Understanding the Christed Essence ~


Greetings and good morning everyone,

Are you feeling the support and energies from the Universal family nudging you into something so new and unexpected? Are you sensing that first contact is right around the corner? Are you feeling that this second half of the year will be the one in which can leave lasting imprints of love, change, and determination to be the love, honour as you unveil your Christed gifts? Not only have we shifting upon new vibration and resonance grids, but we are also moving at an ever-accelerated oscillation within the galactic and evolutionary bedding that we are co-creating and transitioning within.

These evolutionary energetic transitions are also a contributing factor to why we can sense and see the seemingly chaos with those that are not aware about grounding and centering, and why we also see disconnected behaviour within the socio-economic environments and sectors in which energy and spirit is still not widely understood, known, and practiced. We are moving through profound change and it will smooth out, and we are making tremendous headway.

We are all being prepared dear ones, and we offer a grounded and practical way to understand the Christed energy so that you are can move more freely into the upcoming shifts with greater honour, greater ease, and enjoyment to what is truly happening within the multi-dimensional being that you are. Each one of us is vibrationally contracted within a grander collective vibrational contract and we are each contributing the whole family that we exist within the benefit of our transitioning light and love. We oftentimes do not consider this in our moment-for-moment unfolding, but it is key to keep this in resonance as the changes unfold and why aligning your authentic path and excitement will always serve the All as you also serve thyself in this way.

We are transmuting and alchemically shifting all that we are as physical human beings into a lighter, faster oscillating human being with less dense properties within and without. If you understand that we are holographic images living within holographic bedding, then it goes to say that there is much going on ‘behind the scenes’ that is also assisting, preparing, and directing you through this profound transformation. We are golden particles of Divine living light having a physical human experience that we have co-created in vibrational contracts to assist in an infinite array of soulful themes and lessons for the growth, expansion, and evolutionary agenda’s within the grander Heavenly hierarchies and Divine loving order from Mother Father God. There is nothing that is accidental and coincidental in any of the majestic orchestrations within our multi-verse and why many scientists are now discovering the order and refinement of Creation in general to be an acceptable argument rather than scientific randomness of matter and events.

The consciousness field, the Omni-field, the unified field, the ALL, is a bedding of energy and vibration all held within, all held without. We are particles within this, as it is within us; held lovingly within the center of every nucleus of our DNA. This means that you have the potentiation, as we have been seeded from a myriad of planets, beings, and life form that is not purely earth material, and in this, we have the potentials to expand within the encoding, the array of offerings that we choose as we incarnate into our soulful vibrational contracts and planetary home. This may sound like somewhat of a galactic story of a mission of love, and it is.

Each one of us, whether we remember or not, have chosen with great wisdom, intelligence, and design with many other beings as our council, to assist us in crafting an intricate vibrational soul plan that operates as a general soulful map that assists us in not only awakening into our profundity in Divine timing, but to also awaken our gifts, enhance and use our gifts, and then offer, share, and gift them back into the vibrational agreements in which we have come to serve and explore and express within. For we know within the higher consciousness states that all that we do aligns with the myriad of other contracts in which we are threaded and sewn within and it is the innate pull, the soulful stirring, the Divine inner nudge that begins the awakening process for us to seek within and feed the spirit that is aching for communion and reunification with its Source light, Source love. We are the vessels, we are the Divine temples of light through which Source, the Divine and Holy Mother Father God can experience all of Creation through.


The Christed consciousness is a vibrational offering and gift. It is one that is not steeped in limitation, doubt, fear, or lack of. The Christ consciousness is unconditional and profoundly rarefied frequencies of light encodings that are unique, that are designed, and that are ignited for each person, for each soul vibrational contract, when we have prepared the multi-dimensional bodies for such ignitions and preparatory steps into a new phase of evolution. As our planet has been moving through planetary ascension for some time, there are many that sense within their bones, that there is a much grander shift coming and oftentimes this ‘not knowing’ can bring forth fear and limitation for what resides beyond what we can see or know.

Rest assured dear lighted ones, that you will be pleasantly surprised and overjoyed beyond our understanding. We are preparing for this level of Christed bliss and unconditional love and why we have offered and gifted the teachings in the way that we have for I have been privy to such profundity and it is such an incredible and breathtaking process to move from limitation and fear and step into the natural organic God-self. It is not without its challenges and transitions, and also why I have written my own personal expression of what I know to be true, for there is much confusion and limitation around what is truly occurring within our bodies, our potentials, and if we can perceive it from an unconditionally loving view, we can see how truly cared for and benevolently sewn we are within the All.


