Celebration Within All Cycles ~ New Growth Cycles BEGIN!

Greetings dear lighted ones,
This month of November always brings me into greater inner reflection and acknowledgement of the path that I have travelled and how deeply I have learned, grown, forgiven, and loved; so much so that I wanted to share why cycles and timing, and alignments are what they are.
As a human family we are brought together within the collective constructs of what we agree upon, and also what we co-create in our higher states of consciousness to bring our collective family into alignment with our greatest lessons to imbue, limitations to transcend, and exploration to appreciate and co-create within. We may forget most of this as we enter into our physical states of consciousness, however every aspect of our physical reality is a co-creative play of what we all agree upon to entangle within.
We agree upon our soul contracts, soul lessons, collective contracts, collective lessons, soul themes for exploration within the Divine and within our dimensional rules of engagement, and what rules we explore within are all collectively agreed upon with one another. In our growth, in our transcension, we begin to co-create new rules of engagement, new rules of exploration and heart-felt desire to explore the ‘new’ for our own individual and collective growth, healing, and creative desires. These cycles of co-creative Divine contracts are truly the profound quantum undercurrents that allow us to evolve, transcend dimensionality, and our innate desire to thread with those soul tribe members that allow us the greatest challenge, empowerment, and cohesive co-creations in our journey.
In this incredible month of November, and having just embraced the 11/11 gateway, I have been inspired to ignite anew perspective upon what co-creative miracles await for me to engage with and dive within as we all enter into new collective beginnings with one another.  It is quite evident to most that our reality is shifting so profoundly and there is a splitting of timelines, or reality experiences in which the co-creative contracts and agreements to live within certain vibrational constructs are being refined in which there will be a purification of energetic themes.  We sense this within the very depths of who we are, and sense dramatic change afoot, however what ever master must do in preparation for such global and planetary shifts if unique to each soul path and done within the guidance and loving support of Divine and Heavenly appointed teams that you have intimate contact and ‘say’ as to how your path unfolds next.

Smoke like Human Figure in Space

We have been tapping into the concepts and ideas of complete and utter ‘surrender’ and the Divine inner ‘faith’ in the letting go of what appears to be physical attachment, physical limitation to our notion of how reality is truly constructed and how we move and co-create within it.  We are entering within a time – space in which time and space will not be the construct and organizer through which it has always been for us. We are changing the rules to our dimensional game and version of reality.  We are entering within the liberation of being able to play, to create, and spiral within a more dynamic way to freely play with energy, with Creation, and the loving family holding us dear in our movement and evolutionary dance.  This allows for the depth and richness that comes with grand appreciation in all that we are as Divine living light beings in human form, and for the expansiveness that we have gained along the way; and why we say, ‘CELEBRATE!’
For me personally;
It has been the most incredible year of travel, transformation, transcension, synchronicity, sacred relationships, sacred healing and forgiveness, and my profound remembrance of sacred union with Gaia and the Heavens in such a deep and meaningful way.
I feel so very blessed for the those I have met along the way, for the new embrace of thyself, for the new potentials with Gaia, with our human awakening and what this new cycle of growth and exploration have in store for us as a Unified Universal family among the stars of light and love. Greater understanding and compassion for the Divine crystalline children that have come forth to show us the way, and how to truly engage in this now moment and create as the Divine essence that I am and meant to be. WOW – what a year!
This coming year I hope to return to Peru and explore more deeply the sacred lands of the Inca, Andean energies that I feel such a deep affinity with. Magical energies are calling me forth to go deeper within these lands and what is offered within them, so another journey is absolutely in the works.
I will be returning to the Divine Ishiwari Shrine in Japan in Feb-March – another sacred Japan event is planned and details will be released in January. I am also excited to connect with Tibet, Glastonbury, and perhaps a sacred gathering in the west of the USA ~
Divine image of Mt Fuji above.
What magical times we live within and so happy to have entangled and danced with so many of you in such a special way ~
Celebrate the NOW – for it creates all else!
Blessings and great love and appreciation,