The Gifts of Light Grids ~ Create with Joy & Care


Good morning dear lighted ones,

We have been gifted a Divine and Heavenly gift,

We have infinite number of beings surrounding us in every moment, and how we are truly shifting from a self-servig existence, to emerging with the essence of Divine Sovereign creativity that serves the All through joy, excitement, and the eternal Christed Consciousness. The Heavens, the councils, the highest dimensional beings assisting and shifting our grids for our continued life have bestowed such a gift, and how may we awaken, truly awaken and walk in reverence with this bestowal of such a pristine grid and potentials.  Are we aware of the gift that all breath, all life, all Heavenly gifts offer to us.

The DNA upgrades, our multi-dimensional shifts and refinements, the breath by breath we are Divinely guided and how aware and awake are we of this and the pristine grids gifted for our heightened way to exist through love, peace, and joy? We are so very blessed.


In our live show yesterday I was gifted with a lovely multi-dimensional ceremony between many native ancient tribes offering the new pristine grid symbolically to us for our new 5thdimensional creations, and how may we walk with this awareness, this honour, this care, this Divine bestowal that was shown in what profound offering we have been recently gifted. It was very emotional to experience and I did my best to explain this experience and they are so very Divine as is the recent restructuring of our grids have been.

In any given moment, there are an infinite number of beings assisting and smoothing out the heightened impacts that sometimes our actions, our beliefs, and our anger has caused, for eons, our Universal families watching guiding, and helping, and today I woke up feeling so much love for my celestial and Heavenly families in this awareness of how much help we have had, and how may I walk in reverence and honour and gratitude of this.  This is grace and being the gracious gift from Mother Father God.  You are graced dear lighted ones, you are blessed, and how may you claim a few moments of quiet Heavenly reflection and be present with this grace of life, grace of breath, and the Divine bestowal of a new blank canvas within the grids to show you, to respond to you the now frequency you set.


Yesterday, we had a great show & lovely energy with my lovely and Divine Goddess friend and coleague Vicki Bhavalia

‘Anchoring the Divine’ was our topic and how to truly create the intentions to begin a life of new reality frequencies and Universal merging.

We are just around the corner, for many of us from first contact, and how may we prepare the ground, prepare the vibrations for our sacred Universal family?

Join us on Saturday May 13, for our monthly Sacred Temple Ascension Classes, for a 60min., meditation, high vibrational alignment;


Enjoy your dance and your creative sovereignty ~
Blessings and great Joy,