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Multi-Dimensional Parenting

Higher Dimensional Health & Wellness

Greetings dear lighted ones,

As an introduction to our multi-dimensional parenting and crystalline children sharing and exploration, we wanted to begin with an offering on; multi-dimensional wellness, balance, health, and higher atonement practice for our vastly changing multi-dimensional family dynamics. For remember, if we desire health, wellness, and peace for ourselves, and our children, we need to step beyond what we have always done. Our refined vessels, our refined and awakened hearts and sensory systems require a refined toolkit of ‘heightened practices’ that we can draw from to shift and alter the dynamic needs of our crystalline family experiences, and in this, we begin to shape our collective family in higher oscillating ways. We are igniting a new family paradigm and bringing forth the simple flowing practices we had in tribal living, simpler times in which distraction and material toys did not take us from knowing ourselves and sharing in love and honour of one another. Much our human intimacy and self-knowing has been replaced by texting, devices, and electronic play, and we hope that this may inspire the notion that it only takes a few small shifts to create profound wellness and health and balance within the homes that eventually spill into collective human experiences.


The family paradigm is so key as the paramount foundation that shapes how our society behaves as collective soul family. As a parent of three young children, I understand the challenge to bring forth new and unseen practices to the forefront and just begin anew. Especially since my children are use to having their playful devices and instant contact to all things but spirit. I personally am seeing the effects of societal imprints and negative programming, unhealthy additives, disconnection at every level of society with spirit and the multi-dimensional body and awareness and it feels as if I am the only one moving against the tide of what seems so obvious and out of place.


I write this as a personal offering from the heart of an awakened mother, and with the excited knowingness that as we speak in our own authentic spirited truth, we bring about profound and lasting change. Whether it be the spirited advocate for better programs in your children’s schools, or introducing something fun and energetic in your family sharing time, every moment in connection with spirit as a family soul tribe is assisting in shifting our collective human experience, and will serve the souls of such higher oscillating children that have contracted with us in the knowing we would act in courage and Divine loving direction.

It is no secret that many of our societal systems and structures are not serving much of the collective, and it could even be said that many social structures are simply being of detriment to us.  We do however have the inner will and choice to create something anew.


We have talked about many things that assist in bringing our children, our friends, and our family into the circle of awareness with simple and easy practices that heal the All. One of the most paramount multi-dimensional teachings is that of; Who are we? What do we exist within? What exists with us? This is the envelope in which the balancing of the multi-dimensional whole being is brought into heightened alignment of health, wellness, and spirited expansiveness.

We can no longer ignore the dynamic sensations that even our children are sensing and displaying to us and if we are not allowing of their innate Christed essence to come forth and play, create, and entangle in a spirited and uninhibited manner. As mentioned in our first book; ‘5th Dimensional Consciousness~Profound ways to Awaken Your Potential and Align with Future Contact,’ we mentioned how our children are born into our reality as pure beings of limitless potential, and through the conditionings set within the family dynamic, the societal imprints of eons of density and limitation, the children are forever changed and cut off from their knowingness as Divine encoded Christed beings.


If we are unaware of the infinite and limitless lifeline of Source essence within and without, then how may we begin to reawaken the light within our families and allow for the Divine to majestically shift what we experience? This is my soul passion and mission to ignite within the hearts of those who so desire to inspire the love and light and Christed knowingness within the family circle and thus therefore changing our collective experience and galactic readiness. Our children, as a collective energy, are aching for belonging, for heightened communication and entanglement that within their hearts they know exists but is nothing of what they see, or are being offered in their every day life. This dynamic undercurrent of disconnection of spirit and self-knowing is the link that must be repaired and ignited anew in a holistic and fun inspiring.

As a parent and healer, I understand how profound the task may appear as we creatively attempt to bring something untried and yet so true to the table for integration in real and practical ways. Demanding and controlling will not work; placing rules and micro managing won’t provide lasting power either; so what next? As simple and as easy as this sounds, know it is in direct alignment with Source and will always work; Love and allowance.

As a parent I get the technology traps we get ourselves into. We want the kids to stay abreast with technology, to stay connected with their peers, and have some fun too, however as many can attest, the technology begins to take precedence over all things in their early lives and it is a challenge to bring about something so new and unseen to so many. I get it. That is why I chose this path and the very higher dimensional crystalline children that I did, as they did me. We are all contracted to bring about renewal, rebirth, and reawakening; every single one of us are threaded and woven in this collective rebirth and to merely sit and do nothing is no longer an option for our children’s health and wellness and the very fabric of our family dynamic is in dire need of repair.


