Creating As the Christed~Self


Creating as the Christed-Self

Good morning crystalline light bearers,

Are you ready to reach for the stars; for remember dear ones you are there.
Are you ready to reach for the Heavens; for remember dear ones you are there.
Reach within and explore, express, and embrace, and so too will the All be shown to you for there is nothing you are not.  This is the first article of light since my return from the ancient lands of Peru and I feel so Divine alive within my new frequency, my new sense of being and knowing and I felt compelled to share these loving explorations with you.

We are being lovingly nudged to truly see our reality and ourselves in a new way. It is how we perceive our environment, our families, our life path, our potential that allows for the shifting within all that is physical to be revealed to us in whatever creative imagining’s and vibrations that we set for ourselves. Our planetary structures, our planetary grids, our planetary and collective energetic offerings, since March, are new, are different, and are now more limitless and infinite to support our every refined higher dimensional thought and musing that is within the cycle of this Divine ascension story.


When we let go of placating to out-dated societal imprints, out-dated government and social structures, or even to what others think as you sit down in a park to meditate or commune with spirit; we allow for the authentic light of who we truly are as Divine Sovereign Christed beings to shine forth and change the All. As many of us step into our new galactic blueprints, our Universal contracts unfold and we can see with great clarity the intention how we really do shape our reality in accelerating ways. We are being offered the potential in every new now moment to let go definitions that restrict and confine our reality experience and create new imaginings that unveil and allow for the God-self to create within the limitless field of potentiation that has always been our birthright to explore and be.

Allow for the higher dimensional perspective to arise in your daily unfolding’s and akashic healings, for they are purposeful in their ability to assist in your refinement of choice, refinement of frequency, and the unfoldment of your highest heart-felt desires to be fulfilled. There is much letting go of daily rigid schedules, structured timelines, have to’s, obligations, and the managing of all things, because so many of us are simply choosing new ways to engage and entangle.

As we experience how incredible life can be when we intend to simply flow and surrender into the Divine inner nudging’s, we create the inner self-knowing and self-clarity that continues the cycle of personal soulful destinies to be fulfilled and experienced. It is a natural, seamless, organic, Divine, profound transition and it truly is the sensation of living as Christed essence that so many prophecies had prepared us for.

There is nothing that you are not entangled with, and there is all of Creation supporting your dynamic liberated ideas that will serve in heightened and creative ways, so surrender into your inner genius and inner shaman and begin your Divine sacred play.


Our Family & the Ascension Process

In all of our ascension, enlightenment, and awakening work, know that your children are ready to be included. They are aching for higher dimensional communication, for entanglement, and for the connection that they already knows exists. Talk with them about their dreams, their wishes, and their memories of distant star lands. Allow their hearts to beat with the love that we have forgotten and ready to ignite for them so they can live freely in their skin, freely within their joy and light.

I will be starting my new Crystalline Children and Higher Dimensional Parenting audios this week and I hope that you will join me in sharing, communicating, and dancing with us in this profoundly important new beginning. The children are showing us in every way that many of what we have existed within is not serving them. They show us in how they behave, in how they feel about themselves, and how they interact in the world, and we are here to begin anew in the most pristine and lush energetic bedding than we have ever been offered.  We have all the support, tools, and skills to begin new paradigms of social offerings and new ways of interacting and behaving and it is within each and every one of us to just begin.


Every small act of love, sharing, kindness, movement out of structure, restrictions, confinement, and lack of creative individuality is how we alter the entire social paradigm to something new. Speak loving words of truth so that your hearts and the hearts of the children are heard, and known, and we can begin to heal, to seed, and to bring forth the garden of light that we all deserve to flourish within. As I was sitting in my front room, enjoying the early morning blessings, I pondered about what our world would be like if we had no material pressure to work for, shop for, get, supply, or to have to buy things, and how would this affect our inner peace, our inner ability to reconnect with all life, and how we could let go of so much imbalance by creating a little piece of this freedom in any moment we can.

Our planet is shifting, and we are awakening in every new day to ways that are simplifying everything around us and returning to the Divine state of heartfelt joy that is open, trusting, in desire of simplicity and fairness and it is what as a collective so many are acting upon to create. We are shifting our energy as a collective from being materially driven and needy, and one that was so entrenched in out-dated social systems that serve very few, to the allowance of the heart to be our primary guide to action and change. Our hearts are initiating us into loving liberation of spirit, liberation of trade and good will, and will be the anchor to all human and social paradigm change and creative expression, and in this I am celebrating every breath to be a part of this dynamic new garden of light.

woman meditating on tropical beach in the caribbean

There may be fears and out-dated perceptions that you may feel when you create new ways of doing things, new ways of behaving, and allow that to be ‘ok.’ For these sensations are short-lived and are allowing you to see the growth and expansion you have gifted yourself and your family.  You are showing yourself as a master creator that this is going to be ‘ok’ and I know that there is much we can explore in a higher state of being. As we heal the myriad of soul fragments, as we allow for love to be our driving force to unite and harmonize our world, we allow for the inner truth and innate abilities to come forth and this is no different for our children that have already come here as higher oscillating light beings ready to shape our world into one that will serve not only the greater good, but also the myriad of light beings and hybrid children awaiting for our frequency alignment within to truly entangle and commune as a new Universal family.