Ascension, enlightenment, awakening is the moment-for-moment refinement, atonement, and transmutation of the energetic form first, then to our physical form. We transmute through the awakened thought forms in our collective, in our own personal path work, and out intentions, and then the cycle of expansion spirals into the all.

As one seeks within and creates that communion, that link and entanglement, then one quickly sees, feels, knows, the intricate threading we each have to creating our reality experience. For you are shown in every way that all manifestations are presenting you with your inner truths, your inner beliefs, your inner musings and energies you hold about who you are, what you exist within and what exists within you. If you are moving about your life with little direction, clarity, or conscious desire to know, hone, or be One within any of the All, which is really YOU, then this is when resistance, disconnection, and illness begin. For the particles within you know of this organic state to be One, to be love, and to commune and entangle with the All, however it is our awareness, our understanding about who we are that activates the excitement to entangle, to commune, to be in love with all that is being presented. This is why consciousness, awareness, is the key to changing and shifting our socio-economic experiences, and why our society structures will change and shift from the vibration we set as a collective. ALL THINGS COMMENCE FIRST AS ENERGY VIBRATIONS, and the physical follows suit. ALWAYS.


We set the vibration within our consciousness, thus affecting our bodies, our health, our reality experience, our relationships, and so on. This is why we are holographic for it is being shown to us if we look at our circle within our home. The consciousness awareness and beliefs, attitudes, and truths set the frequency for reality of your home life. Open, awaken, fill with love, fill with compassion, and understanding, and unconditional honour of thyself, and this too will flow into your home reality. So too is this mirrored in our community, our city, our nation, and our planetary human family. We are ONE, and we are HOLOGRAPHIC.


Ascension allows for the gradual preparation all fields within your multi-dimensional make-up to be readied for the refinements of the Christed encodations.   Just as the Divine Inner Temple of Light is the energetic mechanism in which we can hone, allow, and create within as energy is transmuted and arranged within, so too are able to know that we exist within a much grander Divine Inner Temple of Light within Creation. Where particles, groups of particles, and grids, and webbing all support the evolution to reunification, the evolution to rarefied light essence will be what many will awaken, sense, and tap into as they expand into their galactic blueprints now being triggered within their consciousness and field of activity.

Illustration of human energy body, aura, chakra in meditation

To truly have the Christed energy move, live, and be expressed through you is the light body preparation and there are very specific physical symptoms, physical traits, and multi-dimensional symptoms that can be felt as you transmute alchemically. Our chakra system is only one part of this transformation, the kundalini is only one part of this process of transformation, the Divine Sacred Heart is a part of this process, the Divine Sacred Mind is a part of this process, the soul threading and themes and vibrational contracts are a part of this process and awakening into the Christed self, and so too is the environment and so on.

Remember our ongoing relignment in knowingness to our mulit-dimensional four lower bodies that we are bringing into our moment-for-moment atonement practice; physical, mental, emotional, and etheric, and each of these bodies carrying its own unique role, vibrational field of play and potential and as we atune and remember our wholeness, we begin to heal and exhance what has always been within. Allowing yourself to bring all energy and exploration within the umbrella of Oneness, of transmuting within a beautiful unique Divine Heavenly map that you designed uniquely for you, and how all energetic shifts are within the plan and design of you in the ignition and being of your fully awakened Christed Self.


We have much to understand about this unprecedented process of transformation and have been wrapped in much enlightenment wordings, confusion, and dogma; however it is very simple in its intent and purpose. To allow for those that are prepared, a way to express creatively, energetically, for the benevolence and spirit of Creation through themselves as the vessel, the conduit, the instrument through which Divine miracles of light, love, and gifts are offered and directed. The Christed consciousness allows us to truly move and masterfully navigate within the holographic omni-presence, and we are guided and assisted in every energetic transition and shift into each new energetic territory of light and vibration by those that we have carefully chosen and worked with in higher councils of light.

This Christed essence is the energetic resonance in which the masters walked within and emulated, and how some ascended from the physical into spirit and why their stories were left that way in our history. For humanity to understand that it is a process of self-knowing, self-loving, and is unique, creative, and expressive and unconditional for us to then go forth and share, teach, gift, and be this in return. For those that truly desire and are prepared, it is a profound path of reunification to Source and it is the birthright of us all.