Ascension, enlightenment, self-actualization is the re-unification of the whole multi-dimensional self to Source knowing and being. If our children are unaware of their existence as dynamic beings of light in a multi-dimensional potential that is truly limitless and always entangled with Mother Father God, Source Creators, and that they obtain infinite access to the Divine and Holy lifeline of light encoding that is available to them; then how are they to operate as balanced and well beings that create in this way? This statement cannot be understated in its importance for it is the catalyst to truly understanding the limitations and constraints that so many feel, that so many are now showing illness and symptomology to such oppression and lack of creativity, and how these negative societal imprints directly co-related and affect our entire human collective in health, balance, and well-being in every way.

Creating moment-for-moment balance in our multi-dimensional wholeness is key to higher dimensional health & wellness & even more in our kids. When you begin to introduce small and spirited joys into your life, know that any and all change will come with hurdles, dissension, and even those that refuse to alter their path and have this be ‘ok’ for there is free will and sovereign allowance operating within your alignment with Source and Divine will. There may be some of your family members that really take to circle sharing, or crystal and Gaia time well and there may be others that continue the same practices of disconnection, and just know that any and all behaviours that you model that is unconditional and allowing of their unique Divine path, will serve the greater whole and their soul theme that they chose to create and experience.


Sovereign allowance is one of the most profoundly challenging tasks that any parent will have to move through and oftentimes it is the most painful as we reset the human paradigm to higher frequencies aligned with Divine Source light and unconditional behaviour. We are healing eons of societal and family imprints that are entrenched in control, greed, disconnection, and imbalance, and this path of way shower was never one for the faint at heart. This is why you are here, and exactly why you are reading this exact article. You are the one excited and determined to bring about balance into your life and to offer your children a sense of belonging and self-love that you did not know existed and this is why you are light bearer and earthly reality changer.

Creating change and new beginnings is why each and every one of us feels compelled and driven in the way that we do and it simply must begin. Our every day actions, behaviours and words are the catalyst to every higher dimensional future experience and in this now moment, we are rethreading and healing a multi-tude of dimensional potentials that many will benefit from. However we must begin within the family and with our children that mean the world to us. Their health, their balance, and their wellness that screams for our loving heart-felt entanglement and attention is why you are reading this, and why innately you are aware that change needs to begin.


Wellness and health begins with inner reflection. We can begin to create these mini-conversations with our children as use these techniques ourselves to bring balance within the multi-dimensional paradigm we are now living within. Knowing that we are ‘All Things,’ we can begin with the 4 lower bodies as our primal starting point to all other higher operating energies that we will work our way up to in Divine timing.

We are multi-dimensional beings of living light and this consists of bringing moment-for-moment awareness and rebalance to that which we are; Physical, Mental, Emotional, Etheric.

This means that at any moment, we are attuning ourselves within our ever-shifting environment with our ever-shifting vessel and Omni-verse reality experience and how and why we have been so imbalanced and ill for so very long. There are very little teachings if any that encapsulate the dynamic essence of all that we are and how our children’s joy and happiness is threaded within every attribute of their multi-dimensional knowingness and self-care. Daily practices that allow for open and unconditional conversation and sharing around these understandings is a beginning to higher dimensional joy, happiness, wellness, and awareness, so that our states of being and behaving can dramatically follow suit. We must be consistent and consciously aware of tuning in to ourselves in every moment to refine and realign to the most highest and dynamic essence that we have the capability of experiencing and it does take commitment to feeling peaceful and in stillness of spirit and love.


Dynamic Daily Reflections

Who Am I? What do I exist within? What exists within me?

These questions are so key and be discussed as you drive your kids to school, or walk in the park, or even snuggle at bedtime and the children will be inspired to begin dialogue in this way for their hearts are aching for this reconnection to the expanded multi-dimensional Christed self.

When challenges and discomfort, or issues arise, ask your children how they are feeling and what part of their body, or the inner system of light that they are tuning into? My children state their feelings in abstract ways when they are talking about energy so it is key to tune in and truly listen to the higher dimensional ways in which they explain their feelings. For example; ‘I feel like crying when someone talks to you rude mommy.’ This statement can tell you very quickly that your child is empathic and feels the energy exchange in the conversation and how this rebalance and awareness is so key to tune into and bring to the forefront and honour so that they understand why they feel and experience what they do. Allow them to know that they are tuning in to their innate wholeness and spirited gifts and can bring grounding and balance to know that it is not their responsibility to heal or make any dynamic ‘right.’

