Today’s Ascension Lesson

You truly are this profound.

Each of us; you, me, your brothers, sisters, children, parents, all beings, all moments, have the choice, the inner strength, wisdom and abilities to alter any reality experience. There is nothing separating you and harmony, peace, unity, and self-love and Universal belonging. The separation, the lack of, the thinking that one has no power is held within the ‘not knowing’ and ‘not remembering,’ that one is walking through all moments ‘Hand-in-Hand,’ ‘Heart to Heart’ with God.

Self love, Self acceptance, Self embrace ~ this is an eternal journey, exploration, and elegant dance and done with infinite aspect of you through dimensions, through realms of expansiveness beyond our imagining.
Our world is awakening to call forth the heart in this grand remembrance and unify our fragments for the power, the journey it unveils is LOVE. Always has been, always will be. Love just IS.
The inner path of reunification with Creation, with Mother Father God, is the journey through which all is healed, all is manifested, all is loved whole. This process has been steeped in fear, dogma, misinformation, and it simply is to know thyself as eternal light and love, through this, ALL is Heavenly.
We are mystical lighted beings, and profoundly eternal within the energy systems within ~ you are this elegant and worthy of your own exploration and embrace. Enjoy your vastness, love your vastness, love thyself, for you are One within ALL things, all beings.
There is nothing that you are separate from.
We each have the power to alter and ripple forth a smile of loving acceptance, compassion, joy, forgiveness, and empowerment through our thoughts, words, deeds, and actions ~ Small acts of love does change CREATION.
And so it is, and so you are.
Blessings and great love,
Joanna L Ross