Sacred Initiations ~ Sacred Transformations



Good morning dear lighted ones,
Have you felt a particular intensity about the recent few months and its offerings for us to move within deeper self~reflection, introspection, and desire to be of greater service at any cost.
This morning I woke up with a profound desire of releasing, or as if I had been upon a lightship for an ignition of ‘Divine Inner Truth’ and realignment to step up in my innate light, the ability to shine forth, and truly let go of every minor aspect holding me back.
I have been aware of the Divine programs for evolution for humanity and many of our roles within it for some time, however in recent months this has been much more surreal in which living through love and passions is now truly the only way. Where we sit NOW is the unfolding of Divine prophecy in which the Divine in all of Its ineffable love is being showered to humanity to awaken and it is being sprinkled from every possible portal, lightship, team, council, and potential. This means that every light worker is needed to gift the Divine rays of light, peace, calm, inner knowing, and blessings of compassion like we have never done before.

Incredibly beautiful spiral galaxy somewhere in deep space

Join us on the 20th as we invite you to what I can only surmise is an initiation of light through the Sacred process of baptism and this aspect of sacred act transcending what our religious sectors have categorized it within. This was inspired by the groups and councils that came through to me this week in a Divine offering of ‘green light’ to step up and begin my unique gifts and wisdoms in the manner in which I had truly desired to ignite.  I am sensing this class will be set apart in a way in which we will be offered an inner knowing of the missions, visions, and Divine work that we are all being initiated into at this time.  
In my own personal ascension process, I have become aware of the many rituals and initiations that have allowed me to expand and arise and each one has a unique purpose of soulful engagement and transformation.  The alchemic initiation of fire allows us to go within and create the inner readiness to shift our patterns and egoic structures for a new way of behaving and being.  It is profound in its intention and essence of release and courage to be the higher version of unconditional Divine being that exists within without fear, and without judgment.
I was given the word ‘Baptism of Fire’ in which we will be truly gifting ourselves the permission to release, let go, cleanse, and truly transcend through the intention of surrender and baptism of the Heavenly help to illuminate all that holds us back from fully being the Christed essence that has so excitedly desired to serve and honour the path of the light in this way.  Baptism is a sacred intention and initiation service in which many councils, teams, and guides, support and honour the path of those walking with intention and is the symbolism of truly ‘letting go’ with clarity the veils of illusion that held us in fear, if even at a sub-conscious level; for even I have known in moments in which I hold back due to the fear of coming forth and offering what I know to be true; they are the Akashic cellular memories that remind me of lifetimes upon other now moments in which war, death, and crucifixion seem to hold me in fear.
I, as many of you, am now ready to step up into a new way of serving and honouring thyself as I honour God.  Are you ready to walk with me as a sacred soul tribe in service to the All and to be supported and aligned in a way that will be felt from the depths, widths, and essence of all that you are?  In this recent week, I have been acutely aware of every word I speak and how even in all of my work, my intentions, and desire to be my Divine best, there were moments in which from the Higher Self perspective was illuminating for me those negative imprints that are ready to healed and released.
For we are at the stage in which all illusions, all fears, all worry, all darkness and negation must be brought forth to be set free to the Heavens through us and be transmuted in our acts of devotion, service, and inner trust of what Divine plan we are truly a part of.
These sacred acts of intention and inner love are a part of the ascension path in all realms, and dimensions in which we act in faith and inner trust that our inner worthiness is in full alignment with that which the Divine Mother and Father know, have, and gift in us.  This inner knowing, inner initiations set forth the quantum inter-play in which all majesty of the inner Heavens are revealed.  Sacred acts of intention, devotion, and service is the path of every master for we understand it is a benevolent threading of inner love, outer play and as within, we desire to experience without and know it creates a profound and beautiful unfolding that is undeniable.
On September 20th, we will gather in our Sacred Soul Tribe manner and call forth the Heavens to assist us in this ritual of light; ‘Baptism of Joy’ is the intention, the choice, the innate desire to set for yourself, that you are truly worthy of the Christed essence to live, to be, to act, to speak, to shine forth your Divine natural and organic essence of truth and be the JOY, LOVE, and inner light that you already are.  For you and your light is needed in this time of transition and your unwavering knowingness is the vibration that will assist Gaia, humanity, and our Omni-verse in all ways, in every way and you are worthy of these Heavenly blessings that require our own inner permission to begin such Sacred Transformations.
There will not be 1 stone left unturned in these final phases dear lighted ones, and all beings will be called to create Divine and Heavenly choice to align within; for this is the inner calling that has stirred each and every one of us to create change and destiny to come forth and play once again.  This class will be one of loving intent, Divine Sacred Soul portals of intention to be set, for our ‘Baptism of Joy’ to be symbolically walked as we are supported, aligned, and healed within the Etheric Chambers and our teams, and guides, and councils moving with us in this sacred event of remembrance and fulfillment of the God~Self, the Divine Christed essence within. Here is the link for this special initiation of love and transmutation;
SEPTEMBER 20th EVENT ~ Baptism of JOY
5:55pm MST
$22.00 p/person
Welcome to the new light field of Creation and each of you have your Divine inner gifts and treasures of the Heavens within to share, express, and explore.  This is a beautiful time to come to life and share with excitement ~ so blessed to be with you on this incredible ride of love.
Blessings and great joy dear lighted ones,
Sending you light, love, and empowerment from the Divine ~