This is a key example of why so many crystalline children walk with such low self-esteem and self-awareness, for there are not being acknowledged not only in their innate gifts and Divine essence, but also they are not being shown that they are not the healers of all experiences in their environment and that a shift in knowing and perspective can assist them in their inner self-peace and self-love.


Crystalline children feel so much. Crystalline children feel and read the emotional energy in the home environment before any words are spoken and before any conversation takes place. It is so vital to their wellbeing and sense of self to begin such multi-dimensional conversations and new energetic family offerings so that they can begin to heal; and then arise to unveil their inner truth without feeling responsible and at fault for every profound interaction we are all moving through in our transitions to a higher dimensional way of living.

As you attune to your multi-dimensional whole and infinite self, and practice minor shifts in your life, you will emulate and model these behaviours to your children that bring balance and grounding and belonging to the greater whole.


In all of my spirited ascension work and experiences, I have found journaling to be so very profound in so many ways. Journaling provides not only the working through of energy as it moves through you, but the accountability and connectedness of your skills, your dialogue with spirit, your innate sense and mastery to work through the integration and challenges that do arise, and to show your growth and expansiveness in every word that you write and commune with. For you are communing with you, with spirit, with Mother Father God, and all that you are is a reverberation to what you experience and it is a profound way to refine and affirm your path, your intent, and your desire to experience the life you truly are excited to create and manifest.

Reflection Offerings ~ 

  • Some questions that you may begin with, and begin to incorporate into your daily family dialogue in collaboration with the 3 ascension reflections above may be;
    * Am I feeling balanced in my emotional body? Why did I feel this way when I manifested this, or when this was reflected to me? (Allowing for self-recognition, acknowledgement of innate Source power to create and define, and realign to a frequency that will serve the desire experience)

    * Am I feeling balanced in my physical body? What is it that my body is telling me and what does it need?
  • Am I feeling balanced in my etheric body? How may I play and create sacred communion with my Higher Self and celestial angelic teams, with Mother Father God?
    Am I feeling balanced in my mental body? Do I feel inspired and peaceful within myself and I am allowing for presence to be still?


As you can see, these inner-self and higher-self reflection questions can go in a myriad of ways and this practice is not about finding all the answers, or knowing all the answers, it is about atonement and sacred honour of your ever-shifting awareness and ability to tap into the infinite for your rebalance and life-line to the Divine in any situation, and in any dimensional unfolding. These skills will be transferrable and integrative at all levels of all paths in all realms and it is necessary for our development and evolution into galactic entanglements.

The Dynamic Attributes of the Christed Consciousness ~ How to Live in Christed Essence & Activate IT

The Christed Consciousness is the Divine encodings of potentiality gifted within the DNA of each and every one of us. Activating and nourishing these encodation’s is unique to each person and how the Christed energy and dynamic is experienced and expressed by each being is unique. What is One and unified within this Christed energy is the limitless accessibility and empowerment of unconditional love and Creation power that Mother Father God gift within It. Love is the encoding that unites us all and it is the God essence, the Christed essence that awakens us to the encodings set free within that spiral within our Divine Inner Temple of Light to manifest the shamanic genius and creative artist that co-creates to serve the greater good and higher dimensional evolutionary agenda’s.

The Christed essence is; Creative, Limitless, Sovereign in expression, Sovereign in allowance, and multi-dimensional beyond our human explanation and definition. The Christed essence is the soulful link to the All that we are and why it can be activated in any way to bring about a wisdom, skill, technical knowing to this here and now to assist in the evolvement and joy of your now reality experience.


This is what is truly meant by; ‘we are woven and threaded holographically within All things’ and we are able to tap into any one particle to bring it to life in manifested form as we ready ourselves for these profound Christed skills, and why we must learn the importance and value of balancing and honing our multi-dimensional gifts. Jesus and other Christed masters had created the miracles in which they did within the essence of this Christed state of being. The Christed essence is a vibration, It is enriched Divine genetic and multi-dimensional encodings, threaded within and soaked with Holy essence uniquely limitless to each aspect of life that allows It to be their state of being.

The Christed essence is miraculous, Divinely unexpected in Its power to seek love, create love, and It is how all masters operated in faith of. They knew and acted within Higher Faith and unconditional love of the self, was the portal and pathway to these Divine offerings and mastery in which they emulated, and what they all came forth to teach in some way. Creating the inner essence of Higher Faith within is the unwavering truth and intent that Source, Mother Father God live through you and that you are ever entangled, unconditionally loved, and guided by the Holy Creators, and all things, all experiences, are Divinely unfolding in the highest and best for the greater good. Create these intentions before your foot is placed upon Gaia and just see how your reality shifts to match such powerful vibrations.