These teachings have been skewed and segmented and often leaving many confused, exhausted, and not sure what is going on with their bodies, even though they have been in enlightenment work for years. The Christed energy is one that we simply must prepare our multi-dimensional body for; the Christed energy is pure, rare, incredibly profound and why we work through releases, Akashic healing, and letting go as we do. The Christed energy is multi-dimensional, creative, unique, sovereign, and linked directly with Source, and therefore can be used for Divine healings, creation co-creations with other Heavenly councils and groups, and all for the evolution and benevolence within the Heavenly agendas and in alignment with Mother Father God. One cannot simply go from a limited perspective and density and jump into a Christed frequency, and why it has taken years for us to prepare ourselves for where we are being ushered into right now. It is key to allow the natural love, the organic desires that are being ignited to love, to forgive, and to act in compassion for in this you tend to the garden of light that is you, for the energetic and quantum DNA shifts that your team and Higher Self is working so diligently and with great precision in preparing you for.

glass planet in a forest with sunshine - Usa map

With every new shift you make within that allows for expansive loving thought, behaviour, and compassion and excitement for who you are, what you are, and what you exist within, you allow for the natural organic flow of your own unique evolutionary process to unfold. Your celestial and angelic teams are constantly shifting as you do and are constantly refining with you and allowing you the gifts, synchronicities that you do to stay aligned with your highest evolutionary path to fulfillment of the vibrational contracts you have chosen. It is our awareness, our consciousness and atonement to the subtleties of spirit that then allow for us to maintain this path of ecstasy unfoldment as we claim our legacy of light. It is a naturally flowing and organic process, however due to the limitations and beliefs that we have set for ourselves, the remembrance of our innate connectedness we have co-created earthly experiences in which we are healing as we allow the Divinity from within to truly come forth and play.

Evolution unfolds in stages based on our consciousness. We evolve as we expand within, the consciousness path we set and the vibration through which we aspire to moment-for-moment. These energetic and behavioural shifts prepare us multi-dimensionally for the gifts, and for the limitless playground that we will be exploring as we arise to expanded frequency fields of light and physical play. It is still up to us as Masters to move about each moment with heightened awareness and centeredness so that we understand our every thought, word, and deed ripples and affects the all and how we can only positively affect the All.


It is also vitally important that we begin multi-dimensional knowingness and discussions as early as possible in the home and with our children, for they are feeling the same disconnect that we did and they are coming here in a much higher resonance to manage within. Their understanding of themselves as multi-dimensional beings of living shifting light is key to their health, inner wellness, and self-esteem, and we will continue to explore this and other important factors as we expand as a multi-dimensional family of light.

If we inspire one another to act within our authentic soulful excitement and in alignment through self-love, self-honour, and the allowing the innate gifts that we have each come with to gift forth to co-create, and evolve within, then so too will be reverberated with benevolence to the All. These traits of awareness, the mastery resonance of unity consciousness and acting within it is a core vibration we are threaded with as we ascend.


The Christed consciousness and encodations that make us feel so very different, so very new, begin within the DNA, begin within our consciousness readiness, and all else follows suit.  These giftings and energetic entanglements with the Divine are truly a gift from the Divine and is to be explored and activated in the unique way that only you can. This is why so many that are moving through ascension ‘let go’ seeking to find comfort in comparing their path with others and aligning with the unfolding of others gifts and so forth, for this will only cause separation and misalignment to the authentic path each one is to unveil and blossom within.

Just as every cog in a wheel is required to create the momentum and movement that it does, so too are every piece within a puzzle to create the imagery that it does, we are complete, whole, and in Oneness when we truly center within and harmonize with our own sense of excitement, creative gifts, and our own unique energetic soul story and express ourselves within that with fluidity and flow is the Christed way. The Christed essence is; Sovereign, Creative, Expressive, Gifting, Benevolent, Unconditional, Multi-Dimensional, Loving, Compassionate, Radiant, Divine, and Limitless and so too are you.


This is supposed to be an enjoyable and delightful ride beyond what any one person can predict and it is supposed to be that way. For we are all taking our own unique and individual path to the garden of light that is within awaiting for us to remember, to re-engage, and to entangle within for the co-creation without. To remember our innate brilliance and radiance so that we can create and co-create in the way in which the Divine and Source live through us is the joy, is the excitement for it is our natural state of being.  We are meant to be in joy and to be loving, to be united in bliss of our uniqueness and God-self qualities of light.

We are meant to be live in joy and flow with this incredible offering, and as you allow for the expansiveness of love within, the unconditional and compassionate behaviours and gifting’s to yourself, then you are ignited and refined simultaneously and Divinely to experience the evolution of a lifetime in which you are reunified with the God-essence, the Christed self of that which you were so eager and ready to explore prior to your incarnation.


Enjoy dear lighted ones, and remember that you are masters and crystals of living light having a unique and profoundly dynamic human experience. Fall in love with you and so too will your reality follow suit and so too will the Christed essence be ignited within and spiral within your beating heart to commune, to create, and to love within the All.


Blessings and great joy in your Heavenly and Divine transformations.

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