Divine Heavenly Breath ~ Ignite the God~Self


Greetings dear lighted ones,
In all of my travels and many years of ascension path work with so many of you, it is so very key that we remember how simple and easy shifting from one state of being and into another state of joy, self-love, and peace can truly be.  Our entire omni-presence is designed within the orchestration of the Divine, and is innately simple.  Somehow we have complicated it along the way and we are now remembering how simple and easy ignited the God~self within can be as we practice with pure loving intent to entangle and create sacred play.

Breath. Breathe. Slowly, deeply, with devotional state to harmonize with breath, harmonize with silence, harmonize with love, harmonize with God.  Breath. Sweet and Divinely encoded breath.  I have written a few articles on this topic, and it cannot be understated or downplayed in any way.  Breath is the Source of God nourishment, ascension activations, physical healing, mental re-balancing, emotional homeostasis and cleansing, and etheric expansiveness.  There is nothing that loving intent and breath cannot allow you to explore and experience.

In times of great transitions, great change and profound Divine unfolding, it is so very important that within each moment, we centre to balance and still the energies playing out around us so that we may offer our calm presence to those in need. To offer our light and still loving heart to those in need. To offer our compassionate hands and assist others to their feet is why we are here and create a higher vibrational stewardship and dynamic that shifts our human reality to new reality threadings.

What many often forget is that in our daily life unfolding, we are healing the myriad soul fragments and lifetimes, not only from earth, but from our cosmos.


What is most often asked ‘HOW’ do I create centering, peace, harmony, within? How do I connect with the higher self, God, my teams? These are all aspects of going within, and ALL is ignited within breath. Make no mistake about this!

I wrote an article on this key amplification and innate gifting from the Heavens, and how perfectly designed it is within and always gifted yet most are not aware, or breathing deeply enough to feel ITS profundity and depth of innate change that it can create, heal, and invite in.


We are here to help, assist, and offer all that we are to share, inspire, and empower, for there is a unique dynamic within that can allow for all your Divine remembrances come to life. This is the awakening into the Christed essence and it transcends all religion, transcends all definition; it is our natural, God-self illumination. We are worthy of this Divine remembrance!

This is why I am here! To assist, remind, offer, sing, and share what I know to be true within the heart of Universal offering to love thyself, and as we do, we heal the ALL!

We are each notes within the grander collective harmonic song singing within the grander cosmic, galactic, Universal, omni-present song. Harmonizing into ever-expansive potentials gifted by Source, through Mother Father God, to the All to be lived through you uniquely in only the way that you are able to co-create.  How blessed you are dear golden one!


Here is a good technique for healing and letting go ~ Assist in your awakening within the Christed light ~ the light body within needs your permission, your acceptance, your intention to ‘let go,’ ‘love’ and offer yourself the purity of your intent to feel worthy.


Divine essence to live through you ~ actively, embodying the harmonic song, the balance, the peace and harmony, the resonance of God’s song is you! Unique notes, unique gifts, unique heart of light ~ sing, sing, sing!


Recite ~ As you Intend to open your breath to God Essence Within~
I call forth the Divine Heavenly Arch Angels and the Divine and Holy Lady Amethyst, Arch Angel Zadkiel, and Lord Michael; the highest beings of light to assist me in this release of karmic residue and that which no longer serves me and my highest alignment to Source.

With my purity of intent I desire to return to my original Christed Essence form in thought, word, and deed.

I wash my fears,
I cleanse my doubts,
I wash my fears and lack of,
I cleanse my worries,
I wash my fears and lack of,
I arise in love.
I embrace my light as Source song,
I am Source Divine Living Light,
Eyer Asher Eyer,

May I remember my sacred soul song with God, I radiate within my own unique tone and I add to the ALL a pristine emanation of love, embrace, excitement and joy.  I AM THAT I AM. A crystalline note from the heart of God, I AM.



Blessings and joy,
Here is our podcast from yesterday
‘Our Sacred Collective Harmonic Song’

‘You flow upon the breath of God to create’ ~ JLR


In gratitude and light,



                                         SACRED TEMPLE TEACHINGS

Awakening the Master within ~

We offer monthly Sacred Temple Teachings, and will be opening up a bi-weekly prayer sessions for those that so desire to commune from all over our globe and create with love, light, and share loving Divine offerings.

We the people of light; create love anew!

Blessings and great joy,