Masterful Moments of Peace & Harmony ~ The Everyday Ascension


Good morning dear lighted ones,

Finding your higher ground within….I am back from my trips abroad and find myself back into the swing of life with precious little ones and a new way to integrate profound ascension transformations into the every-day life that continues as we transcend into new social paradigms and ways of behaving.  Ascension and enlightenment is within all moments, and it begins within your heart, always.  A constant never-ending cycle of heart-felt moments to be in your highest moment of self-knowing, self-love, and self-acceptance to emit and emulate this to the All in which you swim within and create choices to manifest within.

There are thousands of decisions and choices that we make in what we can call an ‘average every day’ experience.  Refined choice, masterful choice and meaningful choice can be within every one that you make.  Regardless of how small or how insignificant it may appear, for all things, all choices are significant and spiral within the all and affect the all.  How may we bring heightened vibrational awareness to this every day miracle that we have within awaiting our genius to spiral into something new? Create unity consciousness as you breathe and centre within the potential of the options before you.  Oftentimes, a way to create flow is through allowance, acceptance, and bringing forth the neutrality of any one thing and allowing the ALL to be served as the dust settles and shifts around us. Make no mistake about it; there are profound social changes spiralling and in times of great change, we can hold faith that in short accord, we will see and experience the liberation that so many of us have walked forth in loving chants of knowing will unfold.  As change spirals around us in every moment and within every corner of all institutions, we can bring calm, centred neutrality to what is before us and know that moment-for-moment our peace and harmony within will ignite the Universal love and unification that is truly needed and called for.


When we choose to find neutrality and a middle-ground within all challenges, or issues that may appear to be bring frustration, dissension, and / or friction, we are allowing for the God within, the Divine within to see all beings, all circumstances as Heavenly essence in motion.

Great peace, great healing can be brought forth when we simply bring higher dimensional awareness into decisions that can allow the all to win. Compromise, neutrality, higher resonance to peace and similitude will open the hearts and create a smoothing out of whatever was in tension and disruption, for the friction can simply be ‘let go’ as you arise into a higher dimensional way of bringing forth peace and harmony through you and your intention to be the resolve of loving light.

I recently experienced this ‘higher dimensional’ view and perspective, when I brought forth a compromise in how I would be offering myself within the ‘Light Wisdom, Healing’ home-schooling for my children.  There was a part of me that was so certain and sure about how I viewed and envisioned this new potential to take shape. I could see it, feel it, and knew how they would benefit, how the ‘All’ would benefit.  There was also their kind and dedicated father that also had his input, and our kids had their input, and the governmental education had their guidelines and needs to be met for our kids to have their general grading standards being met. Regardless of what my grand and Divine vision was, there were many that also were a part of the equation in grand change and transformation.

Many of you face situations like this every day and although we have changed and shifted our reality in so many ways, we can bring higher dimensional energy within anything we do when we unite and bring harmony within the All that will be affected. I know in time that our world, our society, our structures and systems will change to greater liberation and it truly takes patience and mastery to create flow in which the All will be served.  There is no hurry. There is Divine timing and perfection within all moments we still and bring forth Heavenly compromise that allows the All to be heard, to be felt, to be valued, to be considered, and this is exactly what our world stage is in need of and that we can each emulate to bring forth such Divine stillness and peaceable hearts.

I didn’t have to stomp and ensure my needs were met to bring freedom and liberation to the unfolding, but to know it will be seamlessly gifted in our joy and celebration together and compromising to all those involved as the societal structures and limitations drop away ~ the All wins.


So in times of great change, how may you bring forth a higher dimensional resolve within your day to day decisions and answering the call of spirit; how may the ALL win in situations as you see the world around you changing and shifting because of your ability to know the quantum flow of love and light-heart intentions?

Passion and excitement is grand and glorious tool, and it can change any reality experience into something it wasn’t a moment ago; so too is patience, humility, and reverence. Know dear lighted ones, that as our Divine and Heavenly plans of human liberation unfold, and it truly is unfolding at lightning speeds, it is the subtle human compassion, patience, and Divine mastery in kindness that can thread much needed peace and harmony to those in all circles and in all situations.  Allow for every choice to be seen and experienced from a higher perspective, a higher octave of light, that can allow for surrender into the natural and Divine Heavenly flow.

Mysterious glowing trajectory, computer generated abstract background

There is and will always be a natural under-current of Divine essence that we are embedded within and supported by, this is the omni-presence of God within all things, all life, and it is unseen, but trust and know it exists.  When we open our hearts, when we truly gift ourselves of this unconditional bedding of love that is within all things, that is within every molecule, we can move with ease and clarity that when we surrender our will to see or make any one thing occur, we can truly create with a Divinely light touch of lighted essence.  Heavenly change is within all choices made to benefit the greater good of the All, and it can occur within the soft moments of compromise and patience.

As I move about the planet and commune with my global sacred soul tribe, with sacred Gaia offerings and ground, I am reminded of mastery and how it is already within and through our allowance, our surrender, our innate knowing of breath and majesty of this can ignite the essence of mastery in all moments.

For there is nothing outside of any of us.  We are the human expression, the Divine human experience that has been breathed with such Divine Heavenly knowingness and thus therefore must be within. Do you trust this Heavenly essence is within you? Do you trust the essence of the Divine is sewn within the molecular structure and blood flow of your very being? Can you allow for the sweet surrender of any grievance and frustration to subside within the mastery to compromise and gift the inner knowing all is perfect and Divine and your trust in this will open the quantum flow to miracles and blessings beyond your imagining?

A conceptual image of a woman meditating in a mystical light.

We are moving within our mastery and it is built within our refined masterful choices to be fluid and liquid light as it has always gifted to us with unconditional loving support, unconditional patience and trust that all hearts and all moments are Divinely and lovingly held within the all encompassing hand of Creation.  You are the essence of this blessing, and how may you create in this knowing.

Heavenly light and great joy awaits in your being of this. Essence is a state of being and it is ignited within your will and intent to allow, to surrender, to have the Divine live through you in all ways.  If you open your heart and ask for the Divine to live through you, you can sense the Heavenly light begin to flow through your centre state of being and alter with a soft and unconditional touch that is your majesty of Divine.

As you walk about Gaia, as you enjoy nature, as you are preparing for a Divine life choice to flow from your Divine and sacred heart, ask for the Divine to live through you, and with pure loving intent, allow with unconditional surrender to the majesty, the unparalleled love that is YOU embracing you with joy in your return to this Heavenly flow of loving God essence.


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