Limitless Divine Heavenly Child


Greetings Dear Divine Creator of light, dear crystalline child of potential;

There is no limitation.
You are a Divine spark of the God, the Divine Creators from whence you were breathed to be the ALL as It was breathed.
A living creator, a child of Mother Father and in the image of perfection, creation, and light and love.

In this alone dear ones, there are no limitations; beyond what we know, set, and create for ourselves to be true; you are limitless particles of light and love.


What is it that you know of the ALL that you are? What is it that you dare to express, experience in joy, and be the child of innocence that truly moves with intention to play and be light? This is our next phase of human behaving and knowingness and creating; to be light. To be unconditional in our trust of the Divine, the Divine Sacred Mind and All our celestial beings of multi-dimensional light guiding us through this incredible phase of celebration within the garden of light.

Open your heart in pure knowingness to simply be a child of light.
Open your heart in the potential that exists in all things to see, experience, and be love showing you that you are this.

A master you are having come forth once again to be a child of light and wayshower of the brave and spontaneously playful ~ I AM THAT I AM a child of light and I am ready to play.


Join us in this playful time to dance, create, and be the sparks that dance upon the cosmic wind……what an exciting time dear ones;

Thank you to Jamie for creating this incredible video/audio for us in our sharing and youtube portal. * Creating as the Christed Self



Blessings and great joy with an open heart to live in Oneness, Unity, and harmony to all ~

Oh what Heavenly times we co-create.