Celestial Alignments & Breath Support Human Evolution


Celestial Alignments

Greetings dear lighted ones,
What is your God code? What is the destined path of soulful promise? What is it that your daily life, daily synchronicities, and passionis guiding you to take part upon, act upon, and create?

As we discussed this past weekend, this month we are ignited to align more purely with our destined path and soulful promise, our unique and innate God code of human-illuminated life co-creation. We have such profound manifestations that are being offered through the deep galactic and celestial alignments, along with the galactic birthday for Gaia, full moon, number vibrations and the All That Is encoding our every breath with heightened and expansive potentiation. All that we are, all that we exist within, all that supports us is for the Divine and Heavenly bedding nudging into a new dynamic human experience and if you are awake, if you are aware and ready to co-create with excitement, passion, and the breath of life, you will always unveil within Divine majesty. Always! 

Are you sensing the intensity of this month preparing us for the 08/08 Gateway? Are you in alignment with your most highest and excited path? All that you do, think, create, emit reverberates with ever-greater manifested evidence of your threading within the All. Know your Divinely blessed and creative potential and begin. The human recalibration to our highest collective potential begins now; breathe this in and feel it through your Divine Sacred Heart, and infuse the unexpected delights of all that is glorious and beautifully YOU!


The Divine Mother Father live through you ~ open, trust, and allow through this Heavenly surrender and enjoy all that you create and co-create. We are setting about a new ignition of human illumination and the unexpected and unimaginable is ready to unfold. For those of us excited about communing with our galactic and celestial families, and aligned with our highest passion, these truly are the things that dreams and destinies are made of and we are so very blessed to be human and awake in these Divine co-creations.  Allow for celebration and ceremony in all that you are and do, for this will assist to catalyze a new you now.

Join us on 08/08 for next galactic celebration, invocation, and offering to Creation as we offer our purest heart for first landings, first contact, and human-Universal Oneness;
08/08 * Sacred Temple Lions Gate ~ Ceremony Universal Oneness

* http://universalunity.ca/lionsgateportal/

Blessings and great joy,


For those on the Asian peninsula’s, join me in Japan from August 14-29th;

Japan Divine Inner Temple



Blessings and Divine love and joy,