A New World ~ Authentic Joy


Good morning dear lighted ones,

With the plethora of channels, teachers, and speakers now offering their gifts, we can sometimes feel inundated with not only information but on which direction to go next.  To gain greater discernment on what feels right within and one can return to center and not get swept up and away with so many pathways of potential.  We are moment-for-moment being steered to redefine our own innate beauty that exists within and to fall in love with the new expanded version of the All that we rediscovering with every new now moment.

How is this new cosmic reality inspiring a new earthly reality and how can I play within it to rediscover a more joyful and loving aspect of who I am?

Have you been inspired to seek your authentic voice, speak your authentic truth? Have you felt the world shifting and pulling you to ponder with a heavy mind what is your authentic gift may be and how may you bring this forward to truly serve, to assist, to enjoy, to live within your excitement and joy? A new world experience is here, is now, and to come alive within it is the free will and creative genius that each of us were gifted with. What is your authentic joy? What does your new world experience offer you and what do you offer it and all within it?


These are all very key for such transformative times for it allows you to stay upon your path and not sway into the vision or mandate of what others direct or wish for you. This is all part of the daily reflection and inner knowing of self-love & self-clarity. Our ascension book 1 explained self-clarity, our book II defined it and laid it out to work with as a daily reflection and mirror to inner peace and entanglement with spirit, and our Book III inspired readers to this Divine dance and how to gain greater joy in our human ascension.

Joy is essential in this new dimensional game. Living within your refined environment in an authentic manner is equally essential and how can one come to life now and be this shining version of joy and authenticity? This is the ride we are on dear ones, and if you can return to center point and align with Mother Father God within, you will always be gifted with the presence and stillness of limitless potential.


Breath and your unique center point is your pure knowingness of God within; to live in purity of this will reveal to you every gift, every offering, and the unique authentic encoding that is you. As we have stated with Divine encoded threaded within it; you are the breath of life gifted from God. Within breath you can ignite, nourish, heal, and infuse new life that spawns, and ignites once again, just as Mother Father God gift us in every new breath. So create breath and your Divine Sacred Heart center to be where all treasures reside and so too shall it be revealed to you.

The authentic voice, the inner gift and spirited musing that is yours to offer is like no other, and nor should it be compared to others.  You are a blessing with unique talents and design and this is your platform, the stage that is beckoning you to bring it forth to create in our most prestigious world offering to date.  A great technique to find your authentic voice is to begin to speak in words, in phrases, in the vibrations that truly deepen your sense of self.


All things carry vibration, and when I was shown a vision of myself as an angel of tone, the elegance and the beauty of sound struck me in a way that I will always remember.  This is how we are inspired by spirit and our Divine Sacred Mind, the highest energetic bleed throughs of energy and experience that we carry assisting Creation, and in a flash of an instant, my perspective of who I thought I was forever shifted.

I could see myself within this Divine Heavenly energy, and I could feel the movement of the angelic essence, and I began to align my earthly frequency with such musings so that I could once again open a new portal of potential I had not known but felt spiraling within me.  This is why we often get inspirations through music, or color, or dance, for it is emulating other realms in which this is our way of Heavenly play and our unique Divine decree that we have chosen to serve within. These are very subtle energetic offerings, and the more you attune within who you are, the greater alignment you have to unveiling your authentic spirited offering to Creation.

Cosmic nebula with a shape of an angel

In exploring some of my gifted visions and inspired musings, I began to record my toning, my playful inner workings with sound, tone, and intention.  There is a mathematical movement through which tone and intent combine to create the color and manifestation.  The Divine Sacred Mind and the Divine Sacred Heart are the engine and navigator within the Inner Temple that inspires not only flow, but intent, beauty, compassion, and all twelve God Rays so that what you emit is of the highest vibration that not only serves the greater good, but can also create and manifest beyond your imagining.  This is how the highest of realms create and co-create with one another.  One authentic voice, with another authentic voice and the majesty of spirit unveils.

The more that I began to play and enjoy the tones and sounds I was making, the inner Divine self began to come forward in a more fluid manner. This was the inner spirit coming forth to play as a Divine player within the authentic gift and spirit through which Heavenly contracts are designed. In many of my playful toning sessions, I could feel specific tones aligning me with ancient memories within temples, and upon cosmic waves of consciousness and would intuitively know that particular sound was being sent into a vibrational thread to co-create in a new way. The sound particles were alive and happy to be breathed by Heavenly intent and passionate love to be as free as the wind that carries it.

