopping between power and feeling passive. Many of these sensations were engrained, imprinted within the dynamics of outdated truths, limitation, fear, greed, and control. This is also directly linked with how we have been taught to believe any one defined role may behave or act and release.

The balance you hold within, the deep inner knowing about your own unique balance, your center point, the vesica-pisces, and no accident why we just moved through a solar eclipse in Pisces, is allowing us to go within the depths of our emotions and heal the mistruths we have been telling ourselves throughout all earthly lifetimes. These subtle nuances of balance and Divine entanglement can take you to a deeper level of wisdom, truth, and inner balance with the Divine male and female that exist within. Again, we are moving through all of these daily triggers so that we can be ready for grander cosmic interaction.


Divine Soul Star Union

One ecstatic Divine offering within a human ascension is the cosmic union of our Divine Soul Star essence. The Divine Soul Star essence is the amalgamation of our cosmic soul, the cosmic Divine compliment that unites with our earthly vessel in assistance with the final phase of our ascension.  This is the sacred unification of a higher cosmic frequency of being, a mirror image of who we are in higher dimensional essence that is the exact match to our earthly personality self. Usually this Divine Soul Star is a compliment of who we are in our most balanced and harmonic sense, usually in the opposite energy form in which we have chosen here.  This is why it is key to give way to what you are creating for yourself as daily triggers, and manifestations and engage with the blessings and lessons within the subtleties brought forth.

At any given moment we have the potential to bring awareness to our own unique beliefs, truths, and ideals that we hold within. The concept of BEING both loving male energies, as well as female energies is a new concept for humanity. Just as the concept of our knowing there to be the Divine Mother energy, and the Divine Father energy in our Universal understanding of the God frequency.

We are truly moving through profound barriers in our belief systems, and why many feel the discomfort in listening to our weekly global radio shows. We are bringing forth all that is required to truly challenge and ‘let go’ of the beliefs that require us as Divine living light beings, to refine what we know to be true about; who we are, what we exist within, and what exists within us. These will be very subtle stirrings, but we can go within in any one situation and refine where we hold judgments, limitation, or mistruths about this Divine inner balance.


Allow the inner genius, the multi-dimensional brilliance of all that you are to come forth, and show you, guide you, and allow you to be softened into a deeper state of your Divine creator-hood.  For you no longer have to look to others for their truths, or hold their wisdoms above your own. You hold the Universe within, and you hold the purity of balance and self-love within. This is a journey that we each must take and initiate ourselves to ever-heightened levels of awareness and spirited union in all ways. You are able to stand within our own unique power, your individual truth of Oneness and Universal Divine balance.

Tune in and create awareness to the new way in which you can hold inner balance, love, and similitude within the ALL. Within all awareness is the energetic playground in which grander truth will be unveiled to create a new masterful choice around. Knowingness, conscious awareness creates. As we invite the fear, imbalances, and shadows to come forth, we allow for a Divine healing to occur. The similitude of respect, honor, balance, and compassion will be ignited from within as we heal all worlds, and all parallel realities in which we exist within. Remember dear lighted ones, every now moment is the spark to all future now realities. We are laying the golden pathway for our children and for our own future incarnations, so it is worth our every effort to surrender into and begin a collective healing.

We are not separate from any experience we create. Whether we create the experience to merely view it, or to be immersed within it, or to enjoy the Divinity within it; we are still One with it, and there are profound lessons within every unveiling if we choose to take ourselves to that deeper state of knowing that we each hold within.


All that we do, all that we experience, all that we explore, is the soulful genius requesting our entanglement with the Divine in all ways. This spirited entanglement allows us to gain profound heightened perspective about all aspects of life that spiral and dance within, as we create it to experience in our seemingly outward reality. The inner pull, the soul desires to experience how truly grand and vast we you’re your awareness of this will soften and smooth out the ride. All that you move through is you experiencing you. However out of balance, however peaceful, however loving, however beautiful the experience may show itself to be. This is what is meant by holographic in its nature; this earthly experience is all you reflecting, imbuing, infusing yourself within an illusory reality so that you can live through your Divine Sacred Heart and be love, emit love, receive. We make these co-creative soul agreements to assist with the overall agenda of evolutionary growth, but in the wider scheme, we are all ONE.


How vast we are in our experience to create separation, love, compassion, or balance within thyself and how we are shown in all ways that we are the expression of love that Mother Father God have birthed for us to know, to experience, and to be, and why many of us are so intrigued with this earthly game.