We are being nudged, urged, and celebrated into a new state of behaving as our God-Self, our Christed-self, and it is within the small moment-for-moment actions, words, and loving sharing communions you intent to create and entangle with. Whether your entanglements are with spirit, your children, your lover, wildlife, the ocean, the Universal beings that support us in every way, just know you are being gifted with wisdom, insight, and unconditional love every moment you so choose to open and receive it, and dance within it.  When we move within our moment-for-moment life with the intention of being in the essence of our highest Christed-self, we are sending out profoundly powerful quantum particles of potential that begin the collaboration of an infinite number of opportunities and other quantum conversations of similar light resonance to entangle with you on your journey.

The Universal mind, the Omni-field is an infinite Divine garden of light that is unmanifest potential of ALL THINGS; so why not begin this intentional dance and create within it with purpose, with vision, with joyful loving creativity that can truly shift every experience in your daily reality to be one of communion, laughter, bliss, abundance of spirited belonging, and true health and inner wellness.


Here is our link from our live ascension show yesterday as we discussed and entangled with the notion of ‘Creating as the God-self’ and moving about within this new garden of light. We discussed some incredible experiences about my recent journey to Peru, and many of the lessons were not that which was outlined in my itinerary or textbook about ancient peoples, it was in the open hearted intent to entangle with the Divine.

There is an ongoing infinite array of Divine communication within all things, infinite vibrational threadings that are all entangled with and sewn within all life, and if we hold the loving intent to be the Divine Christed-self and live through our hearts in this way, we then open to what is already sewn within. This higher dimensional perspective is what allows for the infinite Christed-self to be lived and expressed, and experienced through us, and how we are able to tap into higher dimensional sound waves, electromagnetic offerings and activations, that is the loving communion that occurs at all times within nature and wildlife awaiting our acknowledgement and acceptance of it.


There is a level of similitude and symbiosis that the ancient tribes knew of and all children were taught and lived within the hearts, so too allow for their longevity, their tribal health, and even wisdom and inter-dimensional travel that was directly related within their innate balance within themselves and all things. The profound lessons that I brought back from Peru were many, but what stands out most was our ancestors innate knowingness of balance, harmony, and the Oneness within their essence of living within the environment and tribal communities.

It is my intuitive sensing that many of the trails of the ancient Inca were not merely a transportation pathway to get from one location to another; but offered very special vibrational transition offerings to those that were prepared and ready for its resonance. The tribal journeys were sacred rights of passages that held ceremony, celebration, and Divine gifts from Gaia’s vibrational portals and gateways that I believe were used to initiated inter-dimensional travel and higher dimensional wisdoms and insights that the elders could then bring back to the tribe. The Inca trail, along with many of the ancient Andean and Inca lands were purposeful, Divinely orchestrated, Divinely designed, and many of the ancient rock clusters and architecture glistens with the most incredible vibrational offerings of spirit from Gaia, the Elohim, and crystalline encodations, as the elementals and deva’s delight in your appreciation and presence within it.


It is my intuitive sensing that there is a direct correlation of the rock consciousness, the water consciousness, and the consciousness of the elders that knew about tonal alchemy, tonal and crystal alchemy, and how integral ceremony, celebration, reverence, and balance as their journey of purpose and honour were prepared and carried out for thousands of years. This is why there is great stories of so called ‘myth’ that encapsulate the profound elegance of their structures, carvings, energy within these sacred locations, and the Divine mystical and magical experiences that can still be sensed today. It is also why such discoveries as the ‘3-Fingered Skeleton’ recently revealed.

There are many revelations and discoveries that will confirm and come forth from all corners of our world that much of what mystics, shamans, and intuitives have been teaching for eons is that we are profoundly entangled, connected, and linked with energy within the All, and that we have always been entangled multi-dimensionally with our star brethren. As the world awakens to our infinite and dynamic potentials within the expansion of consciousness itself, we will be less phased by what use to seem so ‘out of this world’ and begin to integrate the messages that each discovery holds; which is always why each discovery is unearthed. We as a collective are ready to know our expansiveness within Creation. We are ready to evolve in such a way that we begin to reawaken the light within the earth that has been dormant awaiting our energetic readiness to bring it forth and crystallize it into our every day life and state of being.