This has truly been a magical remembrance for me and one that feels authentic in its unveiling and innate offering within the entire multi-dimensional version of who I am becoming.  I am now sensing, with greater authentic toning play, that these tones are assisting with the translation and processing of refined multi-dimensional higher vibrational wisdoms that are now being activated and downloaded within my etheric field. I am playfully stretching my light field so that I can truly step into the dynamic unique version of me that I designed, and that I am fully excited to play within and co-create with Gaia and other soul family members.  Tones are vibrational ignition packets, and like any other Divine gift, are embedded within our Inner Temple encoding to play and create with.


Your authentic gifts are within you dear lighted ones, and it is the key within your temple that allows all other gifts to be known and felt.  When you activate one excitement, follow it; for it may allow you to unveil a profound path of Heavenly rediscovery, and how Heaven upon earth is truly created.

Remember, that as you more fully awaken and integrate your soulful self, your gifts will deepen, and / or shift all together, so be open to how your path twists and turns, for it is meant to. This is how mastery often unfolds and why surrender and self-love will open the door to not only having fun, but to truly create greater attunement to what your excitement is showing you. Whether your excitement is color, or wildlife, nature, song, dance, movement, energy healing, know that this is just the beginning and project the limitless within everything you touch, and you will gifted with sparks of Divine remembrance that can take you upon a new path within the cosmic field of light.

We are meant to be in joy, in light, and in excitement about all that we are becoming, and our sense of play will shift and be in a way that is unlike any other lifetime upon earth.  Have this be ‘ok’ and dive into your new joys that are inspiring with every moment you return to center and be still within your Divine and beautiful presence. Our new way of behaving, of playing, of being the new illuminated version of who we are is meant to feel different, new, and even unusual at times. We are beginning to be the higher versions of all that we are and it will inspire to explore, express, and live moment-for-moment authentically within a new set of Heavenly order that is nothing like what we have just moved from.

Light Soul series. Design made of child line profile and lights on the subject of spirituality, creativity and the mind

There is no other expression of a Universal being that is just like you, nor is the energy that is gifted, like yours. There is no other spirit and point of view like yours. You have an authentic voice, you have authentic gifts that have allowed you to be exactly where you are, and it requires each of us to not only authentically own who we are, but to begin to create and be excited within our new 5th dimensional version of all that we are. New reality experiences begin with inspiration, excitement, and playful action to manifest the light field that is nothing like what it was a moment ago.

If you desire a new earthly reality then one must begin anew. Let go of societal cues, or expectations, or design, and play. Play with the Divine tones, sounds, and unique language within your DNA and etheric field that can only be activated if you set that particle of intent to be playful and inspire it into action. You are every part of the quantum equation and you can ignite your reality in any way you so desire. Without joyful play, we experience only what always been.


As you act upon every playful intent, you will find greater unique inspirations and new gifts being presented for you to choose to entangle with. We are living within higher dimensional encasings and vibrational threading that will support our every move that is imbued with unconditional trust, joy, love, and creative design. Allow your authentic Divine angel of light to come forth and play and be seen, and to shine forth in the way you know exists within. Let go of what others may think, or desire for you, for this is your unique ride and you wanted the most grand version of yourself that was fully integrated within the infinite number of you’s that could offer it all.

All of your gifts, all of your parallel lives, all of the fiery stirrings within, are your birthright to emit and begin anew right here, right now. So play. Be joyful, sing, dance, play with the intentions of love, project loving light, and infuse your profound love with limitless offerings from the Divine and see what magic presents itself to entangle.


You are a Divine inspiration dear lighted one, and there is not other like you. You are authentic in your love; you are authentic in your voice and how you use it. You can only activate the energetic genius if you are willing to step forth and be fully you. Your higher dimensional life is right here, it is now, and you are swimming within the Divine Heavenly blessing that is you. You are required in this Divine dance, and how may you come forth and play with the Heavens?

You are immersed with love at every moment and to know it, to feel it, to be it is within the joy you have to own it and claim it. You are worthy of this ride and it is safe to play within your heart-felt joy. You create this new world order, this new world vibrancy of light and playful beginnings, and make no mistake about it, it is awaiting your participation and engagement and your unique creative touch. This is our new paradigm of human behaviour and begins with love, joy, and sacred play.

Your spirit is calling for you to step up, step forth, and be the light that you are, for there truly is no one exactly like you and you are needed.


Enjoy your unveiling ~

Blessings and great joy,





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