New Paths being Ushered In ~ Embrace it!


Good morning dear lighted ones,
Everything unfolds for the purpose of your most highest soulful fulfillment. Oftentimes it is a challenge to feel into this isn’t it? However this is exactly the basis for all evolutionary movement.
I hope that my personal unveiling of my own ascension experiences, my awakenings to my lightships and the incredible engagements with my teams, spirit, consciousness and Mother Father God in all ways has inspired you to also seek within and entangle. This is truly why I do what I do; my great passion to teach the inspiration of love, spirit, Creation, and all of Gods gifts and blessings.

I will be reposting the earlier blog article about Heavenly Balance, as I have added on to this article in length to more fully explain a few key concepts. Oftentimes in my shifting, I am moving so quickly and simply must move the energy, so be patient in my Divine transitions, for there is no way to truly predict every unfolding from here on out ~ I am only told; ‘it is beyond your imagining.’
I have experienced some incredible symptoms this week that I have not yet experienced and I can sense my teams care and precision, they are very careful with me and my energy field and I am so very grateful for their tender loving presence and wisdom in my transformation.
I am truly blessed in these Divine unveilings and in the coming months, I will be initiated within a new depth, as many of you are as well, to a deeper level of your life ~ soul purpose. Embrace it with grand excitement for these are the moments in which entire realities change.

I will be heading to Peru for 2 weeks just before our Tampa event as a personal initiation of my own, and in this, will bring forth the energy and lessons to share in our Tampa gathering and invocation to Gaia’s oceans’ and ocean life when we sit at sunset.


All events, all experiences and unfoldings are incremental in how we establish new threadings in the new dimensional realm of enlightened illuminated human paradigms. All is purposeful all is profoundly relevant to your overall unveiling as a higher dimensional illuminated galactic human.

Thank you for always sharing in this glorious gift of human transformation and as we unveil in our most Divinely authentic way, may we deepen our love and light to ourselves and one another as we open the door to our galactic brethren.


Thank you for allowing me to reveal more of a personal frequency, a personal depth to who I am.  This self-valuing, self-appreciation, and self-exaltation is very new for me, and where my perspective was so very adament about ‘the work,’ serving the greater good, and still is resonant in all our offerings, I am meant to step into a deeper more expansive version of my own unique collective consciousness that I hold within the All.  Divine celestial teacher, earthly caretaker, Divine Universal Mother to those who so desire the Universal energetic offering to usher in new dimensional experiences; I am here with an open heart and experience to heal, to guide, and to empower you within our collective human family.

These self-appreciation behaviours are so very key, and it is not about creating the energy of hubris, it is about integrating pure self-honor and love that is the Source essence in your own unique encoding to offer to Creation.  Sit and reflect upon that one statement and ask your teams to guide you into unveiling a deep inner truth and lesson to bring you forth in a new way, and so too shall it be done.


I am here to emulate and assist with the ushering in of the earth children into new dimensional realms, with the core ancient wisdoms, celestial teachings, and light wisdom that is held within all of our genetic make-up.  In this, we can allow for a new blessing to unfold in our ever-changing Divine soul plans.
My light and love dear golden children of Earth,
Blessings and light,

* Stay tuned for our weekly Sacred Temple Audio sessions as I will be sharing some new energy and downloads from the Christ Collective and movement into new fields of play