The Christed essence is further activated in communion with the Holy Mother Father God, through the Divine Sacred Mind-the Higher Self, and the higher dimensional teams that assist in the DNA activations that release the Adam-Eve Kadmon particles through your multi-dimensional system. This is only done when there has been ample clearing, core frequency resonance met with daily reflection and inner love you create in your own unique path, pacing, intent, and purity of heart that one exemplifies.  

Reflection Wisdoms and Self Mastery

Daily and regular Divine inner self-reflections are not only transformative but fun and as you truly experience your daily life shifting around you as a result of the inner work that you are doing, you can let go of journaling and have it be a part of your innate behaviour to higher dimensional health and wellness. Even if you are out with friends, and you are seemingly outside of your spiritual comfort zone, and you sense a healing sensation being activated as a triggering of anger, or lack-of-self, you are equipped with the tools and skills to immediate redefine, realign, and attune to a higher knowing through the profound path work that you emulate in your every day life of spirited connection. Allowing for the unconditional love of self, love of others, and the forgiveness to be immediate and healing.


All that you are, and every aspect of the whole self is nudging at you in every moment for your attention, your love, your wisdom and transformative skills to transmute into light and wellness and nourishment? It is key to remember and surrender within the knowing that you are ever-shifting in every moment, and why reflection and inner know is the path to all enlightenment. Let go of how awakening should look, or how others have experienced their awakening, or kundalini ignition, and allow for your skills, your wisdoms, your gifts, and your unveiling to be unique you; this is the Christed way and is directly aligned with Source. We are reminding ourselves and our children of their innate Divine limitless potential to be anything it is that they are excited about in any given moment and how to align and be the master of their own self-care, self-mastery, and creative genius that is the all encoded within each and every one of them.

You can also allow for these moment-for-moment wellness atonements to bring forth deeper and wider wisdoms to include the beliefs that you hold to those imbalances that are showing you in every day that greater self-love, self-care, and self-harmony are needed. You are as powerful and all knowing as any physician and prior to a world without pharmacy and monetary gains to medicine was incarnated, we had the innate wisdoms and skills to heal most ailments that we manifested. Creating a life that oozes with self-love, self-honour, and self-appreciation is how to allow not only yourself to a higher frequency experience, but also create the emanations that radiate forth for others to benefit from your light and harmony that you create.


Just as all healers and energy workers know that there is no healing that can transform anyone unless they themselves are in the heart-felt choice to be healed and transformed. So too is the inner wellness and balance that we can begin to bring forth for sharing, exploration, and joyful heart-felt commitment to be centered and peaceful. This intent and conviction alone sets forth a Divine and majestic message to be returned and how anyone can be the master of their own innate healing and Divine illumination. Heightened moments of self-healing begin energetically and with the pure intent to be well and balanced and in good health. This Divine higher mind and higher heart choice sets the frequency for the vessel to follow suit. Turn off the electronics, share your emotions, share your feelings, share your etheric and physical joy, and set forth the most exciting passions of creative play and sacred play and see how quickly imbalance begins to fill your happy and alive home.

Allow your children to know how empowering this is to sync in with their higher selves and intuitive teams with them to assist in guiding their health, their wellness, and their intelligence to their passions. This is how they flourish and know thyself to the higher version of whole and dynamic in essence and power to create light, health, harmony, and inner balance and peace; and any parent, regardless of what the initial day-dreams we had about our children at birth, we all only truly desire their health and happiness of the self and of others.


Oftentimes the greatest changes to ones physical health and wellness are small and powerful shifts of perspective and inner knowing first; for all illness and imbalance begins at the energetic level and therefore where all healing should begin.

How key it is to be simple and centered in these balanced atonements and remember dear crystalline golden ones; Gaia provides to us every natural herb, natural remedy to ALL illness! Awareness and inner knowing will direct you to your higher truth. Whether the daily health and wellness choices are that of the socio-economic mandatory vaccinations, synthetic medicine and / or big pharma offerings, or that of what the higher self already knows to be true for you.  You are a master of your health, your wellness, and your Divine crystalline perfection.

Enjoy your sharing circles, enjoy your wellness and peace of the Divine inner self; choose to be this profoundly aligned with love and light, wellness and health, and so too shall it be.

You are so dearly loved and supported and know that through all that you desire, you have all the skills and wisdoms within to create and manifest that experience.

Blessings and joy,