Transitions & Harmony Within Change

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Today is a beautiful day of 10-10-10. You are infinitely supported and Divinely guided in all moments, and in all ways. A powerful blessing and gift to ignite something anew.  
Know that your thoughts, the seeking the God in all beings, in all moments, allows you to create the light, the potential to experience it. Our consciousness shapes every aspect of our reality ~ you can ignite your DNA, your physical health, wellness, abundance, and joy,
So many are experiencing relationship changes; the essence that can feel ‘discordant,’ negative, or stressed, however know that many of these shifts are the cross-roads when new potentials can bloom forth.  Being a change catalyst means that there will always be within a cycle of new reality timelines, if you will, a level of discomfort when each unique being within the whole move into new states of energetic potential. We are all moulding, shaping, and altering our physical reality. Our timeline, our moment for moment life is changing with every thought, every action, every deed that we create and emit. We can notice such dramatic ascension transitions within our family circles, especially when we are certain about our unique innate path to experience and create love, peace, and harmony, but may not be the path of each person within your family circle. We then go through a smoothing out of varying energetic frequencies to a general group, collective vibration, in which it can be seen in our greater human collective. We can see, sense, and feel the result of personal choices and can be felt dramatically and may be very obvious to those that are aware and awake.  
Seeking the God in All Moments, In All Beings
Perspective and heart-centered faith is so very key in the smoothing out, the allowance, and the letting go to allow all vibrational threads, soul blueprints, and unique individual paths to make their way within a frequency that feels right and harmonic to their state of awareness, desires, needs, and free will. Perspective is so powerful to shape-shift the reality that we experience. To create a positive, God-aligned perspective means that we can choose, to see all beings in God-light. The God-seed that we are, to seek the essence of God within each person within our unique family circle, our how each unfolds is Divinely perfect and unique for them.  This high vibrational perspective allows for the highest potential of unfolding, and is really initiated within the Divine Sacred Heart, and how it is emitted and also received from those around you.
Each persons ‘free will’ guide their own path, and how centering with one’s peace, inner vision of ones highest state of being, intent, purity of joy, and so on that will dictate their own unique experience within the whole or circle in which you exist within. Unconditional love is truly a heart-felt innate knowing, perspective, and allowance that you not only honour your own unique path of innate desire to expand, change, shift, as well as honour and respect the path of our soul family that choose not to. All paths are valued, all paths are valid, required, and all beings are eternal.  All paths, all beings, are innately threaded with God and all paths, at some point, will create this remembrance and awareness in their own unique soulful unfolding. Free will is truly the foundation of experiencing unconditional love in giving and the receiving of it, and how we each create the incredibly diverse and colourful Universal experience that we each have freedom to explore. 
As you create moment-for-moment self love, acceptance, self-embrace, and truly soak within the embodiment of your most Divine self, is how we can each ensure we are aligned within our highest path of potential. This allowance and love of self, opens, ignites, and gifts the energetic field that ripples for others to also follow their innate highest path, if they so choose, but have it be ‘ok’ if they choose otherwise. It is most often, our lack of self love and the resistance of the Divine self that creates the vibrational friction, the reality reflection of what we experience as ‘discomfort’ or ‘misalignment’ within the relationships in our intimate circles.  How may you ignite excitement about your expansive and infinite Divine self? How may you embrace you? How may you create the actions, thoughts, words, and essence of utter self-acceptance so that you can feel at peace and centred Oneness with God and the highest path you have designed? What actions, however small these actions may be perceived, can be taken to affirm this Divine essence that is spiralling within to be acknowledged and to be set free? All that you do and act upon to be your innate God-aligned self, the illuminated Christed self is the softening tool in all reality transitions.  
To seek the light, love, and God in all moments within all beings, and within all circles that you are co-creating within is illuminating in and of itself, and is the energetic smoothing agent that opens and offers a door of potential for the All involved. This loving perspective and seeing through the eyes of God, will also allow the Universe arrange itself to this vibrational preview; this God threading, the anchor to all love, to all light, to all allowance, is really the excitement and joy of the Divine self that each of us moving through awakening is remembering.  For we are all vibrational aspects of all beings in our reality to some degree; and we each play the teachers, students, and guides in both gifting and receiving in these profound times of transformation.
Let Go of Expectation & Destination
Every change creates a total change and restructuring of the reality we are perceiving, and why we are eternally and ever-expanding within God, within All that Is. There is never really a destination; we are ever flowing within a greater ebb and flow of wisdom, action-choice, behaviour, and thus showing us our state of being, the essence that allows us to feel peaceful, or misaligned.  Awareness, recognition, intent, and refined masterful choice allows us to then step outside of the discomfort and create anew that is more in alignment with what the heart truly desires, feels, and know to be ones own inner truth and higher essence in alignment with Source, Mother Father God, and the essence drawn within the blueprint of our souls potential. Allowing all moments to be soulfully guided, soulfully fulfilling, and allowing for all others to live within their truth will ease up the friction and open to give way to the flow that everyone feels good within.
This innate Christed perspective, the higher God perspective, can also allow you feel deep appreciation and gratitude for this incredibly spirited human experience. We are truly able to gain and expand through such dynamic lifetimes, and to be open, flowing, and accepting that all is well.  There is Divine orchestration within all things and know that this Divine design is beyond our imagining. Letting go of control allows for this Divine design to live through you, and you live through it. Create the loving essence that allows for reverence and value be seen within each soul experience, for there are lessons, gifts, and blessings within it all that we all benefit from and within; nothing is separate.  Breathe deeply within the gratitude for your awakening within your Christed essence; the God essence that allows you to embody the value of all life, all beings, and for all moments as you are within it all.
Letting go of control and the need to have expectations unfold in some manner, and / or releasing the need to have something work or to be experienced in a certain way for yourself or others, will open and allow for energies to move and to flow as the natural essence of breath.
Let go, allow, and perceive all moments through the eyes of God and as you do, you will sense the heart centre grow and illuminate your path before you. Go forth and shine your light, embrace and sense your own innate self`excitement within the light that you are, and honour this essence and relationship, and Oneness with God, this alone will illuminate love, value, and appreciation of all others.      
You are unique, Divine & profoundly powerful to emanate light & shift yourself into a new reality perspective & experience ~
Have joy, bliss, light within all moments; there is nothing you are not able to create and co-create.
Blessings and great joy,