Higher Dimensional Health, Wellness & Balance


Greetings dear lighted ones,

As an introduction to our multi-dimensional parenting and crystalline children sharing and exploration, we wanted to being with multi-dimensional wellness, balance, health, and higher attunement practice for our children; for remember, if we desire health, wellness, and peace for ourselves, our children, then we need to step outside what has always been and begin anew.  For what we have co-created for ourselve in so many of our social structures are not serving us and simply even being of detriment to us.  We do however have the inner will and choice to create something anew.


We have talked about many things that assist in bringing our children, our friends, our family into the circle of awareness with simple and easy practices that heal the All.

Creating moment-for-moment balance in our multi-dimensional wholeness is key to higher dimensional health & wellness & even more in our kids. This means that being consciously aware of tuning in to yourself;
* Am I feeling balanced in my emotional body?
* Am I feeling balanced in my physical body?
* Am I feeling balanced in my etheric body?
* Am I feeling balanced in my mental body?

What is it that each aspect of the whole self is nudging at you in every moment for your attention, your love, your wisdom and transformative skills to transmute into light and wellness and nourishment.


You can also allow for these moment-for-moment wellness atonements to bring forth deeper and wider wisdoms to include the beliefs that you hold to those imbalances that are showing you in every day that greater self-love, self-care, and self-harmony are needed. You are as powerful and all knowing as any physician and prior to a world without pharmacy and monetary gains to medicine was incarnated, we had the innate wisdoms and skills to heal most ailments that we manifested. Creating a life that oozes with self-love, self-honour, and self-appreciation is how to allow not only yourself to a higher frequency experience, but also create the emanations that radiate forth for others to benefit from your light and harmony that you create.

Just as all healers and energy workers know that there is no healing that can transform anyone unless they themselves are in the heart-felt choice to be healed and transformed. So too is the inner wellness and balance that we can begin to bring forth for sharing, exploration, and joyful heart-felt commitment to be centered and peaceful. This intent and conviction alone sets forth a Divine and majestic message to be returned and how anyone can be the master of their own innate healing and Divine illumination. Heightened moments of self-healing begin energetically and with the pure intent to be well and balanced and in good health. This Divine higher mind and higher heart choice sets the frequency for the vessel to follow suit. Turn off the electronics, share your emotions, share your feelings, share your etheric and physical joy, and set forth the most exciting passions of creative play and sacred play and see how quickly imbalance begins to fill your happy and alive home.

Allow your children to know how empowering this is to sync in with their higher selves and intuitive teams with them to assist in guiding their health, their wellness, their intelligence to their passions. This is how they flourish and know thyself to the higher version of whole and dynamic in essence and power to create light, health, harmony, and inner balance and peace; and any parent, regardless of what the innitial day-dreams we had about our children at birth, we all only truly desire their health and happiness of the self and of others.

Oftentimes the greatest changes to ones physical health and wellness are small and powerful shifts of perspective and inner knowing first; for all illness and imbalance begins at the energetic level and therefore where all healing should begin.



How key it is to be simple and centered in these balanced attunements and remember dear crystalline golden ones; Gaia provides to us every natural herb, natural remedy to ALL illness! Awareness and inner knowing will direct you to your higher truth. Whether that be ‘mandatory vaccinations, synthetic medicine and big pharma offerings, or that of the what the inner self and higher self already knows to be true for you.  You are a master of your health, your wellness, and your Divine crystalline perfection.

Enjoy your sharing circles, enjoy your wellness and peace of the Divine inner self ~

Blessings and joy,


          Ascension Creating as the Christed~Self