Remember dear lighted ones, Gaia is enveloped and entrenched with energetic and electro-magnetic grids with crystalline information, encodations, and consciousness and will entangle and be gifted to you in the readiness, reverence, and multi-dimensional balance that you keep. This is what many of the ancient elders knew and why they travelled where and when they did. We are gifted every blessing to remind us that a peaceful, harmonic, and balanced way of existing is possible. We have the ability to create profound energetic structures of such precision without the use of modern day tools or earthly degradation, and to those that are Divinely ready to play within their Christed hearts will be those that will be offered the energetic portal to dance within.

Sacred land has a distinct vibration and it is unique and different within each location, and that is purposeful. Just as each and every one of us are unique and purposeful, so too is the All mirrored back to us and we are now ready to know that our planet, our ancestors, our ancient megalithic structures that were created with great care, precision, and design are far more magical and inter-dimensionally purposeful than traditional text books could explain. It is no accident to the physical symptoms and sensations that are felt in high vibrational portals, vortexes, and ancient lands.

img_2719In my opionion and intuitive sensing, there is a direct correlation to the consciousness and reverberations held within the fields of the All that are interacted within and entangled with when travelling in these offerings. There are healings, releases, and timeline clearing that can allow us as a people, a newly refined people in human form to walk as a more illuminated and heart-felt being that knows of our belonging to the Heavens, to the stars, and to the Divine and Holy Creators that gift us in every moment to a new awakening of our potential. We are ready to explore ourselves, our planet, our ancestors traditions with open hearts and know that we are always connected, and we are always One.

This link enclosed captivates those of us that know there has always been inter-dimensional communion, communication, and entanglement with our star brethren, and there is evidence left for us to muse about and ponder as we get comfortable with our Universal belonging and presence. There are videos such as this of discoveries and artefacts unearthed within every human generation since life began upon this glorious planet, and I am absolutely sure it will continue until we are of the state of Oneness that we no longer need to keep digging for human sense of belonging.


Our beautiful Gaia, and the ancient beings, tribes, and the myriad of collectives that spent thousand of years in ceremonial preparations, energetic initiations, and Universal quantum entanglement are still offering the reverberations of their intentional energetic work and sacred play. This is why so many can come away from such ancient sites and portals forever changed. We are stepping within the timelessness of Divine energy and when one is lovingly open and ready, one can experience much of what I personally did and communicate beyond what I thought I was able to entangle with and create.

Such ancient lands and energetic structures and pathways offer such energetic inter-dimensional gateways to those that have dedicated their own presence and energetic readiness so that whatever initiation of benevolence is intended; a profound shift in awareness, sense of being, and peace will most certainly be experienced. It is also my sensing that the correlation between the myths of many simply disappearing and that of the energetically prepared lands are no accident. The elders and tribes knew of our entanglement, our connection and balance within all things, and why their presence and stories fascinate us in the here and now.


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Remember dear lighted ones, it is the perspective, the innate heart-felt desires that set the quantum frequency for the Universe to conspire and create on our behalf. If you desire better education for your children, if you desire a life that is free-flowing and devoid of timelines, schedules, structure, and restriction, or if you desire a simple organic life with ceremony and sacred play, then it begins as creative energetic imaginings and intention. Much of the fear we experience in our desire to be fully liberated are the material imprints that we have carried with us in our soulful akash and the carbon DNA that we are here to transcend and change. We create every illusion so that we can triumphantly arise and transcend into a lighter state of resonance, thus therefore healing and affecting the All that we exist within.

We are the light mavericks of a new dawn, a new Divine light garden and it is within the perspectives, higher knowing, and loving intentions that we sow these seeds of profound earthly change to take bloom. Simple loving thoughts of liberation and Divine sovereign allowance, and placing your foot with intention to live as your fullest Divinely creative expression of love is as powerful a creation tool as twelve step program to success and long-lasting change. Live through your hearts dear ones, for you are meant to live in bliss, in joyful liberation to be excited and self-loving about you. This is not something unattainable or out of reach, for you are already this and it is your awakening, your acceptance of it that makes it so.

img_2937Living and being your Christed essence is choosing to be it. Intend with every breath to be your fullest Divine and unique Christed essence, walk with your heart open and intend this with every step, and know that Divine Holy Heavens will open to you and support you in this way, for this is Universal law and it is what you already are.

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Enjoy your incredible summer morning and be light, be joyful, be YOU. You are required for your unique gifts, creative expressions, and your unique frequency; you are required! Allow your children, your children’s’ children to know they are needed, they are loved, and that they belong for we can never tire of the loving well-wishes that is truly required to heal and bring to life anew.

May your words heal, may your creativity imagine, may your heart love, and may your wings soar ~ you were born to live in this perfection of self-love.


Blessings and great joy, for you are dearly loved.