In Honour of New Moon & the day of Jesus’ Ascension


Greetings dear lighted ones,
We are being offered what is new, what is potentially profound in Its way to deliver the unexpected, the unimaginable and the unthinkable…..

Are you ready for something new? Are you ready to create beyond the limitations, the ‘daily treadmill’ and merry-go-round?  For us to experience the light fields and bliss, we must intend, act, be, and let go for the Universe and the Divine to reconstruct and offer on behalf of our inner delights and desires for a new human dawn.  There are miracles and God within all things, and there is Divine majesty awaiting for you to know it, perceive it, recognize it, and unveil it through your own unique experience and then express joy and love forth in honour and gratitude of it.


This is similar to how we are now awakening to the Divine gift that this human earthly life is, and to acknowledge it, know it, breathe it in, and live by the myriad of compassionately loving lessons that our masters have taught us. We are the majesty of the Divine in human form, in awakened human delight to bring forth the gifts, the inspiration, the intelligence from within our Divine Sacred Heart and gift back for the All to entangle with.

Heavenly majesty is within ALL things, and it is our mastery level of observation and inner balance that can allow us to breathe within any one situation that unfolds and see how our current vibration can affect the collective we are now consciously awake and sewn within.  Our thoughts, our words, our deeds, are all having a dramatic affect on the overall collective path that unveils itself for us; socially, spiritually, and economically, for there is nothing we are not able to affect and bring forth profound change.

The Divine Inner Temple of Light, the inner light temple within us each is our Divine link within the all and it is our light station to direct, infuse, project, shine forth the limitless masters of Divine intention and create anew.  These are the inspirations and excitements that are amplified and magnified on every new moon, and to have this amplified within the date that we have known and celebrated as ‘the day of Ascension’ in the life journey and story of the Master Christ, is even a greater synchronicity of our unveiling human mastery to create in light and love.


We are always gifted, we are always blessed, and going within in all moments to create and generate inspirational loving thoughts, expressions, affirmations, heart-felt prayer, deeds, intentions, and even smiling with grace, can be just the thing that shifts your core vibrational threading to a new reality experience.  Don’t hold back dear lighted ones, for there is a pristine loving life within you just awaiting your acknowledgement to bring your light forth and play with Creation.  Be vulnerable in your loving expression, be pure in heart, be grateful in your creative expressions that flow with the Divine in every breath, and know that there is a specific requirement and need just for you, just for your gifts, and just for your light.

There is nothing to wait for, there is nothing to fear, and there is only love for us to experience and express. All things within the higher dimensional realms, the pristine grids that we have just shifted within, are the foundational bedding of what is the omni-field of the limitless, all unmanifested potential for our unique creative gift, touch, and essence. It is within each of us that creates the experience uniquely expressive to our own authentic truth, authentic path, and authentic gifts.

This is the awakening and anchoring of what is the Christed Consciousness. How each individual is self-loving and self-accepting that we all merely serve by being within our most pure and truthful self. How we add to the whole, how we entangle and dance within the union, the bliss, the co-creation of all that we are and how our fusing in communal love, light, and service to the greater good is our common thread to unity and peace.

How utterly lovely and Divine you are, and in these mastery stages of new birthing, new stories, and new beginnings, you are able to set forth to create anything you desire.

flightpixabayHow loved and loving you are to be in this presence of human unfolding, and to be within an awakened state to navigate and master your reality anew. We are Divinely loved, supported, and guided in every step, so don’t hold back, this is your time to let go of all limitation, lack of doubt, lack of self, and be the pristine essence that is YOU.

SMILE ~ your vibration has just shifted; do you see how easy it is to be joyful? You are worthy of this heart felt state of being. And so it is.

Join us tomorrow for this special NEW MOON & ASCENSION Day anchoring, honouring, celebration, and union of dynamic souls throughout our cosmos;

25May 11:11am -12:12pm MST

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Topic: DAY of Ascension Celebration & Anchoring
Time: May 25, 2017 11:11 AM Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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MAY 25th New Moon ~ Day of Ascension Light Anchoring Ceremony
Celebrate with us in a short anchoring and loving grounding on May 25th * Anchoring of Human Gratitude in Mastery to celebrate and honour the love, assistance, guidance from our families to us through this profound path – I will open a short ceremony and grounding on this day –

Blessings and great joy –