In all that you do dear golden ones, know that you have a Divine Cosmic Soul Star with you in every move you make. Your Divine compliment knows your every thought, your every word, your every wish and dream. Entangle, connect, entwine in the richness that they can offer you in more deeply understanding inner balance. You are offered, through your own machinations how truly One and balanced you are, and all that shows itself to you is allowing you this choice, this recognition, and action within it.

Your Oneness, your Divine completion, your soul essence is the ALL; balanced, loving, and pure with an elegant knowing of love and harmony. Know this, soak within it, and allow all that you are to be transformed by it, for it is you ready to play in a new way.


You are infinite within the exploration of your Divine Creator hood, and as our realities speed up, we will be more aware that our thoughts, our actions, our truths can manifest instantly, so why not dive within the essence of love and the renewed sense of balance that you are able to create and explore. You are the All; you are male energy, you are female energy, you are earthly energy, you are cosmic energy, you are Universal energy, you are Divinely encoded, and you are ONE in all ways with all things.

Enjoy dear golden spirals of the ALL. Enjoy. You are new, you are the entwined essence of both male and female energies ready to know, to create, to see, and experience this new earthly vibration within a new loving perspective, and a highly refined physical vessel. You are free to create within the Universal genius that is encoded within every cell, so we ask with great excitement; how may you create?

How to Transmute & Rise Above

So, in all that we have brought forth; how do you enrich your daily life with this new concept and new wisdom spiraling within? Soften when old habits and patterns want to react in old patterns of behavior. Uphold your strength when you feel your truth, your word, and your authenticity is being tested, and allow for the balance of compassion and love to override in all ways. The more you commit to allowing yourself the higher perspective in an intentional balanced manner, you will begin to see new truths, new words, new ways of behaving taking form. This is our evolution in the making and our DNA, our physical body, our consciousness is ready to take this human transformation into a new dimensional realm of experience, and therefore, we will be constantly swimming within new vibrational offerings to explore.


Acknowledge your inner link within the All, with Mother Father God, and own the vast skills, abilities, and mastery that can allow you to maneuver through anything. When imbalance arises, claim and acknowledge that you are new to this unified balanced energy and you desire Oneness and harmony in balance to be felt. Trust that you will be shown the lesson and gift at hand. Your Higher Self and teams know what they are doing, for it is you.

Claim this unified balance for yourself; create an invocation, a ceremony, or a ritual in which you invoke Oneness of both energies within you, and that you honor and give rise to balance within each. Claiming and owning your mastery must be ignited first by the acknowledgement of it.


Know that you are a Master and you have all that you need within, and you are initiating, guiding, and enlivening your own path into unification with Source, with Creation, with the Divine Mother Father essence that desires you to return to the fullness of love that you are worthy of. You know what you are doing and you know why you are here. Offer these wisdoms in, invite the blessings and Divine gifts to be shown so that you may receive, and so too shall it be.

And so dear lighted ones, dear earthly master, with unconditional trust, surrender into the new Divine balance and entanglement of love that exists within, for you are ushering yourself deeper into your Divine destiny and it is where you have designed yourself to go, to experience, to enliven.

Your uniqueness is required, your Divinely balanced essence is needed and called for, and you have a place within the grander scheme within Creation. There is not an ounce of you that is not needed, loved, or supported, so in this, surrender into your joy, into your new essence of balance and Divine loving energy that is aching to be acknowledge and released into the lush earthly ground to manifest and co-create.

You are worthy of this ride, and it is safe to be the ‘You’ that you have designed yourself to be. It is safe now dear one; you are safe to be seen, to be heard, and to be known as the Divine Heavenly balanced essence that you are.


Transcend, bloom, arise, and fall in love with the ALL that you are, for in every moment you are the essence of balance, unity, harmony, peace, and the Heavens will open to show you a grander view of your limitless potential. There is majesty within every new unveiling of your Divine essence. May you arise and shine on.

You are dearly loved Heavenly one; enjoy your fullness of balance and infinite love.

We have offered a great meditation MP3 in the link listed here for your continued awakening and path work to the Divine essence of Unity and Oneness within; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uf7jtAui6Ts&feature=youtu.be


We usher in balance, we usher in unity and fully understanding of our Oneness, our wholeness, and know that you are equal within it All.



Blessings and great joy,